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Devouring Beast instinctively felt that this woman was not to be trifled with, so he said honestly:

"Of course it's easy for a Level 3 Warrior to level up. Once they reach Intermediate, it will be difficult. The next time you give me ten times the energy, I might not be able to level up again."

"Isn't this burning money?"

Devouring Beast scuttled down from her palm, and wriggled her butt at her, full of ridicule.

Hua Ruge sent him flying with a slap, feeling conflicted in his heart.

The Element Body was really screwed, he had to raise both his spiritual force and spiritual force in order to level up.

In other words, she had to have the strength and spiritual energy of a warrior of the fourth rank in her body. Only then would she be able to use the soul technique of the fourth step.

It was a pity that her level eight spiritual talent had been dragged down by her body to the point where she couldn't be arrogant.

"Heavens, when are you going to bring me along to fly?"

Hua Ruge wailed.

The door opened with a creak, and Lan Bing'er peeked her head over, only to see a look of extreme grief on Hua Ruge's face.

"Big brother, what happened to you?"

Hua Ruge coughed dryly, and turned to look at her: "Why are you here?"

"Fifth Prince called me over. They said that we would eat dinner together."

"He was nice to you." Hua Ruge nodded his head and prepared to go out for some fresh air.

Lan Bing'er quickly waved his hands and explained, "No, that's not it ? Big brother, don't think too much ? "I ?"

"What am I thinking?" Hua Ruge looked at her in confusion.

When she looked again, Lan Bing'er's face was completely red, she did not know what she wanted to say.

"No ?." "Nothing ?" Seeing that he did not misunderstand, Lan Bing'er waved his hands again.

"Little girl, why are you so secretive?" Hua Ruge shook her head. She, who was born with thick lines, didn't want to think about it too much.

The next day, Hua Ruge did not enter the training grounds. Instead, he changed into a set of inconspicuous light green clothes and went to the auction house.

Because a large-scale auction was going to be held tomorrow, she had to first sell the pills she had refined.

After finding her a familiar location, the attendant respectfully led her to a room on the third floor.

"Young master, please wait for a moment. I will call our appraiser right away." The attendant then left.

A tall maid came in later on and brought her pastries and tea. She respectfully said: "Please enjoy. If there is anything you need please call for me."

With that, he bowed and stood to the side.

Hua Ruge politely thanked her and without being polite, he crossed his legs and started to drink his tea and eat. He hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

Her casual behaviour had made the maid look at her in a new light. At such a young age, she would naturally have an extraordinary personality.

She didn't have to wait long before she picked up the third muffin. An old man in his sixties or seventies with a white beard walked in.

He must be an appraiser.

"Is this young master thinking of selling the pills?" The old man asked with a warm smile.

Hua Ruge held the cake and was about to eat it before saying anything, but seeing that it was the old man, he could only put it down out of respect and get up: "It's me."

"This is the chief appraiser of the auction house, Master Ji." The maid introduced the room with a gentle voice.

"So you are Master Ji, a master alchemist. I have heard of your great name for a long time." Hua Ruge said in surprise.

She never thought that a tier four alchemist would actually be someone from this auction house. Thinking about it now, the Qing Yun Auction House that covered the entire continent was definitely not simple.

"I am indebted to the Emperor for his praise." Master Ji stroked his beard and asked: "I wonder what kind of pills Little Brother wants to sell?"

"Level Three, Bone Ablutionary Dan."

As Hua Ruge spoke, he took out a white porcelain bottle, and a pellet was contained within.

Master Ji's eyes lit up when he heard about the Level 3 Pellet, but looking at Hua Ruge's spatial ring, he did not dare underestimate it.

He opened the bottle and a familiar yet different medicinal fragrance wafted out. It gradually filled his mouth and nose and made him feel comfortable. He could not help but feel puzzled.


In order to prevent the medicinal power from leaking, Master Ji closed the lid after going through the mental examination, but he still had a face full of surprise.

The Master Ji said to Hua Ruge in disbelief: "Excuse me, but who did this pill come from?"

"Originally, I didn't want to say it, but since you asked, I won't hide it." Hua Ruge said after thinking for a while.

Master Ji nodded, his good impression of this young lad who respected the elderly multiplied.

"The person who concocted the pill was my master. However, my master is old and does not like to be disturbed by others. Therefore, I will not tell you his name."

Hua Ruge said honestly, looking like he was doing this for my master, that I am a good disciple.

"It is understandable that Young Master values filial piety." Master Ji felt some regret when she said this.

"May I know the quality of this pill?" Hua Ruge asked.

It would be better to tell her how much this thing was worth than to play with it.

"The purity and spirituality of this medicinal pill is very high, but I'm not sure. Young Master, please wait." The Master Ji said and left.

Once again, only Hua Ruge and the tall maid who was standing by the side remained in the room.

The surprise on the servant's face deepened. Master Ji was a master alchemist, if he could not discern the quality of the pills, then how high would it be?

Hua Ruge felt that this big place couldn't be used against his food, thus he continued to leisurely eat the pastries that he hadn't finished.

"Young master, let me change a cup of hot tea for you." The maid stepped forward.

"No need, I was just about to drink it." Hua Ruge looked up at her and asked: "Who do you usually show the pills that Master Ji can't see?"

The maid shook her head and said, "So far, other than the pills that you, young master, have brought, there is nothing that Master Ji cannot see."

"Oh?" Hua Ruge listened with interest.

"If we must, it should be the Young Master Wu Hen."

Just as Hua Ruge wanted to ask who this person was, she saw the door open once again. Sunlight shone through the gap in the door, and against the light, she could only see his faint outline.

He was wearing a plain white robe, tied around his waist in the same color, and his broad shoulders were narrow. One look at him was enough to tell that he was extremely well-built. The white robe was covered by a silver brocade, and the wide sleeves were almost hanging to the ground. It looked extremely elegant and free.

The way he walked was slow and graceful. His temperament was gentle, like a clear stream, causing people to feel comfortable looking at him.

Hua Ruge saw that his head was not tied up with a crown, but rather, his satin long hair that was casually draped over his back.

This man was extremely good-looking. He had a pair of long and narrow almond-shaped eyes under his long eyebrows. The curve of his nose was just right, and he had a leisurely smile on his face.

In such a cruel continent, what kind of exquisite and thorough person would be able to live such a carefree and free life?

After a moment of absent-mindedness, Hua Ruge exclaimed to himself how many vases there were in this place!

"Young Master Wu Hen." The maid quickly bowed and greeted him. She was extremely humble and respectful.

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