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"Wow, to be able to be liked by them, that Battle King must be very amazing." Lan Bing'er exclaimed.

Hua Ruge looked at her as if she were an ignorant person: "Child, don't speak nonsense if you don't understand."

"Oh." Lan Bing'er nodded obediently.

Tuoba Yu then said from the side: "But who knows that royal uncle has never been close to women in his entire life and his strength is unfathomable. It's truly difficult to be favored by him."

On this comment, Hua Ruge felt as if ten thousand mud horses were galloping across his chest, his bullshit was so high up that it couldn't even compare to a woman's, how could he be a piece of dog skin paste?

The few of them had already reached the training grounds. Hua Ruge felt an unfriendly gaze towards him, he raised his head and saw that it was Hua Ruyue, who was standing not far away, she was actually Soul Master, and her level was also at the fifth stage.

Tuoba Yu was called over for a spar by someone he was familiar with before he walked over.

"Hua Ruge, you actually have the same name as that trash. It's impossible for me not to hate you." She crossed her arms across her chest, and looked at Hua Ruge with contempt.

Hua Ruge remembered that many years ago, she also had the same expression as the original owner.

"Are you angry at me for not giving you face in public? You can't take this lying down? " Hua Ruge lowered his eyes and looked at her.

Because she had taken the increase pellet, Hua Ruge was higher than most girls, but she saw that Hua Ruyue did not lower his head, and did not place her in his eyes at all.

"You even killed my people." Hua Ruyue clenched his teeth and replied.

That day, she sent people to protect the Hua family, but they chopped her up and left her in front of her house. The moment she saw her son, she immediately vomited.

Moreover, she was scolded by her father. If she didn't want to come to the academy, she would definitely be confined at home.

"Are you unconvinced? Then do you want to have a spar with me or duel? " Hua Ruge pursed his lips, and asked without a care.

Hua Ruyue laughed out loud when he heard it, "You're the one who said this.

She felt that she could finally lift her eyebrows and be proud. Unconsciously, she raised her voice, attracting quite a few people to watch.

"You came to Dueling Platform with me?" Hua Ruge pointed at her, then pointed at himself with a face full of questions.

"You don't dare?" Hua Ruyue scolded her loudly.

"Of course I can't accept it. Do you have any shame to challenge someone two steps lower than you to a duel?"

Hua Ruge pointed to Lan Bing'er beside him: "Isn't it easier for you to win against her, and at the same time demonstrate the might of your Hua Family."

Hearing this, the surrounding crowd burst into laughter.

Normally, he would look for opponents with the same strength as him to challenge. It was obvious that Hua Ruyue was bullying others, but he was looked down upon.

"You were the one who said it." Hua Ruyue glared at her as if he wanted to tear her into pieces and eat her whole.

"I'm just teasing you. I know you won't be convinced, but there's nothing I can do about it." Hua Ruge smiled at the furious her as if she was playing with a clown.

"Hua Ruge, you dare to provoke me like that?" Hua Ruyue's gaze turned ruthless.

"Take a look, you don't have the grace to make a move now. Your Hua family's upbringing truly makes me look at them in a new light."

Hua Ruge didn't let go of the chance to mock her. He wasn't worried at all that she would sneak a sneak attack.

With Element Body's battle power, even if the opponent was two levels higher, it would still be possible to defeat him.

The surrounding students were pleased to see Hua Ruyue being humiliated. The Hua Family had been domineering for many years, so these people who were constantly being suppressed were not without complaints.

"You will regret it." Hua Ruyue's eyes flashed with a cold light, he immediately took off his necklace and said to the group:

"Is there a Soul Master of the third step that can fight for me? As long as I win, this Wind Attribute Crystal Core that is worth three thousand gold would be my gift."

The academies were in an uproar. Although they did not lack money, they had a lot of children and did not have much to give each of them. This three thousand gold coins was still a huge sum of money.

When Hua Ruge saw that thing, his eyes also lit up.

"I do."

A man stood forward. Seeing that he was similar to Hua Ruge in attire, one could tell that he was also a fire attribute Soul Master, and was also of the third stage. He looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years old, and his age and experience definitely exceeded Hua Ruge's.

Hua Ruyue revealed a satisfied smile, "This time, we are challenging people of the same level, what else do you have to say for yourself?"

"If I don't accept you, are you in a bad mood?" Hua Ruge asked with a smile.

"You still don't dare?" Hua Ruyue couldn't figure her out and just wanted to beat her to the ground to vent his anger.

"It's fine if you want me to fight. But if I win, I want the equipment on you." She counted them one by one: "Necklace, bracelet, and clothes with this inlaid in them."

Although these items looked like ornaments, they were actually all made from Xuan Beast cores, which could increase the power of soul magic.

"In your dreams." Hua Ruyue rejected it without even thinking. This was her family savings from so many years, if she relied on these things to support her own reputation, how could she easily take it out to gamble?

"Since you don't have that much confidence, then forget it." Hua Ruge never thought that fighting with others would be a waste.

Hua Ruyue was naturally unwilling to let her go, and so he looked towards the man who was fighting.

The man said a few words beside Hua Ruyue's ear, and Hua Ruyue's face revealed an expression of victory.

Hua Ruge's mental perception was strong, she heard the man say that she was about to reach the Fourth Stage, it wouldn't be a problem for her to win against a brat.

Indeed, as long as a Soul Master of the same element had a little level advantage, it would be extremely obvious in terms of battle prowess. Many times, low leveled Soul Master would not even have the chance to retaliate.

"Alright, I'll bet, but what if you lose?" Hua Ruyue raised his chin and looked at Hua Ruge.

"What do you think?"

"Kneel down and admit your wrongs, and promise to be respectful to me in the future."

"You'll never see that day in your life." Hua Ruge sneered.

Lan Bing'er anxiously pulled at the corner of her clothes, giving her a comforting look, she tightly pursed her lips and swore that she would work hard, only with strength would she be able to protect her brother.

Tuoba Yu stood there quietly. He could not see anything from Hua Ruge's expression, but he had a feeling that Hua Ruge would definitely not let him suffer a loss.

The students left the training grounds in the middle of the stage for Hua Ruge and the man to introduce themselves. After the competition had started, the two of them stood on both sides of the stage and focused their attention on preparing their attacks.

This was the first time Hua Ruge was competing with the rare Soul Master of this world. Her performance was relaxed, but she did not let down her guard.

Lan Bing'er walked to the side of Tuoba Yu and whispered to him, "My big brother has something to do, can you save him?"

She was usually timid, but when it came to Hua Ruge, she had no choice but to be bold.

"Don't worry, this is just a spar, not a duel. I won't be in danger from Brother Hua." Tuoba Yu consoled her in a low voice.

Lan Bing'er was finally relieved.

Seeing the two of them being so close to each other, Hua Ruyue secretly felt hatred in his heart, but at this moment, he did not reveal it.

After a while, the man called Zhang Ran waved his hand and two blazing fireballs roared towards Hua Ruge's face.

Hua Ruge's preparation was clearly slower than his, and seeing this she could only hastily form a fire shield in front of her.

The fireball crashed into the thin shield, instantly breaking it.

Hua Ruge staggered a few steps back, and the fireball that had lost its energy smashed two charred holes into the ground in front of her.

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