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Hua Ruge really wanted to curse him for being abnormal. It was one thing if he didn't want to get close to others, but it was also another if he didn't want to get used to getting close to others.

She didn't want to talk about such a useless topic with him, she only said, "I've already become like this, you can still find me?"

Tuoba Rui looked at her: "You're wearing my ring."

"I knew it wouldn't be good to accept it." Hua Ruge muttered softly, she was a little drunk, her words had lost her previous scruples, and her pouting look was more adorable than before.

When Tuoba Rui saw this, his eyes softened and his voice slowed down: "In the future, you are not allowed to get too close with men."

"You're not my mom, so why do you care?" Hua Ruge squinted at him.

Tuoba Rui raised his eyebrows, the corners of his eyes released a cold light, and stared at him in fear. Hua Ruge trembled, and immediately said: "If you have something to say, say it, don't attack."

She remembered the look on his face when he killed her. He wasn't going to cut himself up and feed him to the dogs, was he?

Tuoba Rui walked to the side of the bed with a cold face, hugged onto the quilt and curled up at the foot of the bed, his voice trembling: "You ? What are you doing? "

"I want to tell you, besides your mom being able to control you, there's also your man." Tuoba Rui enunciated clearly.

Before Hua Ruge could react, he felt a sharp pain from his shoulder, and was pushed onto the bed. Following that, his body sank, and he felt a familiar feeling, a stupefied state.

Tuoba Rui imprisoned her beneath his body and lifted his hand to untie her hair. Immediately, his black hair flowed down her shoulders, adding a bit of charm to her posture.

Under the candlelight, her appearance was extremely beautiful. Her eyes were blurry from intoxication, and two clumps of red on the side of her cheeks were like flowers that were ready to be picked. She was extremely alluring.

He knew that the person he liked wouldn't be ugly, and that was true.

"Pervert, get down. What are you trying to do?"

Hua Ruge felt that she was about to collapse. She was angry, but she didn't dare to make a move, afraid that if this guy wasn't happy, she would die.

"You are mine, so you can only be close to me, do you understand?" Tuoba Rui lifted her chin, her cold voice carried an unquestionable dignity.

"When did I become yours? Can't you change your mental state to a person's torture?" Hua Ruge retorted loudly, the smell of alcohol all over his face.

However, Tuoba Rui didn't mind her moving closer. He reached out his thumb to caress her lips and softly said. "No, I only want you for my entire life."

His movements were very gentle, as if he was stroking a rare treasure, afraid that he would be ruined if he used even a bit of his strength.

If Hua Ruge didn't know what kind of person he was, she might really think that he was acting out of deep affection.

"Don't be so stubborn. You look even more like a vase than I do. There must be a lot of women who are willing to be suppressed by you. I beg you, please don't keep grabbing onto me." Hua Ruge did mental work for him.

Tuoba Rui's face darkened, he said angrily: "You think I'm some random person?"

"Pfft, you shouldn't be a human if you dare to act casual. Do normal men come to women's beds at night to spout nonsense?"

Hua Ruge straightened his neck and pointed at him.

It was better to be strangled to death than to be choked to death.

Tuoba Rui said with a serious expression on his face, "No matter what you think, you won't be able to run away."

He bent down and was about to kiss her on his lips.

Hua Ruge quickly reached out her hand to cover his mouth, and said incoherently: "You, you ? "Don't be a lord, it's easy to bully."

Although she was a dauntless person, her emotions were extremely underdeveloped. In her past life, there were so many suitors that she had never even looked at. She had never even touched a man's hand in her twenty years of life, let alone such intimate actions.

Tuoba Rui realised that although she was panicking, she did not blush. She did not find it strange, and took the chance to kiss her hand.

Hua Ruge trembled like he was electrocuted. He wanted to retract it, but he was afraid that Yue Yang would go even further, so he held onto him tightly and said sullenly:

"Tuoba Rui, you dare to disrespect me. Unless I die, I will definitely teach you a lesson!"

"I was looking good to begin with." Seeing her flustered and exasperated look, Tuoba Rui raised the corner of his mouth in a rare smile.

Seeing that he deserved a beating, Hua Ruge finally couldn't take it anymore.

She released the hand that was covering his mouth and immediately lowered it, bringing her index finger and middle finger together as she swiftly wiped at Tuoba Rui's throat.

The moment the white wind element appeared from his fingertips, a wind blade from Huawei was about to cut his neck in an instant.

When Soul Master could fight in close combat, it was impossible to defend against them with any techniques.

Surprise flashed in Tuoba Rui's eyes, and her jade-like palm flashed like lightning as she clutched Hua Ruge's fingers in her palm. A pale black light flashed, and had already cancelled out the power of her fingers.

His speed was too fast, and when Hua Ruge managed to react, his fingers were already tightly grasped by Hua Ruge, unable to move at all.

"In the future, unless you can kill everyone in front of you to keep your mouth shut, you can't use the Soul Summoning Technique in front of others. If the Element Body is exposed, you will be in danger." Tuoba Rui frowned, his voice somewhat sullen.

This time, it was Hua Ruge who was surprised: "You know?"

Element Body's physique was exactly the same as a normal person's, to the point where they couldn't even find the test results with a spirit stone. Otherwise, the Hua family would have known about it back then.

Tuoba Rui did not answer her. Instead, he reached out his hand to stroke her face and said with a complicated tone of voice.

Hua Ruge humphed, "I can live a good life without you."

"You don't look like a woman." Tuoba Rui was so angry that he laughed.

Hua Ruge never thought that such a treacherous person like him would actually have such a bright smile, like the sun at noon. Just a casual glance at him was enough to make people temporarily blind, and it was impossible to see anything else.

"Please, Battle King, can you look for someone who looks like a woman?" Her voice was bitter.

"I said I only like you." Tuoba Rui said as he rolled over and laid beside her, then pulled her into his embrace.

Hua Ruge's patience dried up. She shouted angrily: "I don't care what tricks you have up your sleeve, hurry up and go out. I want to sleep."

"How can you sleep peacefully without me?" Tuoba Rui's face did not reveal any expression, but he still held on tightly.

Just as Hua Ruge was about to speak, he heard faint sounds of fighting coming from outside.

"What's going on?" She narrowed her eyes seriously.

"Do you think they will let you off easily if you provoke the Hua family?" Tuoba Rui looked at her without batting an eyelid.

Hua Ruge's heart trembled, "This is the academy, how can the Hua Family stretch their hands in?"

"For the next two days, many people will be able to enter and leave the academy."

His voice was light, but Hua Ruge looked at him with astonishment. He actually knew that he had a conflict with Hua Ruyue today, and had even guessed that she would take revenge tonight, to come here and protect him?

What kind of joke was this? He was going to kill the gods and save others instead of the gods?

"With my arrangements, there won't be anyone who can disturb you. Sleep." Tuoba Rui pulled on her blanket and pushed her small body into his embrace.

"I'm sleeping, what are you doing here?" Hua Ruge raised his head from his chest and glared at him.

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