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"I'll sleep with you." Tuoba Rui didn't have the slightest awareness of being a gentleman.

Hua Ruge was furious, she was just about to flare up when she heard him say: "I'll leave after you sleep."

"Who knows if you'll leave or take advantage of me if I sleep." Hua Ruge obviously didn't believe him.

"Even if you're awake, can you stop me?" Tuoba Rui actually had a bit of an unfriendly tone when he said that.

Hua Ruge felt that she could not afford to offend this person, and with the wine being so strong, she could not hold on much longer. After weighing the pros and cons, she could only keep a distance from him and close her eyes.

Tuoba Rui did not touch her either, the battle continued outside, the candles in the room flickered, his gaze was gentle as he looked at her quietly.

It rained that night, and the morning air was fresher.

Hua Ruge opened his eyes. Lan Bing'er had already boiled water for her and even brewed a bowl of sobering wine soup.

She subconsciously looked to her side, only to see that there weren't even any wrinkles, as if no one had slept there before.

"Was it a dream I had when I drank too much?" Hua Ruge muttered.

Because she had drunk quite a lot of wine, she could not fully remember what had happened last night. Now that she thought about it, it really did seem like a dream.

"Did you hear anything from outside last night?" She looked at Lan Bing'er.

She seemed to remember that Hua Ruyue had sent someone over.

Lan Bing'er shook his head in confusion: "No, Young Master, what's wrong?"

"I've had a nightmare." She shook her head and thought to herself, "This God of Slaughter must be a nightmare."

"Young Master, if you have any more nightmares, just call me, I'll guard you." Lan Bing'er saw that Hua Ruge did not have any reaction, and said: "It's very useful, I was afraid in the past that as long as I slept while hugging my mother, I would no longer be afraid."

As she spoke, her expression was a little disappointed, but she quickly recovered and brought Hua Ruge some sobering wine.

"When you have the strength, you won't be afraid." Hua Ruge said as he took the sobering up soup and began to drink.

Lan Bing'er hesitated for a while before saying, "Bing-er doesn't want to disappoint Young Master, but after entering the academy, can I still live with Young Master?"

"Of course not." Hua Ruge looked at her and said, "After you go to school, you can't think of yourself as a servant anymore. Remember to call me Big Brother from now on."

Lan Bing'er was a little disappointed, but she still said resolutely, "Bing'er will definitely learn well. In the future, I will come over to help big brother. I will not be a burden to big brother."

"Good boy." Hua Ruge laughed.

Although Mao Jun was also drunk, he did not forget about his promise, and quickly found a suitable house. He was a destitute viscount who had always wanted to walk on the Mao family's road, but immediately agreed upon hearing that Mao Jun had asked for him.

These nobles were all very proud of themselves. If Hua Ruge brought Lan Bing'er to look for them, he would definitely be smashed by them. This not only made Hua Ruge sigh at the mysticality of power.

When Lan Bing'er entered school in the midst of a commotion, he knew that she was extremely talented, and for a moment, quite a few nobles who had heard the news came to fawn. How could Lan Bing'er possibly resist such a scene?

When Hua Ruge came out of her residence, he saw a familiar figure in the line up to chase after Lan Bing'er.

From what she knew, Zhou Yunyun's talent was pretty good, he must have also entered the school. This man was so brazen in his pursuit of others, he was truly shameless.

She shook her head and walked out of the academy, intending to ignore him.

Hua Ruge knew very well that her body was a bottomless pit. It would take a lot of money to grow faster, and there wasn't much left of her after using the money she had extorted from the Shangguan Family to refine pills.

The best method at the moment was to concoct pills. Not only would he be able to raise funds for himself, he would also be able to increase his cultivation as he consumed and recovered.

She headed for the medicine store outside the city, but just as she stepped out of the school, she was surrounded by sweat. The badges were all Level 6 or 7 Warriors, so it would be difficult for her to deal with so many people without revealing her talent.

"Kid, you killed a Hua Clan member and you still dare to leave the academy grounds?" Her voice was as arrogant as usual, it was indeed Hua Lingling, whom he had just met yesterday.

A light flashed across Hua Ruge's eyes when she heard this. It seems like her impression of last night was not a dream. Then, with Tuoba Rui's violent personality, the people sent by the Hua Clan would definitely not live.

"Looks like we didn't lose enough blood last night." Hua Ruge ridiculed, he did not place her in his eyes at all.

Hua Lingling said angrily: "Just who are you? "What's his backing?"

Yesterday, Hua Ruyue had inquired about her cultivation level and discovered that she was just a Soul Master of the third step. In order to kill her, he had sent five or six warriors of the third step to kill her in one go.

But the assassins were all dead, and they were all chopped into pieces and thrown out in front of the Hua Clan entrance. Their methods were bloody and cruel, clearly showing their strength to the Hua Clan.

Hua Ruge thought in his heart. I want to say that the person who did it last night could scare you to death, but he said: "If you surround me with these few shrimp soldiers and crab generals, will I tell you?"

"So you really have a backer?" Hua Lingling asked suspiciously.

"It's not good for you to know too much. Are you sure you dare to listen to me?" Hua Ruge slowly walked towards her with a malicious expression on his face.

Since Tuoba Rui was involved in this matter by chance, she didn't mind using the tiger skin as a flag. If she had to scare them, it would save her a lot of effort.

Hua Lingling saw that Hua Ruge was serious and thought of those mangled bodies that were in front of the Hua Clan this morning. It scared her so much that she shivered.

Hua Ruge caught her by surprise for a moment, then used his right hand to grab her neck and pulled her body forward.

Hua Lingling only had enough time to widen his eyes in shock, he moved his left arm behind her, and in a split-second, pierced a silver needle into the acupoint behind her waist.

The surrounding guards realized that something was amiss, but seeing that Hua Lingling was still in Hua Ruge's hands, they didn't dare to act rashly, and could only watch anxiously.

If an ordinary person were to be stabbed in the mingmen they would definitely lose their life, but Hua Lingling was a warrior of the sixth rank and her body was much stronger than an ordinary person. It was reasonable to say that she was only unable to circulate the spirit energy in her body, but once Hua Ruge let go, she fell onto the ground.

"What did you do to me?" Hua Lingling felt that he was crippled, his body did not have any strength left.

"According to the shop owner, this is a highly toxic drug with no antidote. You should conserve your strength to go on a date with Yama." Hua Ruge smiled calmly.

However, she appeared to be relaxed on the surface, but she had already planned things out before making her move. The best way for her to defeat these people was to make a move on her first.

"Little one, you actually used poison, such a despicable method!" Hua Lingling said with hatred written all over his face.

"The Hua family is truly fair in sending assassins in the rain." Hua Ruge had no sense of belonging to the Hua Clan, so he scolded them without care.

"Give me the antidote if you know what's good for you. If you dare to make an enemy out of the Hua Clan, you will not have a good ending." Hua Lingling said fiercely.

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