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Hua Ruge curled his lips: "You can't afford to play and you want to use private matters to get revenge? Didn't you say that you would lower yourself to deal with a small fry like me? "

Fang Lanxin's face became even uglier.

"Sis, I am this brat, and I hate him. You must teach him a lesson!" Fang Wenxuan added on.

Hua Ruge turned her head to look at him, "Don't be naive, what kind of place is this?

Fang Lanxin had been enraged ever since he bought the Gale Sword, but now that he was being provoked again and again, he could no longer tolerate it.

She pointed at Hua Ruge without thinking.

"Cough, cough ?"

A light cough that he could not control came from behind the few of them. Fang Lanxin did not feel any power, but the preparation for her soul technique had been interrupted.

She was extremely astonished. Just how strong was her mental perception?

Hua Ruge also turned to look.

Young Master Wu Hen was wearing a white robe today, and his eyes were half closed due to discomfort. His satin hair was casually scattered behind his head, giving off a kind of sickly elegance.

Fang Lanxin was absent-minded for a moment.

This man's elegance, perhaps only the Battle King could compare with him.

"Miss, Qing Yun Auction House cannot hurt others, this is the rule." Young Master Wu Hen looked at Fang Lanxin. His calm voice looked polite, but it was actually firm and forceful.

Only those rules that no one can break are called rules.

Fang Lanxin had never placed the people of the world in his eyes, but when facing the Young Master Wu Hen, he could not say anything.

The man was not very strong, but his instincts told her not to mess with him.

Moreover, there were branches in the entire continent with great power and influence. It was best not to make an enemy out of it.

"I was rude. Sorry." Fang Lanxin expressed his goodwill.

The Young Master Wu Hen's gaze fell on her body. Fang Lanxin felt that it was worth to be happy to be able to win the favor of such a man.

However, when his gaze swept past them, it actually landed on Hua Ruge's body.

"If you have nothing else to do in the afternoon, I can fulfill our agreement." His voice was light and clear, and there was a smile on his lips. Naturally, his casual gaze made it seem as if he was looking at an old friend.

Hua Ruge spread out his hands and said: "Unfortunately, I have an appointment."

A trace of confusion swept through Young Master Wu Hen's heart, he did not urge her to stay for the sake of drinking, but seeing Fang Lanxin's actions, he felt that it was safer to stay.

With her intelligence, it was impossible for her not to know.

Hua Ruge patted Mao Jun who was at the side, and then blinked his eyes at Young Master Wu Hen: "Leisure the brothels, shall we go together?"

Shock flashed across Young Master Wu Hen's face, but he did not miss the opportunity to look at her. The moment she spoke, he could clearly see the determination in her eyes.

He was shocked. This woman clearly knew that leaving this place was dangerous, so why did she do this?

"We'll leave if you don't come." As Hua Ruge spoke, he led the way and headed towards the trading center.

No matter what she had to face, she, Hua Ruge, did not have the habit of relying on others.

Other than the auction house, all the other people in the group had identities of their own, so Fang Lanxin did not make his move rashly.

Furthermore, they were on the streets, Hua Ruge had just fought with her and then died, so his reputation would not be good if word of this got out.

"Why didn't you stay just now?" After walking a distance, Tuoba Yu couldn't help but ask.

Hua Ruge blinked his eyes in confusion: "Didn't we agree to go for fun this afternoon?"

"You're so stupid, that place can guarantee your safety." Mao Jun said.

"The brothel is the place where the fish and dragons mix together the best, and where the news travels the fastest. If Fang Lanxin is still concerned about his own reputation, he wouldn't have made a move on it."

The one who spoke was Yan Zixing. It seemed as if it was difficult for him to say so much at once.

Tuoba Yu nodded: "That's reasonable."

But he knew in his heart that although this reason was reasonable, it wasn't as safe as his Qing Yun Auction House.

Mao Jun was enlightened: "Brother Hua is smart."

"I'm not thinking about that. Big brother has to find two pretty girls for me." Hua Ruge said with a look of longing on his face.

Mao Jun patted her shoulder: "Leave it to me."

Because it was currently afternoon, and not the best time to stroll in the brothels, Tuoba Yu decided to treat guests at a nearby restaurant.

It was after dusk, and the Swallow Spring Pavilion had long since lit up a big red lantern. The golden words on the green signboard shone brightly under the light, and a little girl was holding a handkerchief and pulling customers over to the entrance of the signboard.

Hua Ruge had seen this scene countless of times on television, but it was his first time approaching it.

Furthermore, it was different from the actors in the TV series. As the number one brothel in the capital, the girls here were all very pretty. Not only did they have beautiful faces, they also had voluptuous bodies.

But many people could only drool, the price of the girls in the Swallow Spring Pavilion was extremely high, and they were famous as a place for selling gold. Even if a normal person lived for a year, they might not be able to stay overnight here.

As they walked along, Mao Jun's face was filled with excitement, Tuoba Yu's smile was faint, and Hua Ruge's expression was one of utter surprise. This wasn't her pretense, but rather her first time in a place like this.

Only Yan Zixing was frowning, looking depressed as if someone owed him millions.

"I say you don't pretend to be serious, just look at how young Brother Hua is." Mao Jun embraced Yan Zixing's shoulders, and said heroically.

Yan Zixing's frown deepened: "I'm just worried that something might happen to him."

Hua Ruge was slightly startled when he heard this. No wonder Yan Zixing and Tuoba Yu had said that they couldn't come when they were going out in the morning and now that they had followed him, it turned out to be to protect him.

She felt her heart heat up as she gently smiled. She had remembered this favor.

A few of them walked over, and then a young lady walked over. Beside Hua Ruge was a pure beauty with a hot body, who looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years old.

"This young lord is truly handsome. Even I feel ashamed when I see him." The little girl said while holding Hua Ruge's arm and walking in.

While Hua Ruge praised the ancient woman's precocious puberty, he teased her, "As a man, what is there to look at?

As she said that, she reached out her hand to stroke the little girl's tender face, causing her to blush slightly. The more she looked at Hua Ruge, the more she found him beautiful.

Hua Ruge looked around once he entered the room. The first floor was a hall where people ate tea and drank at the viewing stand, while the second floor was filled with rooms. There was no need to explain further about what was being used for this.

"What kind of fun are you guys looking for?"

As soon as he entered, a near 50-year-old bawd came up to him, waving her handkerchief embroidered with a beautiful peony.

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