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"The entire kingdom knows, there's no need for you to say it."

Needless to say, Yan Zixing was the only one who would not let go of any opportunity to mock Mao Jun.

Mao Jun glared at him.

Yan Zixing directly walked in and ignored him.

"What does Brother Hua want?" Tuoba Yu asked with a smile.

He was from the royal family, so he had a noble aura, but his temperament was gentle, making people feel like he was bathed in spring breeze when he smiled.

Hua Ruge was happy to chat with him, she glanced at the signboard at the side, then squinted her eyes and said: "It seems there really is a suitable one."

"Sis, it was this kid who scared me and injured two of my subordinates."

Before Tuoba Yu could speak, a voice that Hua Ruge was somewhat familiar with drifted over.

She turned her head and saw that Fang Wenxuan, who had been playing around in Lan Bing'er's courtyard, was saying these words to a woman beside him.

The woman had attracted Hua Ruge's attention, she was wearing a dark blue long skirt, her entire body was the same color as the dress, and she was so cold that no one dared to approach her.

Her facial features were extremely charming, and there was a trace of heroic spirit in her gentleness. Her neck was very straight, and her gaze was filled with arrogance. She was like a proud peacock, possessing a proud and aloof air.

Hua Ruge thought that this should be the Fang Lanxin that Tuoba Yu mentioned two days ago, the Fang Lanxin of one of the two famous young women whose name could shake the great Zheng.

She was only seventeen or eighteen years old, and the badge on her chest was already that of a Soul Master of the seventh step.

Hearing Fang Wenxuan's words, Fang Lanxin glanced at Hua Ruge, and then turned her eyes away, not letting her feel any of her emotions.

This was the attitude of a powerhouse towards the weak. It was not so much a disdain as a disregard for them.

"Sister, you have to help me teach him a lesson." Fang Wenxuan instigated from the side, and the gaze in which he looked at Hua Ruge was full of anger.

"Shut up." Fang Lanxin berated, the girl's clear voice displayed the majesty of her age.

Fang Wenxuan felt wronged, but he did not dare say anything.

"Look at your status. You're merely an ant. Attacking her would be equivalent to lowering yourself." Fang Lanxin taught her a lesson and continued walking.

Fang Wenxuan's face was filled with unwillingness, but Fang Lanxin's power was strong, so Fang Wenxuan did not dare say anything, and could only dejectedly follow behind.

Hua Ruge was ignored in public.

The reason was that she felt that he was lowering his status even when he bullied her!

Ever since she teleported to this world, she had always made others feel defeated, but this was the first time she suffered a loss and couldn't say anything!

This feeling... How f * cking depressing!

Hua Ruge took a few deep breaths and told himself to be calm, to be calm. Even if he used all his strength, he would still not be a match for this kind of person!

Fang Lanxin walked to the door and began to move his body.

Everyone naturally thought that she was giving way, including Fang Lanxin.

But in the next moment, Fang Lanxin stopped in his tracks, looking astonished as he was about to collide with Hua Ruge.

She actually blocked his path.

How much guts did she have?

"Woman, didn't your mother teach you to talk when you go out?" Hua Ruge crossed his arms across his chest. There was a trace of coldness in his lazy expression, but if one did not look carefully, they would think that she was smiling.

Fang Lanxin was slightly startled. Even though he was slightly unhappy, he merely frowned.

But right after, her eyes turned cold, as though she was staring at a sharp blade light sweeping across Hua Ruge's left hand.

At this moment, the fair middle finger was carrying a black Dragon Mark Ring.

Normally, it was very rare to see it under the sleeves, but right now, her arms were crossed before her chest, making it very obvious.

Hua Ruge had reacted when he saw her abnormal. Tuoba Yu had said that this woman liked Battle King, and he was wearing the ring that Battle King Tuoba Rui had given him.

Seeing Fang Lanxin's increasingly ugly face, Hua Ruge felt that he was suddenly lying on a spear, but he still didn't know how to explain it.

That he gave it to me and I didn't want it?

Said he was sticking with me but I hated him?

How do I know what he wants to do?

If that was the case, would Fang Lanxin just beat him to death?

It would be too unfair to die like this.

"How audacious of you." Fang Lanxin shouted angrily for the first time, "You dare to copy the Battle King's storage ring?"


Hua Ruge was a little confused, she thinks that this ring is fake?

"If you give me the ring today, I'll let you go." Fang Lanxin continued, his voice was filled with an unquestionable power.

Hua Ruge wanted to say that you think I want to wear it, but that God of Slaughter refused to let me take it off.

"I want to know what happens if you don't let me go." Hua Ruge maintained his previous posture, and from start to finish, he wore a smile on his face.

"You dare to provoke me?" Fang Lanxin's eyes flashed with killing intent.

"I believe everyone should be able to see clearly who provoked this matter today. Why?" Your Fang family wants to invert right and wrong for the sake of stealing things? "

Fang Lanxin had always been the focus of attention, and now that the argument between the two of them had attracted many people to watch, and she had said it in front of so many people, Fang Lanxin would definitely not dare to take action.

After a few exchanges, Hua Ruge already knew clearly that Fang Lanxin was definitely not an idiot like that.

Fang Lanxin's Qi was extremely strong, but he quickly regained his composure, and unexpectedly revealed a smile to Hua Ruge.

This beautiful smile caused quite a commotion. Those who were familiar with her, however, felt a chill run down their spines.

"Soon, you will be begging me."

Fang Lanxin left behind this sentence, as he walked past Hua Ruge.

A glint of ridicule flashed past Hua Ruge's eyes, she was truly a smart and could control herself.

But sometimes smart people are no harder to deal with than idiots.

She laughed, and said to Tuoba Yu as if there was nothing wrong with it: "Answer your previous question, I am determined to get this Gale Sword."

Tuoba Yu shook his head and did not answer, only whispering, "Why do you dare to provoke everyone?"

"You saw it. She pissed me off." Hua Ruge spread out his hands with an innocent look on his face.

Tuoba Yu patted her shoulder, and the two of them entered the door together.

Fang Lanxin, who was in front of him, had a face full of contempt.

Mao Jun said the moment he saw Hua Ruge, "Why are you so rash? How could you provoke someone like Fang Lanxin?"

"I think that's the only logical thing for him to say. Ru Ge, you shouldn't make her your enemy." Yan Zixing also said.

Tuoba Yu said in a low voice, "Now that things have come to this, let's not talk about it anymore. Let's think about it properly after the auction ends."

The two of them nodded in agreement.

Hua Ruge's face did not reveal any expression, but his gaze was a little cold.

She didn't know how difficult it was to mess with Fang Lanxin, but if he were to offend her, Hua Ruge would definitely end up in a miserable state.

The auction hall was very large, and could hold around five hundred people at the same time. The private rooms on the second and third floors were almost all open, and it could be seen that there were a lot of people here today.

Hua Ruge and the others were seated in the front seat, which was chosen by Tuoba Yu.

The auction started very quickly as a woman around twenty years old, dressed in a sexy miniskirt walked out from the stage. Mao Jun's gaze immediately straightened up.

Of course, there were a lot of men at the scene who looked like him.

Hua Ruge turned his head, pretending that he did not recognize this perverted egg.

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