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"My name is Xia Xia, I am honored to be the host of this auction." The woman said simply. After receiving enough response from the men, she said:

"Then let the auction begin. We will now take out the first item in this auction."

The red cloth was lifted, and a large Blood Mountain Ginseng appeared on the tray. To those who could not afford the pills, it was considered good, but Hua Ruge was not interested.

"The starting price of this Hundred Years Blood Mountain Ginseng is 2000 gold coins. Each increment must be at least 50 gold coins. If you want it, everyone, please raise your plates." The young girl said tenderly.

The men, whose blood was boiling, shouted their bids higher and higher, as if they were auctioning not mountain ginseng but beauties.

Following that, he also auctioned quite a few items.

With treasures of heaven and earth, weapons of cultivation, and low level pills, the scene had always been a hot one.

But Hua Ruge had observed before, the big figures at the front row did not do anything, they were probably waiting for her Bone Ablutionary Dan.

The more crazy you are, the happier I will be.

Hua Ruge cursed.

"The next item is a weapon called the Gale Sword. The sword hilt and sword body are in perfect harmony and are forged from fine iron. The most rare thing is that it has the support of an array formation which greatly increases the speed of the output of spiritual energy."

Xia Xia worked hard introducing them, but there were not many people who were interested in them.

Because today's main event was the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead, most of the people who came were nobles. With their wealth, they did not lack such a sword that was not that special.

"The starting price is one thousand gold coins. Each increment must be at least fifty gold coins. Let's start the auction."

As soon as Xia Xia finished speaking, Hua Ruge immediately raised up the plate and said loudly: "1000 gold coins."

"1050 points."

"One thousand and one."

"One thousand and two hundred."

As the crowd continued to bid, the price rose all the way up to one thousand five hundred.

At this time, Hua Ruge shouted again, "I bid 2000 gold coins."

The surrounding voices finally quietened down, many of them seeing Hua Ruge giving up on the rich and imposing way of life, and most of the reason being that this sword was barely worth 2000 gold coins, continuing to raise it would not be worth it.

"If no one bids, then it's mine." Hua Ruge's face was already filled with a pleased smile.

"2500 gold coins, I'll take it." It was actually Fang Lanxin who was in the front row.

She did not turn back, but Hua Ruge could feel her intense hostility.

"Three thousand, I must have it." Hua Ruge shouted as he refused to admit defeat.

"Four thousand." Fang Lanxin increased the bid without thinking.

Fang Wenxuan looked at her sister in puzzlement. She had said that she was here for the finale, why did she suddenly buy an inconspicuous sword.

"Five thousand." Hua Ruge.

Fang Lanxin laughed: "Six thousand."

Of course she didn't really want to buy it, it was just that since Hua Ruge insisted on buying it, she naturally couldn't let her get it too easily.

To put it bluntly, she was setting Hua Ruge up.

Hua Ruge smiled lightly and said casually: "Eight thousand, this young master has plenty of money."

"Ten thousand." Seeing that Hua Ruge still had confidence, Fang Lanxin continued to speak.

"Fifteen thousand." Hua Ruge sat there quietly, her voice had a hint of ridicule, as though a rich person was laughing at someone who was poor.

After being slightly startled, Fang Lanxin opened his mouth: "Twenty thousand."

Hua Ruge seemed to be shocked by the price. After pausing for a while, he stood up and berated angrily: "Your Fang Family has gone too far."

"This is an auction, what's wrong with competing fairly?" Fang Lanxin smiled faintly.

Hua Ruge's face reddened. After thinking for a long time, he still did not refute, so he could only flick his sleeves in anger: "Don't think this grandpa doesn't have any money!"

"I don't care, but if you don't increase the price, that's mine." Fang Lanxin looked at the Hua Ruge who was easily enraged, and disdained in his heart.

People in the city will never be able to get on the stage.

"Since you want it that much, I'll give it to you." Hua Ruge suddenly sat down, and his voice had a sense of joy.

Fang Lanxin's smile stiffened at the corner of his mouth. In her opinion, Hua Ruge did not know how to endure;

Furthermore, her aura was so powerful before, so why did it suddenly change?

"20,000 gold coins going once, twice, thrice, sold!"

Xia Xia smilingly hammered the hammer, she never thought that the sword would be ten times more valuable.

Fang Lanxin's face completely darkened. A thought lingered in her mind, she might have been tricked.

"Elder sister, what should we do?" Fang Wenxuan asked anxiously.

They had brought 80,000 gold coins with them today, not because of this Gale Sword. Now that they spent 20,000 on it, they only had 60,000 gold coins left, was it enough?

"Aren't you determined to win?" Fang Lanxin turned to look at Hua Ruge who was behind him, his eyes filled with killing intent.

This was the first time she had looked at Hua Ruge directly.

Hua Ruge liked this kind of flat view. She said lightly: "Now that I think about it, me, a Soul Master, what do I need a sword for?"


The atmosphere suddenly became eerily quiet.

They seemed to have overlooked a problem earlier, which was that Hua Ruge was a Soul Master and would definitely not buy a sword that could be used by warriors.

From the beginning to the end, the only reason she had put up such a determined face was because she only had a single goal in mind.

Very soon, everyone thought of this possibility. Immediately, everyone in the hall sucked in a breath of cold air.

How much guts did this brat have to think of Fang Lanxin, this proud daughter of heaven, as a monkey?

Fang Lanxin still could not figure it out. It turned out that the moment Hua Ruge had said the Gale Sword at the door, she had already been tricked and played by Hua Ruge.

Damn it.

"Kid, I won't let you off."

Fang Lanxin's face turned dark green, then green. He glared at her and turned away after saying that.

Not killing Hua Ruge was not enough to quell the grievances in her heart.

"I've already given it to you and you still won't forgive me. Truly unreasonable." Hua Ruge had a helpless expression.

Everyone looked at her with sympathy.

"I say brother, have you gone mad? You even dare to play with Fang Lanxin?" The lively Mao Jun expressed her views again for the first time.

"This is a little brainy, teasing is quite interesting." Hua Ruge leaned back in his seat, watching Fang Lanxin send people to catch the Gale Sword, the foul air in his heart suddenly dropped by half.

You actually dare to use that evil eye on me, you deserve your misfortune!

The people around her were all looking at her as if they were looking at a dead person.

This was the Fang Clan! But that was Fang Lanxin! She dared to brazenly offend him because her life was too long.

Hua Ruge, on the other hand, didn't notice it as she squinted her eyes and waited for something she really wanted to wait for. Furthermore, she believed that it was most likely Fang Lanxin who came for that thing as well.

The contest had just begun and it was too early to say who would win.

On the third floor, in a room that was enveloped in an enchantment, the Young Master Wu Hen looked at Hua Ruge with a faint smile.

At first sight, she was outspoken and cunning enough.

Goodbye, her boldness had impressed him.

Woman, how much of you do I not know?

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