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"Impossible, I sent someone to stop him." Fang Wenxuan said as he walked down, and saw the two subordinates who were sprawled in front of the gate.

"I just saw them drinking. Maybe they were drunk." Hua Ruge did not blush at all.

"Rice Bucket!" Fang Wenxuan scolded, he did not care about them, and asked Hua Ruge instead: "Who are you? What does it have to do with Bing-Er?

"And who are you? Why are you questioning me? " Hua Ruge asked casually.

"I am Fang Wenxuan from the Duke's Palace, stay away from Bing'er if you know what's good for you, or I won't be polite with you." Fang Wenxuan said coldly.

Hearing his rude words, before Hua Ruge could say anything, Lan Bing'er stepped forward: "I have no relationship with you. Go, we are not welcome here."

Hearing that, Fang Wenxuan frowned, and advised: "Bing'er, what's so good about him being a pretty boy? You must not be fooled by him."

He really wanted to marry Lan Bing'er back to the real Madam. Although they were not on the same footing now, Soul Master who had a Level 7 Inherent Skill could easily become a part of the Great Zheng's Hall of Sages after completing their work.

Those with strong Hall of Sages would definitely be awarded the title of nobility, and at that time, she would definitely be worthy of him.

Lan Bing'er was not good with words, and did not accept his words, but he resolutely stood in front of Hua Ruge.

"What a joke. If I don't find the adonis, how can I find someone as ugly as you?" Hua Ruge looked down on him. She always thought that her good looks were an advantage, but when did he say that she was a weakness?

"This is superficial. Zheng established his country through martial arts. He should only pay attention to his subordinates' martial arts." Fang Wenxuan spoke with righteousness.

Hua Ruge looked at the Level 6 Warrior Badge on his chest, and laughed unscrupulously, "Are you saying that we should compare strength?"

"Of course." Fang Wenxuan said with a face full of pride.

"Come on." Hua Ruge extended four fingers of his hand upwards and hooked up, signalling him to come over.

Fang Wenxuan knew that Soul Master was afraid of getting close to him the most.

"Wait!" Hua Ruge stretched out her hand to stop him, her expression very solemn.

Fang Wenxuan saw that she had stopped in her tracks.

"Before we fight, I need to confess something. I just lied to you." Hua Ruge pointed to the two big men who had fallen at the door: "I actually killed them."

Those two people's strength were about the same as him, they had more actual combat experience. If both of them died at Hua Ruge's hands, then how could he be a match for them.

"You dare to kill my men?" This was the first time Fang Wenxuan felt that this ridiculously beautiful youth in front of him was somewhat terrifying.

Hua Ruge nodded honestly, then said: "Now that I'm done, it's time to act."

Fang Wenxuan took two steps back, his gaze a little fearful. For a person like him, who was born in a rich family's nest of gold and silver, he was naturally more reluctant than anyone to die.

"Great Zheng used a martial arts technique to establish his country. Well said, let's fight." Hua Ruge raised his eyebrows.

Fang Wenxuan still felt that he couldn't go all out for no reason. As he walked towards the entrance of the courtyard, he said: "You brat, just you wait, I'll definitely teach you a lesson."

He did not pay attention to his feet when he was distracted. The big man at the door tripped him and threw him out, making him look miserable.

Hua Ruge laughed as she turned her head around, only to see that Lan Bing'er's expression was not good. She probingly asked: "Don't tell me you like him?"

She never knew anything about love between a man and a woman, she only thought that the man would drive her away because she hated him, she never expected Lan Bing'er to care about him.

Lan Bing'er's face was pale and he did not say anything for a moment.

"Girl, I'm telling you, even if you're looking for a man, you can't look for one like that. You can tell with a glance that he's just a scum. If something happens and he runs away, what will you do?" Hua Ruge advised sincerely.

Lan Bing'er kept shaking his head, and then pointed at the two people at the door with his trembling finger, and asked timidly: "Big brother, you killed someone?"

"We've killed quite a few people, but the two of them didn't die. They just fainted." Hua Ruge explained.

Lan Bing'er thought for a while and asked: "Did you lie to him again?"

"All is fair." Hua Ruge laughed complacently.

Lan Bing'er did not understand once again.

"Just don't believe my words too much, you'll be tricked." Hua Ruge looked like a big bad wolf.

"I believe in big brother." Lan Bing'er was silent for a moment, before adding, "I will believe it no matter what."

"You silly child." As Hua Ruge spoke, he took out the profound beast core and said, "This is a gift for you.

"This... "So expensive ?" Lan Bing'er looked at the pure blue crystal core the size of a gold coin in his hand, and asked somewhat nervously.

Hua Ruge thought about the order badge, and shook his head: "To be more accurate, this is only an accessory, it is not considered a fee."

It was only then that Lan Bing'er relaxed and said with a smile: "Thank you, Big Brother."

Hua Ruge rubbed her head, gave her a few words, told her to look for him for some matters, and then left.

She informed the school to clear away the two guards before returning to her residence to concoct pills.

At this time, there was no one else in the courtyard. Tuoba Yu and the others had a wide network of contacts, and who knew how many new aristocratic children had invited them for drinks this day. They would definitely not be able to return until late in the night.

Hua Ruge was overjoyed to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet, she closed the door to her room, then sat on her bed and began preparing to refine pills. This time, she would take it out to sell and put more emphasis on quality, only then would she be able to earn a lot of gold.

The quality of the pills was low quality, and the evaluation criteria was roughly to see the purity and spiritual nature of the pills. As for other characteristics, one would need to refine the type of the pills. For example, healing pills focused on vitality, pills that raised cultivation needed stability, and so on.

However, in order to achieve these standards, other than the precise control of the alchemist, one needed a good pill furnace. The formation on the pill furnace would be used to aid in the refining process in order to enhance the quality of the pill.

Famous pill refiners would use different pill furnaces to concoct pills and achieve different effects, which the current Hua Ruge did not have.

She looked at the stove in her hands that she had bought with less than two hundred gold coins and sighed. However, she was short on funds, so she could only make do with it.

Fortunately, the pill formula left behind by the original owner's mother seemed to be specially made for her physique. Even if she used the broken furnace to refine the pill, the quality would still be better than those people.

She started concocting pills, but to her surprise, it all started with failure. Only after wasting a lot of raw materials did she gain some experience and continue experimenting.

She reached out her hand and a flame surrounded the pill furnace. Following the instructions of the pill formula, she carefully controlled the temperature and concentration of the flame. Following that, she threw the medicinal herb in her hand into the flame.

A scorching hot air current was emitted from the pill furnace and wrapped around the two Saint Spirit Grasses. Following which, the energy current began to revolve within the pill furnace, and slowly, the Saint Spirit Grass in the center of the air stream turned into a turbid green liquid.

Next, Hua Ruge threw in a piece of Blood Mountain Ginseng. Like before, the Blood Mountain Ginseng was quickly refined into a thick liquid form.

Next were the Ice Soul Fruit and Jade Crystals. After they were purified by the flames, there were four different colored liquid medicines that were wrapped in the airflow floating around the pill furnace.

All the other pill refiners would need to do after this to fuse them directly, but Hua Ruge did not do so. She pointed her left hand towards the pill furnace, and suddenly, a stream of water elemental energy rushed towards the medicinal liquid and wrapped it up, and then continued to shrink it.

After the water particles washed over the liquid, it gradually became clear, and the fusion was finally completed.

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