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All these years, the Shangguan Family had always been showing good will to Hua Ruge, but they did not want to take any benefits from it. After weighing the pros and cons, they gave her a lot of treasures, such as famous people's calligraphy and paintings.

It was not hard to guess their plan, it was nothing more than this precious stuff that they could use as collateral, and even if Hua Ruge were to leave in the future, they would not take it with them, the Shangguan Family would not even suffer a loss.

However, they could not calculate that this body had already changed into another soul.

Not taking them away?

Acting like a gentleman?

What kind of joke was this?

In Hua Ruge's dictionary, a gentleman and his grandson were equal, anyone who liked to pretend would do.

"Laozi is a hooligan, bite me if you can't accept it."

Hua Ruge hummed as he kept all the treasures in his spatial ring. He was planning to exchange these things for Spirit Crystals so that the Devouring Beast could eat them so that his cultivation could advance once again.

"Little bitch, you're not dead?" A surprised and panicked voice sounded at the door.

Hua Ruge turned his head and saw a forty year old woman standing there. She was the Li Mama who had always' taken care 'of her.

Bring her food every day that even dogs don't eat.

He treated bullying and humiliating her as a normal entertainment.

He was also Zhou Yunyun's accomplice, and the scar on her face had her contribution as well.

"If not as you wish, then still alive." Hua Ruge replied with a smile.

Li Mama usually bullied her, but without seeing her change, he walked in and asked: "Where's the things in the room, did you steal it?"

"This book is mine, how can you say it's stolen?"

"You trashy little bitch. You even dare to talk back? Do you believe that I won't beat you to death?" Li Mama was already used to being arrogant, upon hearing that Hua Ruge was no longer meek, he immediately became angry.

"Of course I do. If I provoke the Li Mama, I won't live a good life." Hua Ruge replied.

Li Mama nodded as he enjoyed it, but he quickly felt that Hua Ruge's expression and tone were completely different from before.

"But if you provoke me, it will be fatal." Hua Ruge was still smiling.

The Li Mama felt that it was getting weirder and weirder, but at this time, Hua Ruge had already grabbed her shoulders with both of his hands, pressing her down so hard that she had bent over and raised her knees to prop her stomach.

Li Mama's old face instantly flushed red. He bent down, feeling so pained that he was about to vomit.

Hua Ruge pulled away her bun, grabbed her hair and knocked on the solid wooden table without saying a word.




Hua Ruge's hands were merciless as he knocked on the table, causing the tea cups on the table to fall and scatter.

Li Mama began to struggle and after a few knocks, he was completely stunned.

Hua Ruge threw her down onto the ground with disgust. Looking at her whose head was covered in blood and whose eyes had no focus, he smiled brilliantly, "I have finally angered you now, how are you going to take revenge on me?"

Her smile was brilliant, but the scars on her face were too ferocious. Her smile was especially terrifying.

Li Mama looked at her, scared witless. "You ? You are not Hua Ruge, you are a ghost ? "It's a ghost ?"

"You're right, I'm a ghost here to take your lives ?" Hua Ruge spoke sinisterly next to her ear.


Li Mama screamed in shock and quickly ran out of the room as if he was in a living hell.

"Hey, I lied to you." Hua Ruge smiled as he looked at her back.

How could the Li Mama still hear him?

"I'm much more ruthless than a ghost."

Hua Ruge said as he slowly walked out of the room.

Li Mama rolled to the front hall. At that moment, it was full of guests.

She shouted at the top of her lungs, "Oh no, Hua Ruge is back! She's turned into a ghost to take her life ?"

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