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Just by testing, Hua Ruge was already at a disadvantage.

The corner of Zhang Ran's mouth curved up into a smile.

Hua Ruyue, who was in the audience, also laughed. It was clear that Hua Ruge's speed and strength was a little weaker than usual, so there was no possibility of victory.

Tuoba Yu retracted his attention, ready to save the situation at any time.

A few breaths later, Zhang Ran stretched out his palm again, and a fire dragon condensed in his palm.

The Fire Dragon saw that the size was suddenly increased by a dozen times, and pounced at Hua Ruge with its fangs and claws bared.

"Alright." Hua Ruyue shouted loudly.

After she said that, the fire dragon had already arrived in front of Hua Ruge, and no matter what she did, it was now useless.

Victory or defeat for Soul Master had always been in the blink of an eye.

Tuoba Yu slowly extended his hand, about to release a wind shield.

But just at that moment, Hua Ruge squinted his eyes and welcomed the Fire Dragon with his right hand.

A blue water dragon condensed in the center of her palm. Although it was smaller than the fire dragon, Zhang Ran's expression changed drastically.

When the five elements resisted each other and encountered each other's elements, there was no way for them to win in the same stage.

Hua Ruyue's face was filled with incredulity. She never would have thought that Hua Ruge was actually a dual attribute Soul Master, and that every single element was at the third stage.

As expected, the moment the fire dragon collided with the water dragon, it disintegrated quickly and dispersed the energy in all directions.

After dispersing the fire dragon, the water dragon rushed towards Zhang Ran.

At this moment, Zhang Ran no longer had the Heaven Returning Art. He was hit by the water dragon head on and was sent flying. He then fell heavily on the ground.

"Again." Hua Ruge still did not let him go.

"No no, I admit defeat." Zhang Ran lied on the ground and waved his hands.

"Hua Ruge, you're cheating." Hua Ruyue angrily stepped forward.

"No one has made it clear that I cannot be a dual attribute Soul Master." Hua Ruge calmly looked at her: "So I'm not playing tricks, I'm just playing with you."

Hua Ruyue glared at her: Are you courting death?

"It's up to the King of Hell to decide whether he dies or not." Hua Ruge spread open his hands and smiled at her: "Hand over the thing that lost to me first."

Hua Ruyue was so angry by her that she was panting hard, she was unwilling and also unwilling to part with her treasures, but she was unable to organize her thoughts to retort.

"You promised big brother. So many people heard about it. You can't be shameless." Lan Bing'er walked out and spoke up for Hua Ruge. She was small and cute, and her serious look made people unable to refute.

"Who do you think you are? Is there any place for you to speak? " Hua Ruyue was so angry that he wanted to hit her.

"What are you doing?" Tuoba Yu bellowed.

Hua Ruyue was shocked, and immediately knew that he had lost control of himself.

"Shameless is a bit disgraceful in front of so many people. Hand it over." Hua Ruge acted as if it was for your own good.

Hua Ruyue used a rock to smash her own foot, she was angered to the point that the veins on her forehead were popping up, but under the watch of everyone there was nothing she could do, she could only take them down, piece by piece.

Lan Bing'er received it from the side.

The onlookers were all delighted to see that the Hua family had suffered a loss.

After taking everything, Hua Ruyue did not get angry, but instead laughed, and said to Hua Ruge: "Previously, there was also an idiot with the same name as you who provoked me, so in the end, she suffered a terrible fate."

Hua Ruge did not reply.

"I know you don't understand, but you will understand very soon." Hua Ruyue said coldly, and turned to leave.

Hua Ruge looked at her back, ridiculing her in his eyes.

She could understand it, so she definitely would not let her off.

Tuoba Yu walked over and gently patted her shoulder. "You should be careful in the future."

Seeing that there was no liveliness, everyone dispersed, doing whatever they needed to do.

"She said someone had the same name as her brother?" Lan Bing'er had a face full of doubt.

When Tuoba Yu heard this, he let out a sigh, "That girl was the regret of the entire Zheng Clan. She was a super genius of level 8 in terms of spirit and spiritual roots.

Hua Ruge acted as if he did not hear it, and started to count his spoils of war.

"How powerful is level eight?" Lan Bing'er asked again.

Tuoba Yu patiently explained:

"A princess of the Dong Xia is a talent at the eighth level. At the age of seventeen, she is already an intermediate soul master and is a legendary figure in the continent. I'm afraid only royal uncle can suppress her."

"Battle King is so powerful." Lan Bing'er worshipped him blindly.

Hearing that, Hua Ruge's complacent expression stiffened slightly as he checked his spoils of war.

Lan Bing'er flinched a little. "Did you say something wrong, big brother?"

"Nope." Hua Ruge continued to laugh, it was even uglier than crying.

Hua Ruge also quickly returned to his room and took out the profound beast cores that he plundered from Hua Ruyue.

One of the necklaces and a bracelet were from a third level mystical beast, while the one inlaid on the cloth was a fourth level mystical beast.

It must be known that this thing was not easy to come by, and that adventurers had to enter the Profound Beast Forest, to hunt ferocious profound beasts and to take the risk of their lives.

And because they were the best materials to strengthen soul power and refine pills, they were relatively rare and expensive.

The energy of the first and second step was limited, and the Xuan Beasts were also of low rank so they weren't worth much money.

The crystal cores of third level beasts were worth at least three thousand gold coins, and those of middle level beasts were outrageously expensive.

At the Fourth Stage, the average price of a crystal core would reach eight thousand gold coins.

Hua Ruge calculated the value of her spoils of war. Putting aside the cost of processing them into jewelry, just the value of the crystal core was already over 14,000.

But she didn't.

"Dog, don't say that I treated you badly. I've already given you so many good things to eat."

Hua Ruge summoned his Devouring Beast.

"I'm not a dog!" The Devouring Beast hooted on her palm.

How many times had I said it was a majestic divine beast? How could this woman's memory be so poor?

"If you don't eat it now, I won't give it to you." Hua Ruge opened his eyes wide.

The Devouring Beast snorted and chose to ignore her, jumping onto the table.

It opened its mouth and sucked all the crystal cores into its mouth. Its small mouth opened wide, and with a gulu sound, the crystal cores disappeared into its stomach.

Hua Ruge felt the spiritual energy in his body fluctuate, and quickly sat down cross legged. While he absorbed the energy, he calculated how many levels he could raise, it was really easy to level up by himself.

But after a long while, she opened her eyes and looked at the Devouring Beast on the table in a huff.

"Tell me the truth, did you eat the energy alone? Otherwise, how could I have only advanced one level? "

No wonder Hua Ruge couldn't accept it. It was really because last time, she took out a few useless items from the spatial space. A few spirit crystals and a second grade profound beast core, then rose to become a third level Warrior.

After eating so much this time, there was no reason for it to only increase by one level.

The Devouring Beast flung its butt at her and snorted: "Ignorant woman."

Hua Ruge picked him up and placed him in front of his face as he roared: "If you don't explain it clearly today, do you believe that I won't drink your stew?"

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