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Hua Ruge never thought that she would be able to suddenly make a move, but her reaction was extremely fast. When no one expected Zhou Yunyun to attack a cripple with a sneak attack, she had already moved, avoiding the fatal move.

Zhou Yunyun did not expect her to be able to dodge it. In a second, he was already running very far away from her.

"A dignified aristocratic young lady wants to take a person's life if she disagrees. Aren't you afraid that you'll never get married off by being so merciless?" Seeing that she still had intentions to make a move, Hua Ruge first provoked her.

Her words were reasonable, even if she didn't marry Shangguan Chuyun, all the powerful people in the city who deserved to be her family were here. If this name of hers got out, who would dare to marry her?

Zhou Yunyun could clearly see that after Hua Ruge finished speaking, the elders from some large families had already revealed displeasure on their faces.

But right now, she didn't care about anything else. She only wanted to kill Hua Ruge and make her shut her hateful mouth forever!

"Yunyun, don't be like this." At this critical moment, Shangguan Chuyun walked forward and pulled her back.

Zhou Yunyun's chest was moving up and down intensely from anger, he glared at Hua Ruge with bloodshot eyes, like a mad beast, as though if Shangguan Chuyun did not pull her, she would pounce on him and tear him into pieces.

Hua Ruge took two steps forward and whistled: "You're the one who's angered, it was you who stole my man. I wonder if you still think I'm bullying you."

Zhou Yunyun pulled her tighter as he furiously said: "Hua Ruge, you just want me to marry you right? I can promise you that, but don't regret marrying you."

Seeing his fierce gaze, the surrounding people felt that it was worth watching again. If Hua Ruge married into the group, there was a possibility that he would be mistreated and abused in some way by Shangguan Chuyun.

After he finished speaking, he turned to Zhou Yunyun and said, "Don't worry, Yunyun, even if I marry her, the one I'll love will always be you.

To publicly declare that he wanted to abuse his wife, this kind of man was really shameless.

When Zhou Yunyun heard this, his heart felt a little better. He looked at Hua Ruge and said: "Did you hear that? Chu Yun doesn't love you at all.

Hua Ruge pursed his lips when he heard this, thinking that this trash of a man would only be a treasure to himself, to the point that even the old lady would despise him if he were to carry shoes for me.

"Is that really what you think? If I were to marry her, wouldn't you, a dignified noble lady, want to be my concubine? " Hua Ruge raised his eyebrows.

's eyes soared with anger again. Marrying Shangguan Chuyun as a wife could already be considered as marrying her, but now that she had to be a concubine, she was extremely unwilling.

But if she gave up, she would never be able to find a genius like Shangguan Chuyun who was willing to marry her again.

"How about this, I'll give you a chance. As long as you agree to one condition, I can give this trash to you." Hua Ruge saw that the fire was over and threw out the hook he prepared.

When Shangguan Chuyun heard Hua Ruge calmly say that he was going to be let out, his eyebrows knitted together. Didn't this woman love him?

Zhou Yunyun's eyes lit up. "What condition?"

Hua Ruge extended a finger that was snow-white like jade and smiled: "One gold coin."

"You only want one gold coin?" Zhou Yunyun asked in disbelief.

"I also want to have more, but that's all he's worth." Hua Ruge calculated as if something had happened:

Pork is sold in the market for 20 copper coins per catty, 150 catty of pork is 3000 copper coins, that's 3 gold coins. His 150 catty is not edible but it's not pretty.

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