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This was the special technique recorded in the pill formula, and only the Element Body, who had a physique that could control many elements, could do this.

After fusing the pills, it was time for the thick flames to remove the impurities again. Hua Ruge did as he was told, but his left hand was not idle either, as he injected more wind elements into the pill, causing the liquid to boil even more.

Hua Ruge continued to refine patiently. After a quarter of an hour, the brown colored pill had formed and quickly became a pill. At this time, Hua Ruge pointed his finger at his left hand again.


The four bolts of lightning struck the pill, and the pill clearly trembled. A portion of the impurities that could not be refined by the fire was removed.

Her hands did not stop. After a few chops, the room was finally filled with the fragrance of medicine.

A grade three Bone Ablutionary Dan bead was enough.

Hua Ruge put down the pill with a face full of joy and sweat. It was already late in the night when she had returned from refining the pill at noon.

She picked up a pill and started bragging while appreciating it, "If there is a good furnace, who would still dare to call themselves an alchemist in front of me?"

However, a high quality pill furnace could only be found but not sought. She put the pills into four small jade bottles and thought that after two days at the auction, she would be able to get rich.

She slept soundly the night before waking up to the sound of the Institute's bells in the morning.

As of yesterday's end of Royal College's new year of recruitment, today was the day that she would officially begin teaching. She could not be late, and once she woke up, she would get up and wash up.

Outside the courtyard, she saw Mao Jun practicing his sword skills. Yan Zixing was sitting on the stairs meditating, and Tuoba Yu seemed to have woken up early to draw water for himself.

"Are you all up so early?" Hua Ruge hugged the wooden basin, her voice still a little unclear.

There was a stone plate in the courtyard that could be used to look at time. The difference between it and the sundial in her previous life was that it didn't have a scale. She wouldn't be able to recognize it if she didn't flip through the original owner's memories.

Furthermore, these people did not have servants by their side. This kind of miserable life was completely different from the Royal College she had imagined.

"I thought you weren't here. Bring the basin over." Tuoba Yu was a little surprised that she had woken up so late.

Hua Ruge took the basin over, and Tuoba Yu skillfully took the wooden bucket out of the well, and gave half to her.

"Surviving in this world really is tiring." Seeing that he, a noble son of the Sky Emperor, was about to do such a thing, Hua Ruge couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

However, in other words, it was still fair that he could only try his best to not fight for his father.

Tuoba Yu was curious: "What did you say?"

"You look really handsome when you fetch water." Hua Ruge casually said as he began to wash his face.

Tuoba Yu was confused, but was able to guess that it was to praise him.

After she washed up, she went out the door. The bright red color added a bit more color to her face. The hair covering her head made her look full of heroic spirit.

Mao Jun patted her shoulder and smiled: "It's such a pity that you don't become a servant with such good skin."

"Speaking of being a servant, my small stature is unbearable. However, Brother Mao's burly body is more favored by the mature women." Hua Ruge didn't blush at all when he used this kind of joke.

She was born without a string and never seemed to blush.

Mao Jun laughed and patted her shoulder: "Brother Hua, you have good eyes. No matter how hard you try, I will make sure she complies with me for one night."

"Oh, then the Brother Mao will impart more experience to me in the future." Hua Ruge's face looked like he was moved.

"Then you're looking for the right person, wait for Brother Kong to bring you over to the Jade Fragrance Restaurant." Mao Jun patted his chest and said.

Hua Ruge continued with a look of yearning on his face, "Big Brother Mao is so kind.

Tuoba Yu heard the conversation between the two and the corner of his mouth raised into a smile. Although he was born of noble royal status, he was still a man in the end.

"There's an insult." Yan Zixing disagreed from the side.

He was still wearing the same ash-gray long robe. On the inside and outside, he seemed like a sour scholar.

Mao Jun let go of Hua Ruge and began talking about life.

, who had always been very satisfied with his looks, regretted not wearing a mask when he walked out the door. At this point, he had already arrived at the Martial Arts Practice Grounds, so when he walked past, he would always attract quite a few girls' gazes.

After a while, the Principal of Royal College, the fatty that Hua Ruge was familiar with, came over to speak. The next thing to do was to divide the classes, and divide all the students into two classes, the warrior class and the Soul Master class.

The courses here were very free, and there weren't any theory courses. Almost everyone practiced together, and the coaches would give pointers, holding spars from time to time, and giving out resources every month.

After all, medicinal pellets were too expensive. There were too many warriors, so even Royal College wouldn't be able to make it.

The Soul Master was a bit more expensive, so he gave out pills that could increase the spiritual power level. It was said that with these resources, the cultivation speed of the Royal College students would be five times faster than ordinary people.

Hua Ruge suddenly felt a sense of danger after hearing what Tuoba Yu said. Her body was special, the fatal flaw was that she had to use more effort to increase her cultivation.

Today was the first day of school. After a few words, the instructor asked everyone to find a martial arts practice ground and compare notes with each other.

There were many martial arts training grounds in the academy. Entering the main gate was usually used for large scale matches or for duels between students. Their usual practice was to choose a smaller field behind them.

"Big brother."

On the way to the Martial Arts Practice Grounds, Lan Bing'er jogged over to Hua Ruge's side. Today, she had changed into the aqua blue academy gowns.

"Good girl, it's beautiful today." Hua Ruge said sincerely.

When Lan Bing'er heard this, he lowered his head slightly and said softly, "Thank you, Big Brother."

Tuoba Yu said from the side: "If I previously knew that she actually had a level seven Inherent Skill, I would definitely have found her an illustrious member of the noble family."

"That's already very good. The rest depends on her own hard work." Hua Ruge was satisfied.

Lan Bing'er expressed his stance when he heard it, "Don't worry, brother, Bing'er will definitely increase her efforts."

"Even if we don't redouble our efforts, we'll just have a safe journey. We'll just need to take a look at those two at Hall of Sages." Tuoba Yu said.

Hua Ruge was curious: "Which two?"

"You don't know?" Tuoba Yu looked at her weirdly, but he did not pursue the topic. "The two most talented girls in the Great Zheng Empire are Hua Ruxue from the Hua Clan and Fang Lanxin from the Fang Clan."

"They are all level seven Soul Master, moreover they are very beautiful, they have been compared since they were young, but their advancement is almost at the same time, they can't be compared in any way."

"Then they must be good friends." Lan Bing'er said.

Tuoba Yu shook his head and said softly, "Defiant enemy."

On the other hand, Hua Ruge could understand this point, because the Hua Clan and Fang Clan were at odds with each other.

"It's hard to compete for power."

"They also know that it's too difficult to suppress their opponents in terms of strength, and now that they've reached the age to get married, they're all looking for husbands who are better than their opponents." Tuoba Yu was not the least bit confused when it came to gossiping.

"This is a competition for the throne of the mother under the heavens. The princes will definitely be selected to take action. Do you have any of the young ladies' eyes?" Hua Ruge smiled and asked him.

Tuoba Yu shook his head: "You are wrong on this point. They are arrogant, how could the princes be able to catch their eyes? They have their eyes on my royal uncle, the lofty Battle King."

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