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The man not far away had thick black hair that was tied up by an ink-jade crown. He wore an ink-black robe, and the complex dark golden patterns within shined under the sunlight, giving him an indescribably noble air.

However, what was more eye-catching than his clothes was his appearance. His skin was like the first snow of winter, his sword-like eyebrows slanted upwards, filled with a sharp aura, his nose was straight like a pine tree, and his jade-like color.

This perfect and unreal face, when the eyes under the thick eyelashes slightly raised, was bestowed with a brand-new life, a peerless beauty.

A person like that, just standing there casually, made people feel like they had stolen the glory of the sun.

However, his pair of obsidian eyes flashed with an extremely cold glimmer, staring at a person with a bone-piercing chill.

Even with Hua Ruge's endurance, she could not help but feel a chill in her heart, sighing 'nice skin,' and then proceeded forward. If she wanted to leave the forest, she could only walk on the official road, and thus, got closer and closer to the beautiful man.

"F * ck off."

The beautiful guy spat out a word filled with evil Qi with his red lips, then Hua Ruge waved his wide sleeves at the lady who tried to hit her, the powerful spirit force released caused everyone to feel terrified.


The woman who was sent flying by a single move spat out a mouthful of blood in the air. Her body flew through the air in a parabola before smashing right in front of Hua Ruge.

Hua Ruge raised his eyebrows, and instinctively tried to check for breath from the woman, only to find out in shock that she was no longer breathing.

"You sure are up to no good. Isn't she just talking to you? If you're afraid of people, don't go out."

Hua Ruge stood up and berated angrily. She knew that she was not a soft-hearted person, but killing people for no reason simply had no moral bottom line.

The man looked at her, a cold light flashing through his dark eyes. "Any woman within three feet of me will die!"

"I say, you ?"

Hua Ruge could not finish her words. She looked at the distance between the two of them and her pupils dilated.

But it was too late!

She had only taken two steps back when she saw a black shadow flash past her eyes. Immediately, she felt as if her neck was being gripped by five steel bars. Furthermore, it was still shrinking.

The man was so close to her that she could clearly see the freezing coldness in his black eyes. He could easily take someone's life, but his expression didn't change at all. He was as calm as if he was eating and drinking.

The appearance of the god, the dark heart of the devil!

Great Lord, did you think she wasn't angry?

Hua Ruge did not care about the consequences at the moment, and thrusted the middle finger of her right index finger straight at the man's eyes. This time, she used all her strength, and as long as it was him who got hit, he would definitely lose his sight.

When the man saw that she was able to react in such a short time and spot her weaknesses, he raised his eyebrows and raised a hand to throw her out.

The pain from Hua Ruge's neck became even more intense. His already weak body had lost all of its strength, and his heart had become ice-cold.

She could already feel the spiritual energy fluctuations coming from the man. If he were to throw her out, she would really have to go see the King of Hell.

F * ck, how could someone from another world save humanity? She was here to play soy sauce?

She remembered this perverted man. If she met him in her next life, she would definitely teach him a lesson!

However, just as she was carefully observing the man's face with the intention to remember him and take revenge in her next life, she suddenly realized that the man's hand had lost all of its strength.

He frowned. Within his eyes that seemed to have been frozen for ten thousand years, a touch of a Pain Color surfaced. His entire body was trembling.

Hua Ruge took a deep breath.

Seeing that the man had a Pain Color on his face, his face was pale and his entire body was trembling, most likely due to some chronic disease or poison outbreak.

Just as she was thinking about how she was going to use this opportunity to escape, she suddenly felt that this man was looking at her with a weird gaze.

Then he stretched out his other hand and touched her forehead with his cold fingers. He then stroked her face, his fingers like a painter's brush, carefully tracing every part of her face.

When he touched the scar on her face, his eyebrows twitched and killing intent burst out from his dark eyes.

"You freak, let go of me!" Hua Ruge struggled.

She was too used to being harassed by others. Even if the person in front of her was a beautiful man who would lose his mind if she looked at him for more than three seconds!

The man's hazy gaze once again became icy cold. His hand circled around her neck and stuck on the back of her neck. With a bit of force, he pushed her petite body into his embrace.

His weak eyes closed and opened, but his body did not tremble, as though Hua Ruge was some good medicine.

"Damn, cough cough ?" You want to be my mother... Cough cough ? Easy to bully... Cough cough ? "Right?"

Hua Ruge's hair stood on end after her throat regained its freedom, but she realized in despair that even if she used all her strength, she could not move a single inch of him.

"Man, I'll remember this grudge. When I get the chance, I'll definitely teach you a lesson!" Hua Ruge who was so angry that he could do nothing could only curse.

However, she soon felt that the strength that she was using to hug herself was diminishing bit by bit. In the end, she could only lay on top of her and happily wanted to push her away.

Unfortunately, his body was too thin and small. With this push, he actually fell down. The man was pressing down on her body, nuzzling her nose.

She felt ashamed and angry at the same time. She thought that the man was doing it on purpose, but upon closer inspection, he had already fainted.

His skin was sickly pale, and his brows were slightly furrowed. His unmatched elegance had been dyed with a hint of emaciation, and he was actually causing people's hearts to ache for him for no reason.

Hua Ruge looked carefully and was disappointed yet again.

"Pah pah pah!" If something is abnormal, then there must be a demon. If a man looks so good, then there's a high chance that he's a demon! " Hua Ruge sat up after pushing him away, and said while huffing and puffing.

The man lay on the grass, still unconscious.

"He's quite sick." Hua Ruge touched his pulse, and then looked at him with a face full of schadenfreude. Right now, she really wanted to go up and give him a slap or directly kill him for it.

She raised her hand and lowered it. She didn't have the guts.

It was clear from a glance that this man was someone with powerful and profound statuses. If she didn't die from the beating of a snake or was found out later, she would definitely be the one to be in trouble.

"Consider yourself lucky. Even if I don't kill you, I will not let you get away with it." As Hua Ruge said this, he started rummaging through his body to see if there were any good things that could be looted.

What she lacked the most right now was money. If she could reap what she reaped this time, then her anger would also subside.

But what made her disappointed was that he had nothing on him other than a black jade Dragon Mark Ring on the middle finger of his right hand.

Before she could recover from her anger, she reached out for the ring and snorted. "If you don't take it, then it's useless. Let's see if it hurts or not when you wake up."

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