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Hua Ruge took the storage ring and left the forest, because if the Shangguan Family found out that the few people who had been ordered to kill her did not return, they would definitely send someone to look for her, she did not want to waste her energy to deal with them.

She originally wanted to stay in the city for a period of time to recuperate from the malnutrition around her. She wanted to train a bit more and wait for her strength to increase before leaving.

However, who knew that the money she had on her was too little. The storage ring she obtained from the cold faced beauty had a barrier around it.

Thus, after staying for only three days, she had already run out of money. She squatted down by the roadside and looked at the passersby, thinking about how she could earn money.

Right at that moment, a luxurious carriage passed in front of her. There were more than fifty guards at the front and back of the carriage. The line was very large, and everyone on the street avoided the carriage.

The gossip about the aunt who bought vegetables beside her reached her ears.

"Worthy of being called a noble. This young miss of the Zhou family has an imposing manner when she goes out."

"Of course, and I heard that not only is this Miss Zhou beautiful but her cultivation talent is also high. I wonder who will have the luck to marry her back home."

"Grandma Zhang, you still don't know. Today, Miss Zhou is going to the Shangguan Palace to make an engagement."

"Yo, who did I give it to?"

"Of course it's the number one genius of Ye City, the sixth son of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Chuyun. Who else would be worthy of the Zhou family's young miss?"

As the lackey who buy vegetables walked further and further away, the corner of Hua Ruge's mouth hooked up into a disdainful sneer.

Green Tea Bitch with unfaithful lover, isn't this a match made in heaven?

Thinking back to the time when the Shangguan Family only wanted to cling onto her, and brought her back, she impatiently coaxed the original owner and Shangguan Chuyun to make an engagement.

Zhou Yunyun was extremely jealous, but in terms of family status, her Zhou family was just a small place like a viscount position, while the Hua family was the number one duke of the Great Zheng Empire. In terms of talent, she was left far behind, by Hua Ruge, and in terms of appearance, she was even worse.

If not for the fact that Hua Ruge had been hatching a Devouring Beast without knowing about it, being treated as a cripple that could not cultivate, and having an extremely low self-esteem due to that, even if Zhou Yunyun worked hard for ten more lifetimes, the Shangguan family would not have abandoned Hua Ruge's desire for her.

With these reasons, the jealous Zhou Yunyun not only bullied Hua Ruge, but he also bribed the servants of the Shangguan Family. Not only did he bully her everywhere, even the food he sent to her every time was rancid.

Four years later, it was basically impossible for Hua Ruge to recover from this, and she cruelly scratched Hua Ruge's face, making a huge cross on one side.

Due to the extremely corrosive poison on the dagger, it caused the wound to fester badly.

Hua Ruge was timid, and thus did not dare say that she was the one who did it. The Shangguan Family did not pursue the matter of treatment either, and in the end, caused the scar to twist and turn, making him look extremely sinister.

From then on, Hua Ruge felt even more inferior to her, she was completely abandoned, and spent the darkest four years of her life.

This Shangguan Chuyun, on the other hand, was even more so of the highest quality.

Right now, Hua Ruge who was fifteen years old had already passed the best time for cultivation and since there was no hope of recovery, he silently allowed his little sister to make her move.

This level of scheming, this level of shrewdness, it was simply ?

Shameless to the extreme!

Now she even wanted to marry someone else before the marriage even ended. Did he really think she was dead?

Although she wanted to get as far away from those men as possible, how could she let them live peacefully!

She angrily stood up, patted her bottom and followed Zhou Yunyun's carriage.

However, when she arrived at the Shangguan household, she didn't walk through the main entrance, but instead climbed over the wall and entered her own courtyard.

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