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"Why didn't you say so earlier? If you want, I can help you." Hua Ruge was really sensible.

Shangguan Chuyun half believed him, "Really?"

Zhou Yunyun also looked at her weirdly, not understanding what happened to her today.

"Of course it's true. If you want to marry her without my consent, then it's not fair. Why don't I help you with your personal feelings?"

Hua Ruge turned to Zhou Yunyun and said, "How about this, I agree that you can marry into my family. Start from being a concubine and serve me properly when the time comes. If I am happy, I might be able to make you an equal wife."

"Hua Ruge!" Zhou Yunyun clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth.

Since she was young, who in the city hadn't wanted to let her off the hook? Since when had she ever been humiliated like this, not to mention that she was even humiliated by Hua Ruge, the cripple that she once stepped on.

If not for so many people present, she would have definitely killed her in one move!

"Hua Ruge, if you dare to humiliate Yunyun, I'll divorce you today." Shangguan Chuyun looked at his beautiful woman being wronged. He felt his heart ache, and anger rose from his heart.

"You haven't even married me yet, so how can you leave me alone?" Hua Ruge was not angry, instead, he was laughing, and the gaze in his eyes was full of provocation.

Shangguan Chuyun sneered: "Today, I will write a letter to cancel the engagement in front of so many people, and we will cancel the engagement!"

"That's fine." Hua Ruge finally let go of her lips.

Shangguan Chuyun's face was filled with joy, and the gaze in which he looked at Zhou Yunyun with was filled with adoration.

Zhou Yunyun held his hand tightly, thinking that blissful times were about to come, his heart was about to turn sweet.

"But I disagree."

Hua Ruge said indifferently, her heavenly like voice was like a bucket of cold water, splashing onto the two people who were immersed in love.

Shangguan Chuyun and Zhou Yunyun's smiling faces froze, after that they stared angrily at Hua Ruge.

"What do you want?" Shangguan Chuyun felt that he was about to be driven out of his mind.

If the one sitting was not someone with status in Ye City, he would have strangled Hua Ruge to death right now. That way, the marriage contract would have been broken.

Shangguan Jin'er felt such hatred in her heart. Why didn't she send so many men to kill her?

"What do your strange questions have to do with me?" Hua Ruge frowned: "Right now, the one who has betrayed his trust and done wrong is you. Instead of admitting your wrongs, why are you blaming me instead?"

Zhou Yunyun hatefully glared at her. If looks could kill, Hua Ruge would have died countless times over already.

"All the elders of the various families are here. You all can give your comments, what crime is it for Shangguan Chuyun to ignore the spirit of the contract?" Hua Ruge said to the old people who were sitting down.

These old fellows all thought that Hua Ruge was overestimating himself, but they couldn't say it like that on the surface. Thus, they all expressed that what Hua Ruge said was reasonable, that Shangguan Chuyun wanted to apologize and marry Hua Ruge.

Shangguan Chuyun and Zhou Yunyun's faces instantly turned the color of pig liver.

"I told you, don't glare at me. Be careful, I might not even make you a concubine." Hua Ruge looked at Zhou Yunyun with a smile.

"Hua Ruge, I'll kill you!" Zhou Yunyun flew into a rage from embarrassment, fiercely struggling free from Shangguan Chuyun. With a tap of his feet, that finger turned into a claw, aiming straight for Hua Ruge's heart.

If he let her hit him hard enough, with her strength as a Level 6 Warrior, Hua Ruge's heart would definitely be pulled out from her chest.

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