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Puff ?

Laughter came out from the hall. It seemed like Shangguan Chuyun was worth a lot in Hua Ruge's eyes, and not even worth a piece of pork?

Even now, no one could tell that the reason why she had been playing around for so long was because she couldn't bear to part with Shangguan Chuyun and was making fun of the two of them.

Shangguan Chuyun's face changed, he became even uglier, and the way he looked at Hua Ruge seemed to be able to spew out fire: "Hua Ruge, are you messing with me?"

Hua Ruge had always been a magnanimous person, hence she nodded honestly and replied: "If not, look at your appearance. You don't have a figure or body, your character is so bad, other than those who are blind, who would like you."

"It's hard for you to be so narcissistic as to want to marry me. I truly throw up just thinking about it."

Shangguan Chuyun's face flushed red, and he almost spat out blood. He was extremely talented, and had been praised to a whole new level since young, but he had never received such a humiliation, not to mention that he did it in front of so many people.

If this matter were to be spread out, how could he ever be able to hold his head up in the city?

"The blind one, if you want this man, then just give me the money. Don't hesitate and don't bargain. I will only give you this one chance, otherwise, I will have the position of legal wife even if I don't marry." Hua Ruge said as he extended his hand out towards Zhou Yunyun.

As long as this gold coin was in her hands, Shangguan Chuyun would not be able to raise his head again in the future.

Zhou Yunyun wanted to think about it more, but after hesitating for a moment, she had already retracted her hand. Without thinking too much, she took out a gold coin and placed it in Hua Ruge's hands.

Looking at the gold in his palm, Hua Ruge smiled.

Shangguan Chuyun held onto his chest to prevent the blood from coming out, and said angrily: "Hua Ruge, you have gone too far."

"This is called bullying?" Hua Ruge's face turned cold, he stared at him and said word by word, "Have you forgotten how you bullied me all these years?"

Shangguan Chuyun was silent for a moment, then suddenly started to reminisce the days where Hua Ruge had chased after him everyday. At that time, Shangguan Chuyun had felt that she was annoyed, but now, she realised that such a day seemed to be very far away.

"Hua Ruge, you insulted my Shangguan Family, I want to challenge you for the sake of my family's dignity!" Shangguan Jin'er took a step forward in anger.

Zheng was established by martial will. Any disputes could be resolved by duel, as long as both sides agreed, then they would be safe and sound after going to the Dueling Platform.

Hua Ruge glanced at her and said with disdain: "The dignity of the clan is something that this kind of person lost. How can you have the face to challenge me, who can't cultivate, to me?"

"You're too sharp with your words, don't you dare to duel with me?" Shangguan Jin'er was still considered smart, she finally understood that with Hua Ruge's current abilities, it would be impossible for him to win a war of words, so she could only use force and not argue.

"Wrong!" Hua Ruge raised his brows and looked at her: "I accept."

Hiss ~

The hall was filled with gasps, they did not understand why Hua Ruge, who seemed to be extremely intelligent, would suddenly be so stupid.

She was the body of a genius with crippled spiritual roots. Everyone knew that, fighting a Level 6 Warrior like Shangguan Jin'er was simply suicidal!

"You Shangguan family want to humiliate yourselves, how can I not help you?"

At this moment, there were two people standing on top of a nearby roof. One of them said, "Master, do you want me to make a move?"

The person being questioned did not say a word, his deep gaze was on Hua Ruge's face, quietly watching.

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