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This unexpected episode was ignored after the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead was taken onto the stage.

Hua Ruge noticed that everyone's eyes lit up.

"Our auction house was lucky enough to auction off three high-grade Bone Ablutionary Dan Beads. We have appraised that the purity of this pill is at 9 points and its spirit is at 30%."

"This way, I will be able to cleanse my body even more thoroughly. This will have an eternal effect on cultivators." Xia Xia introduced.

Even without her words, the people below had already started to boil with excitement. One by one, they took out their signboards and waited for the pictures to appear.

"Don't say anymore, let's begin ?" Finally, an old man shouted.

This was the first time Xia Xia was interrupted. There was a moment of astonishment on her face, but she quickly smiled and said:

"Since everyone can't wait any longer, let's begin. We will auction three pills at a time, the first three people who bid will receive it, the starting price is 20,000 gold coins, and each increase must be no less than 1000 gold coins. Begin."

As Xia Xia's voice fell, the people below began to scramble to bid.

"Two for one."

"Twenty-two thousand."


"Twenty-five thousand!"

Hua Ruge looked at the jealous people, and once again felt the magical charm of the medicinal pellet.

Actually, it's not bad to think about it. In this world, only strength is respected. As long as one has the strength, even if they are slaves they can become nobles, and there's no need to talk about money and land.

The easiest way to increase one's strength was through elixirs. However, there were very few alchemists and it was even harder to find someone of such high quality. Thus, the fanaticism of these people was understandable.

Hua Ruge thought as he squinted his eyes, as if he was looking at gold coins instead of an auction stage.

"Brother Hua likes this type?" Mao Jun asked with an ambiguous face, as if he was Xia Xia on the auction stage raising his chin.

It was not his fault that he misunderstood, but Hua Ruge's gaze just now was too passionate.


"There are some curves in it, it's very interesting." Hua Ruge nodded her head as she evaluated her lies.

Mao Jun slapped his thigh, and said with similar feelings: "Brother Hua, you sure have good taste, what's so good about those Clear Broth Noodle Soup."

Hua Ruge felt that he had made a bad friend.

"Thirty thousand!" A middle-aged man beside Hua Ruge raised his badge and shouted.

The loud voice gave Hua Ruge a shock, sighing to himself that there were a lot of rich people here.

Everyone's eyes turned red as they continued raising the bid.

When someone shouted for thirty-five thousand, Hua Ruge could not help but laugh out loud.

"You've caused so much trouble, and you're not worried at all?" Tuoba Yu couldn't help but be curious.

"It's her you should be worried about." Hua Ruge said this without thinking. Her words were casual, but because of her self-confidence, it became very imposing.

Tuoba Yu was startled, but the more he thought, the more he felt that Hua Ruge was hiding his strength.

"Forty thousand."

"40,000 going once, 40,000 going twice, 40,000 going thrice! Deal!"

Xia Xia hammered the hammer.

Up to now, the highest prices have been 40,000, 39, and 38, respectively.

Hua Ruge was secretly speechless in his joy. These people only had a salary of around ten thousand gold coins a year, to think that they would actually take out so much money to buy medicine.

But to her, this was undoubtedly an extremely good news. She would no longer have to worry about losing money in the future.

The next item up for auction was the best of the best.

As Xia Xia spoke, he brought over a tray with a blue ring on it. When Hua Ruge saw it, his eyes narrowed.

That's it.

"This is an electric soul technique. It contains a rank 4 lightning technique. As long as you inject a bit of energy into it, it will immediately activate, resulting in instantaneous use of the soul technique."

After using it for three days, the thumb ring will automatically be filled with energy and can be used again. "

Xia Xia introduced.

Many of the people present shook their heads when they heard this, because the electric elements were the most violent, and there were very few who were close to it. This was also the reason why there were so few electric element Soul Master.

"Let's start the auction now. The starting price is thirty thousand gold coins, each increase must be at least one thousand gold coins. Begin." Xia Xia said.

"Three for one." Fang Lanxin's cold voice sounded out right after.

There were a few people in the crowd who wanted to buy, but after hearing the price, they gave up on looking at Fang Lanxin's bid.

No one spoke for a long time. From Hua Ruge's angle, he could already see the corner of her lips raised slightly.

"Thirty-five thousand." Hua Ruge's bland voice was very clear in the silent auction house.

Thus, everyone looked at her as if they were looking at a dead person.

This time, when everyone thought that Hua Ruge was a fire attribute Soul Master, the first thing they did was to raise the price for her.

To provoke Fang Lanxin again and again, is this brat crazy?

Fang Lanxin turned his head to look at her, it was the first time he saw her cold and sharp gaze.

"You dare to cause trouble?" Her voice dropped to a freezing point, indicating her anger at his departure.

"Since it's an auction, the highest bidder gets it. How can it be called causing trouble?" Hua Ruge's voice carried a faint smile.

Previously, she had sold the pills for less than 120 thousand gold coins, but now that the tax was deducted, she had 110 thousand gold coins. Now that she was rich, she was even more confident than before.

Fang Lanxin was furious in his heart, but because it was not a good place to speak, he could only raise the price: "Thirty-six thousand."

"Forty thousand."

Hua Ruge indifferently followed.

Fang Lanxin's chest clearly rose up and down, "42,000."

"Forty-five thousand." Hua Ruge's typical nouveau riche approach.

Although she looked like she was showing off, she was actually testing Fang Lanxin's endurance.


When Fang Ruxin called out her price, Hua Ruge could clearly see the corners of her mouth slightly twitching.

Seems like I can't take it anymore.

"Fifty thousand." She wasn't in a hurry to add more.

"Fifty-five thousand." Fang Lanxin added on after the bid, "I don't want it anymore."

She still thought that Hua Ruge was purposely raising the price, and not really going to buy it.

Hua Ruge smiled and continued: "Fifty six thousand."

Fang Lanxin turned his head to look at her again. "Are you sure you want to buy it?"

"I'm not as heartless as some people, clearly not buying yet still raising the price of others." Hua Ruge retorted with a smile.

Fang Lanxin's face darkened.

"Fifty-six thousand one!" Xia Xia who was in front started to bid.

"Sixty thousand." Fang Lanxin shouted quickly.

"Sixty thousand going once."

"Sixty-one thousand." Hua Ruge said indifferently.

Looking at the desperate expression on Fang Lanxin's face as she turned her head, it was obvious that this was her limit.

Sure enough, Fang Lanxin did not bid again.

"61,000 going once, 61,000 going once or twice, 61,000 going thrice."

After Xia Xia shouted, his hammers released a "dong" sound, and said: "Deal."

Fang Lanxin's face looked angry, although he did not say anything, his mouth was tightly sealed, he was truly angry.

The auction venue was a little cold, so everyone silently dispersed.

Hua Ruge walked towards the room he was in, but was stopped by Fang Lanxin.

"What is it? You want to steal it just because you can't beat them in the auction? " Hua Ruge looked at her with a bland smile, still not putting her in his eyes.

"Kid, do you know what happens when you go against me?" Fang Lanxin's face calmed down, and looked at Hua Ruge like he was looking at a dead man.

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