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Red silk cloth was hung on a plaque in the hall, and in the hall sat a table of guests. In the middle sat the elders of the Shangguan and Zhou families, and below stood Shangguan Chuyun and Zhou Yunyun who were holding hands, both of them had blissful smiles on their faces.

What a good 'lover's concubine' intention.

Hearing Li Mama's shout, both of their expressions changed. Shangguan Jin'er walked over and berated Li Mama: "What are you saying, why are you shouting so much? You didn't see the day of celebration today, hurry and get off the stage."

Li Mama knew that this Third Miss had always been ruthless, and after being shocked by her, she no longer dared to make a sound.

"Jin'er is right, today is a day of great celebration. Saying ghosts are too unlucky." A faint and beautiful voice sounded out, as if a pearl had fallen onto a jade plate, causing people to be captivated.

However, when they heard this voice, the faces of the people from the Shangguan family stiffened. Looking over, they saw a person slowly walking over. On his face was a smile that could not be seen clearly.

"Hua Ruge, you're not dead?" Shangguan Jin'er's eyes widened in surprise.

She had sent so many people, she should be more than enough to kill a cripple. How could she still be alive?

"Indeed, a few days ago, I was plotted against by the evil people. But the King of Hell said that I was wronged and let me come back to take my revenge." she said matter-of-factly. Paired with her face, it made people's hair stand on end.

Shangguan Jin'er started, but quickly regained her senses and gave a cold humph.

"Stop pretending here. Who doesn't know what you are doing here? My brother will not marry a trash like you. If you know what's good for you, quickly scram."

"I thought you were a Miss of the Hua family. Why didn't you take a piss? Look at your current crippled and ugly appearance. Not to mention marrying Sixth Brother, even the beggars on the street hate you."

"Haha, wishful thinking toad."

The Shangguan sisters all stood up and mocked her. Each of them spoke with more vigor than the other, treating this sarcastic ridicule as entertainment.

Hua Ruge was not angry, he walked into the hall and laughed in front of everyone:

At that time, I was also the witness of these people, and now that the marriage contract has not been cancelled, then Shangguan Chuyun's fiancee can only be me.

At that time, the Shangguan Family was afraid that Hua Ruge would deny it once he recovered his talent, so not only did they invite people to bear witness to it, they even wrote down the marriage contract.

The most important thing in the Great Zheng Dynasty was the spirit of the contract, so unless both agreed to cancel the engagement or one of them died, the marriage would remain permanent.

The method he used to protect himself had now become a slap on the face of the Shangguan Family.

Shangguan Chuyun's face was ashen, while his face was similarly filled with hatred. The two families' parents were so angry that their beards trembled.

The Shangguan sisters were at a loss for words, not knowing how to argue.

Shangguan Jin'er was extremely angry, and could only stomp her feet in anger as she scolded: "Shameless!"

"Sister Jin'er is the smartest." Hua Ruge turned his head towards Shangguan Chuyun and Zhou Yunyun and said, "You sure are shameless."

Shangguan Jin'er was stunned, and just as she was about to retort, Shangguan Xiong glared at her fiercely, scolding her for causing trouble.

Shangguan Jin'er glared angrily at Hua Ruge.

Since when was this woman no longer weak and cowardly? To think that she had such a glib tongue. How infuriating.

"Hua Ruge, no matter how much you mess with me today, I won't marry you. The person I love is Yunyun, I must marry her." Shangguan Chuyun said with a frown on his face.

He knew that Hua Ruge always listened to him the most.

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