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"Isn't it too expensive? The price in the auction house is much more fair than you. Even if you take care of your business, don't trick me." Hua Ruge's eyes turned as he asked.

She was not good at bargaining, but she had no choice but to sell all of the Shangguan family's treasures for eighty odd gold coins, no matter how much she had.

"Young master, you misunderstand. The crystal cores you see are of high quality. They will not be sold for less than 100 gold coins." The vendor tried to persuade him otherwise.

"I can only bid eighty." Hua Ruge directly bit the price.

In her previous life, she didn't even flirt when she bought things, nor did she do anything to cut the price. This was the limit of what she could accept, so if the negotiations collapsed, there was nothing she could do about it.

The booth owner had a bitter look on his face as he said, "Your price is a little ?"

"If you don't want to sell, then I'll just wait for the auction house to send me back some goods." Hua Ruge said as he prepared to leave.

"Eighty-five gold coins, I can't afford any less. Young master, you have to let me earn some hard work, right?" The shop owner bitterly laughed as he urged for her to stay.

Hua Ruge started wandering around the small shop, pretending to think, but in reality, he was following the instructions of the Devouring Beast, and his gaze landed on a black plate.

This badge looked a little like the insignia in the Wuxia TV series. It was ordinary and even had a layer of dust on it. No matter how you looked at it, it didn't look like a good thing.

"Eighty-five is a little too much, right?" Hua Ruge muttered, and casually took out a few things from his pile of old items: "Give me these, and it's a deal."

The stall owner glanced around before nodding helplessly. "Alright, let's just treat it as me paying the price this time. Young master, you must come next time if you need anything."

"Of course." Even though Hua Ruge knew that he was speaking nonsense, he still smiled brightly. Devouring Beast did not place those most valuable profound beast cores in its eyes, and only valued these things highly, which meant that these things were definitely not simple.

"Can't you just buy it directly? Why do you have to go through so much trouble?" Outside the auction house, the Devouring Beast asked.

"Because if he knew I'd taken a fancy to this thing, it would be cheap." Hua Ruge said as he fiddled with the order badge.

There were no words on the token. It was flat below the tip and there were two protruding edges in the middle. There were simple patterns engraved on the token. It seemed very mysterious, but it also looked like some random graffiti.

"No matter, I want to eat it." The Devouring Beast said excitedly.

"I feel that this thing is not simple. I'll give it to you only after I've researched it thoroughly." Hua Ruge said as he placed the other hand on the Dragon Mark Ring, so that it would not eat it secretly.

"Then I want that crystal core." The Devouring Beast took a step back.

"No, no. Bing-Er is of the water element. This is suitable for her." Hua Ruge had thought of this when he bought it.

"Woman, you shall destroy the bridge after crossing the river!" The Devouring Beast started to clamor again. Hua Ruge seemed to have already seen its cute jumping around.

"The idiom is very accurate." Hua Ruge gave a very accurate evaluation.

"Woman, you're shameless, you're a scoundrel!"

"I'll be proud if you praise me like that."

"?" Devouring Beast.

After returning to the academy, Hua Ruge directly went to Lan Bing'er's residence to give her the profound beast cores, but the moment he arrived, he saw that he was stopped by two guards at the entrance.

She didn't like to take the initiative to cause trouble, so she said amiably, "I'm looking for someone."

One of the guards glanced at her badge and asked disdainfully, "Looking for Miss Lan Bing'er?"

"Yes." When Hua Ruge replied, he was a little puzzled. He did not know why these people treated Lan Bing'er with such respect.

"I say you overestimating yourselves. With Miss Lan Bing'er's talent and beauty, how could you covet her?" That guard's expression became even more disdainful. He waved his hand as if he was shooing away flies. "Hurry up and leave, don't let me hit you."

Hua Ruge understood then, that there must be some noble young master who wanted to pursue Lan Bing'er, that was why he sent people to block the other men outside the door.

"That's true. There aren't many seventh grade talents in the world. How could ordinary people like us be worthy of that." Hua Ruge laughed, as though he was resigned to his fate.

The big size man had rushed many people today, but this was the first time he saw Hua Ruge being so obedient, and couldn't help but be surprised.

"The position of the young master that you're blocking is not low, right?" Hua Ruge looked very curious.

The big sized man felt bored standing there, but he felt that Hua Ruge was easy to fool, so he arrogantly said: "Of course, the one inside is Young Master Fang, it's very noble."

The big sized man did not want to be lonely, seeing Hua Ruge's blank look, he explained: "Our Fang family's officials are only second to the Hua family, the son of the Old Duke's direct line of descent, is the only one, in the future he will have to take over the title."

"Fang Wenxuan?" Hua Ruge pulled out the name from his unclear memories.

"Yes." The big sized man nodded as he admired Hua Ruge's surprised look.

However, the next moment, the red figure in front of them flashed rapidly. They felt their consciousness become blurry as they looked in front of them in surprise. Before they fell to the ground, they saw a cold glint flash across the youth's eyes.

They had been waiting here for the entire morning, and many people had some complaints about this. However, as long as they heard the name of the Fang family, they would have no choice but to leave.

How was this obedient sheep? She was clearly a wolf waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

When they fell to the ground, Hua Ruge brushed off his robes and slowly walked towards them. From the start to the end, his smile had not changed, as if nothing had happened.

The moment she entered the courtyard, she saw that Lan Bing'er's door was open. From the courtyard, she could see that Fang Wenxuan and Lan Bing'er were sitting on both sides of the table, seemingly chatting.

It was just that Lan Bing'er kept tilting his head from start to finish, but it was Fang Wenxuan who kept talking. He was holding onto the profound beast core, and it should be given to Lan Bing'er.

From Hua Ruge's perspective, when this girl decisively rejected him, she looked really aloof and cold. If he had to wait for her to grow up, she would definitely be a goddess.

"Less... "Big brother." When Lan Bing'er shook his head, he caught a glimpse of Hua Ruge in the courtyard. Not caring that Fang Wenxuan was in his room, he smiled and ran out.

"Are you used to living here?" Hua Ruge asked.

Lan Bing'er frowned and shook her head, "Bing'er still likes to live with brother. They are too annoying."

"This is a course the Goddess must take, slowly get used to." Hua Ruge comforted her.

Lan Bing'er was already used to the weird words that came out of her mouth, although he could not understand it, he was more or less able to understand it, thus he lightly nodded his head.

"Kid, where did you come from?" Fang Wenxuan chased him out of the room, and when he saw the two standing so close together, he couldn't help but feel angry.

Hua Ruge looked up and down, only to see that the boy's body was thin, his pale white face had an extremely drunk look, he thought that he had an imposing manner, but the outsider's eyes were empty.

She pointed at the door and said in surprise, "Did you come in? Did you crawl in here? "

Lan Bing'er forced himself not to laugh.

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