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Hua Ruge flipped his right hand, took out a bag of 50 gold and threw it over. The bawd's hand was so shocked that it turned numb, and when it saw the storage ring on Hua Ruge's hand, its eyes opened wide.

Even though the people who came in and out of this place were all either rich or powerful, the people who paid such a large price were few in number. Furthermore, the identity of the person who possessed the storage ring was definitely outstanding.

"Brothers, you want to go upstairs to the private room to drink and pick the best girl to serve you. If you serve her well, you'll get plenty of benefits." Hua Ruge said magnanimously.

She felt that now that she had a chance to concoct pills, she wouldn't lack money in the future and wouldn't feel bad spending all her money.

When the surrounding girls heard this, they couldn't help but look over. They thought to themselves that if they could serve such an elegant and generous young man, they would be taking great advantage of him.

"Alright, this way please. I'll call the ladies for you right now. I guarantee that you'll satisfy the lords." The old procuress said with a face full of smiles.

With that, an eunuch came over to lead them up the stairs. The girls around them were chased out by the bawd to continue soliciting customers. It was obvious that they were not skilled enough.

"The Brother Hua is magnanimous. It's more fun to play like this." Seeing Hua Ruge's actions, Mao Jun could not help but clap and cheer.

He was born in a Wu family, so he was especially impressed with this kind of person.

"When life is filled with joy, it must be spent." Hua Ruge recited a poem while shaking his head. In order not to appear sour, he even changed the following sentence.

Yan Zixing frowned: "One sentence is great, the next is nonsense."

Hua Ruge pulled his sleeve and said:

Brother Yan doesn't need to be so serious, there is no lack of good poems, but there aren't many happy days, if I think about it blindly, you will listen to it foolishly, and laugh it off.

Yan Zixing frowned even more, as if he was digesting Hua Ruge's words.

"Brother Hua's words are interesting." Tuoba Yu laughed softly. His temperament was warm and gentle, even when he came to this brothel he did not lose a single bit of poise.

Hua Ruge sighed to himself. It was one thing to be born of a good family, but to have such a good temperament, there was no justice in the world.

When he mentioned these definitions, Hua Ruge first thought of a certain cruel and ruthless man. He really was a demon.

When he reached the second floor, it was much more peaceful. In the middle of the private room was an open space. Aside from the door, there were several tables placed on the other three sides, allowing one to sit on the floor.

Tuoba Yu pulled Hua Ruge and sat at the front, while Mao Jun and Yan Zixing sat at both sides.

"Guests, have some wine. Young lady will be here shortly." The turtle man bowed and said.

After he went down, the group chatted and drank. Soon, the door opened and a line of cuckoo birds filed in, waiting for their pick.

When Hua Ruge saw this group of girls, his eyes brightened. The average age of these girls was around seventeen or eighteen years old.

The rarest of them were all fair-skinned and beautiful with long legs. They were much more beautiful than the female celebrities in his previous life who had all sorts of different appearances.

"This is a lady with the best Swallow Spring Pavilion, her personality is first-rate. Guests, please choose." The old procuress stepped forward to greet him.

Mao Jun was not modest, he extended his hand and pointed to one with the best figure. The woman made a bow after hearing what he said, then gracefully walked over to Mao Jun's side.

Tuoba Yu casually pointed to a pure one.

Yan Zixing still frowned, he was not used to this kind of atmosphere, so he naturally didn't call her young lady.

Hua Ruge was afraid that he would be found out, his eyes swept across them and found a girl who did not seem to be very active, she was very young, about fifteen or sixteen years old.

The rest of the girls went out, and the bawd said:

"The few masters are lucky today, our Courtesan Belle Hong Xiu was not feeling well previously and rejected the guests. She will be fine when you all come, we will immediately come to cheer you all up."

Mao Jun's eyes lit up: "Hong Xiu is the number one of the Swallow Spring Pavilion, it is said that not only is this lady extremely beautiful, her zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting are all of high quality. What's rare is that she acts like jade, so up until now, no one has been able to catch her eyes."

"Interesting." Hua Ruge raised the corner of his mouth.

She was wearing a white dress, but this calm did not hinder her beauty in the slightest. She had a perfect oval face and all her facial features were perfect. Her pair of peach blossom eyes pushed the charm to its peak.

Her white bare feet on the red wool carpet, she approached slowly, her expression natural, neither coquettish nor shy.

No matter how he looked at it, this natural and graceful lady did not seem to belong to a woman.

Hong Xiu cupped his hands and bowed: "Young masters, what tune do you want to hear?"

Her voice was gentle and gentle, making people itch in their hearts when they heard it.

Mao Jun felt his throat becoming dry, and he was unable to say anything for a moment.

"Play what you're good at." Hua Ruge said indifferently.

"Yes." Hong Xiu bowed again.

Hua Ruge held onto his wine cup, looking at her with interest, the little girl beside him carefully fed her the grapes.

Hong Xiu sat in the chair brought over by the servant and placed her hands on the zither strings. With a light stroke, a beautiful sound floated out.

Amongst the few of them, even Yan Zixing was not frowning anymore.

Hua Ruge nodded his head, feeling that this rich person's life was just too comfortable.

But she was not comfortable for long before she heard voices coming from outside.

"I'd like to see who dares to steal my woman!"

"Young master, aren't you going to ruin our reputation? I beg of you, come back tomorrow." The old procuress was begging with all her might, and the sound was getting closer and closer.

"You old bastard, laozi said that Hong Xiu could only accompany me alone, you dare to let her accompany others? Laozi has yet to settle the score with you." The man cursed.

Following that, the sound of a person falling to the ground was heard from outside, followed by the wailing of the bawd. It was obvious that the bawd knew what had happened.

When Hong Xiu heard the voice, his face immediately turned pale white, and looked at Hua Ruge, begging for mercy.

Hua Ruge squinted his eyes and fell into deep thought.

However, Tuoba Yu tugged her sleeve and said: "She's just a woman, don't cause trouble anymore."

He was a man of character, and it was never easy for him to fight, not to mention that it was not worth it to fight for a woman.

Hua Ruge did not even have the chance to say anything before he was kicked away.

"Whoever dares to snatch my woman, stand out for me!" An extremely arrogant shout.

However, Hua Ruge unexpectedly found out that it was a familiar person.

She slowly got up and said, "Young Master Fang, what a coincidence."

The person who kicked the door was also stunned, it was Fang Wenxuan whom he had just met in the morning.

"You brat, you made me lose face in front of Miss Bing'er last time, and now you dare to steal my woman, are you done living?" Fang Wenxuan was the first to scold.

"Your sister said the same thing this morning, but didn't I also sit here properly?" Hua Ruge smiled as he looked at him: "What can you do to me?"

Fang Wenxuan was actually stumped by her question, he had always relied on his status to run rampant, he had never met anyone who did not take his identity seriously, and now that he was provoked, he really did not know what to do.

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