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Hua Ruge laughed without a care: "If you have nothing better to do, you should think of a way to cure your poison. Since I've already said that there's no cure, if this goes on, you'll just have to wait to become crippled."

She started to leave.

"Take her." Hua Lingling said resentfully.

The guards stepped forward, but Hua Ruge's face was full of admiration as he said to Hua Lingling: I suddenly admire you, you want to catch me before you die.

Hua Lingling wanted to say something, but she realized that her tongue was stiff, the sound she made was unclear, and there was even a mouthful of water coming out, making her even more anxious, as she stared at the guards and pointed at the Hua Clan.

The guards knew that it was a matter of priority and seeing that it was impossible to not save her, they quickly carried Hua Lingling who seemed to have suffered a stroke and returned.

"Come back, stop fighting?" Hua Ruge smiled and provoked the group of people who were rushing over.

The man in front of her was fuming with anger. Satisfied, she whistled and walked back to the medicine store. The so-called deadly poison was only a smokescreen. She didn't want to offend the Hua family to death, so she naturally didn't go for him.

However, based on her character, the Hua Clan no longer had any way of turning the situation around once she made a move.

She wandered around the capital and finally chose Qing Yun Auction House. This auction house was everywhere on the continent and had a powerful backing. It was fair in terms of both purchase and sale price.

Today, she was wearing a robe unique to Soul Master, and she also had an emblem on her chest. When the attendant saw her dressed up like this, he immediately welcomed her in front of the door.

The auction house was a ring-shaped building, and in the center was the largest auction hall on the first floor. Above the hall was a hollow space, and many small rooms were built around the second and third floors.

As long as one opened the window of the small room, one would be able to see the scene in the hall. This was a private room reserved for distinguished guests.

On the other side of the hall, Hua Ruge saw a sign. On it were the items to be auctioned today and the rooms to be auctioned off.

"This Lord Soul Master, what do you need?" The manservant bowed and asked.

"I need a variety of medicinal herbs. Choose a place where I can gather all of them at once." Hua Ruge explained his needs in a simple manner.

"Then let me bring you to the second floor. The ingredients here are the most complete in the entire capital." The servant introduced, and after obtaining Hua Ruge's permission, he politely led the way.

The small auction hall was distributed throughout the rooms on the first and second floor. Some of them were held by auctioneers, while others were for individual people. Most of them did not have many people, but upon reaching the second floor, Hua Ruge saw a room that was extremely crowded.

There were at least dozens of women desperately squeezing into the room. Most of these women had pretty bodies and judging from their clothes, they should be the daughters of rich families. Why did they disregard their status so much?

"What's the auction?" Hua Ruge could not help but become interested, thinking that if it was some good rouge and cosmetic powder, she could buy some too. After all, since she looked like a vase, she should also take good care of it.

The attendant coughed and said with embarrassment: "Only women can enter that auction hall."

The meaning behind his words was that even if you asked around, it would be useless.

"I'm even more confused by what you're saying. What is it?" After Hua Ruge heard this, he was even more moved. Not only for himself, but he also wanted to find a market that was so good, so if he could create one, that would be great.

Seeing that she had to go, the servant said, "Yes... A portrait of the Battle King. "

Hua Ruge's footsteps paused, and he almost choked on his saliva. He turned his head to look at the attendant and asked in disbelief: "Are you sure it's just a portrait?"

"It's just a portrait, but it's said that the portrait is very lifelike. There's already so many ladies who came this morning when the news was released. It was originally set to be auctioned tomorrow, but now it has to be brought forward." The manservant explained.

Looking at the ladies pushing each other around like aunts in a market, Hua Ruge was completely confused. He shook his head and sighed: "That can't be, what's there to look at?"

"Battle King is definitely the person that all of the Zheng women want to marry the most. It's just that Battle King does not like any women to be close to them. the valet said again.

"Is he really not close to women?" When Hua Ruge thought about the scene from last night, he couldn't help but confirm.

The servant nodded his head with determination, "That's right, no matter how many times His Majesty has bestowed marriage on me, I've always been rejected by the prince."

As he said that, his gaze continued to size up Hua Ruge. He thought to himself, this person must have come from another country, how could he not know about this?

"It's quite strange." Hua Ruge laughed dryly so as to not make others feel that she was strange.

"Battle King is the one who is clean and proper, the standards are high. If anyone can marry our Prince, all the girls in the world will be jealous to death." The manservant was a chatterbox as well, and he chatted as he walked.

"I can't believe it, right? If I marry into their family, I'll drown in their drool even if I don't get killed by them." Hua Ruge sympathized with the girl.

The attendant only thought that she was jealous, so he didn't expose her. He passed through another corridor and stood by the door before extending his hand. "We're here. Please come in."

This medicine store was much bigger than the one in Ye City, and what Hua Ruge wanted were all the ingredients needed to concoct the low grade pills, so it was not difficult to find them here. Very quickly, she gathered them all.

He took the medicine and went downstairs. He originally wanted to leave, but when he passed by a room, he heard the voice of the Devouring Beast in his head. "Woman, you have energy at your side, a very strong energy."

Hua Ruge rolled his eyes and said with his spirit sound transmission: "Nonsense, of course there's a lot of energy here, I have to be able to afford it too."

As she spoke, she took a glance at the rooms that she passed by and became a little excited because there was someone who was renting a place to sell some small items. Other than some Xuan Beast cores, there were some shabby looking items.

"Which one has the most energy?" Hua Ruge asked in his heart.

"Go ahead, to the left." The Devouring Beast excitedly commanded.

The stall owner was a middle-aged man, and upon seeing Hua Ruge's attire, he politely said. "Sir, it's right that you came here, we coincidentally have a fire attribute profound beast core.

Hua Ruge's gaze landed on that pile of junk in front of him, then lightly shifted his gaze away and asked, "How much is that water type crystal core?"

She noticed that the crystals of the second level mystical beasts were relatively cheap in the water element while the fourth level one of the fire element was not something an ordinary person could afford to use. Therefore, she didn't even bother to ask.

"One hundred gold coins." The vendor smiled.

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