Enchanting Killer Princess/C1 Let's see who can overpower who
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Enchanting Killer Princess/C1 Let's see who can overpower who
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C1 Let's see who can overpower who

In the pitch-black room, one could not even see his fingers in front of him. One could only vaguely see a pair of burning hot eyes emitting a faint glow in the dark night. It was a bit scary.

"Who are you?" Looking at those sharp eyes, a wave of fear rose up from the bottom of 001's heart, but her pride would not allow her to lower her head and prop up her hot body. Although her consciousness was still a bit blurry, she still vigilantly asked with a voice that was almost as cold as ice.

However, the other party didn't answer her, and all that entered her ears was the sound of heavy breathing and heavy footsteps.

Hungry Wolf …

Suddenly, the name of that ferocious and brutal beast appeared on her forehead, making her feel a bit scared. Although she had met many of these things in her training before, but she felt that her body was not suitable to fight against them. Even if she fought, her chances of survival were very low.

"Bastard, don't come over. Come over again." She bellowed, trying to scare the beast away with her slightly weak voice, but she was wrong.

"Dammit, woman, get the hell out of my way!" It was an extremely repressed voice, and it seemed to be suppressing an extremely great pain. From this extremely magnetic voice, one could clearly tell that the other party was a mature man.

Get lost? Wasn't he approaching her now? What right did he have to tell her to scram? Ridiculous.

"Bastard, I think the one who should get lost is you!" 001 sneered, but after laughing coldly his expression became even colder, because that person did not stop his steps. She could clearly see the approach of those bright eyes, as well as that unique sense of oppression.

She had started to put up a defensive stance, ready to hit anyone who might attack at any moment, but why was her clenched fists so weak that even her legs were soft and injured? No matter how severe the injury was, it wouldn't make her so weak. Poisoned? Sweat Medicine? A small amount of the medicine can really make you faint but your body is weak... Damn it, who was it that could poison her like that? What did he want to do with her again?

Looking at the flashing in front of him, 001 actually thought of withdrawing for the first time.

"What are you doing?" Don't come near me! " 001 snarled hoarsely, but the man did not stop. He continued to move closer to her, and she was forced to take a few steps back.

"What do I want? Hmph, a single man and a single woman, what else do you think I can do? If you don't leave, I really am going to do something to you! " The voice was filled with magnetism as it growled. It sounded extremely alluring.

A lone man and a single woman … Could it be that he wanted to!?

"Hmph, you're shameless!" Instinctively he put his hands to his chest and was surprised to find himself now naked.

Heavens, who had stripped her of her clothes?

"Shameless? Isn't that what you want? " The other party actually sneered coldly. That voice was filled with disdain and mockery. Listening to her, 001's heart was exceptionally harsh. His rhetorical question told her that she was the 'shameless person'.

"Nonsense!" When did she want it? 001 was disgusted by the other party's slander, but why did the bottom of her heart feel a little itchy? He even felt pain all over his body? It felt like … It was as the man had said … Could it be …

"Damn it!" She was not unfamiliar with these things. What else could it be that made people feel this way? Wasn't it the legendary aphrodisiac?

"Woman, scram! If you don't scram now, it will be too late!" The curse was getting stronger and stronger, and the other party's breathing was getting heavier and heavier. That kind of extreme pressure was actually as deep as if it was going to burst out in the next moment.

"I, I …" "Damn it, where is the door?" Judging from the other party's heavy breathing and the current situation, it seemed like he had been drugged even more heavily than she had.

"Door? Damn it, how would I know? The other party also cursed loudly, "Hurry up and look for him, idiot!" he roared, in a superior tone.

"I, idiot, don't order me, I'm not someone you can order!" Ever since the day of her betrayal, she had sworn that she would never listen to anyone's orders again, and now this strange man, who was also trapped in a trap, was actually trying to order her around. There was no way he could.

Damn it …" "Bang …" "Ahh!" "Then, he heard a furious curse, followed by the sound of something hitting the wall, followed by a painful scream. It seemed that someone had hit his forehead.

"Why are there walls everywhere?" He groped around and found them locked in a small room with walls on all sides. Doors? Why is there no door?

"I know!" The voice was still heavy but discouraged.

"You're still asking me to look for him even when I know you're here!" 001 was a little angry.

"I thought you knew that wasn't your plan?" It was still an incomparably contemptuous and contemptuous voice.

"I'm not that bored!" Heavens, why was there such a misunderstanding? From the other party's tone, it seemed that he knew her, but she had no impression of this voice. Other than the men in the organization, everyone else that she knew or knew were already dead.

She absolutely didn't know this man.

"Hmph, is that so?" It was another voice of disbelief.

"I …" Was there a need to explain? 001 wondered why she wanted to explain so much now. Hadn't she always disdained to explain at all? She wanted to explain that she had been misunderstood for such a small matter, but 001 felt that his actions were laughable.

"Stay away from me!" Knowing that it was impossible to leave the house now, 001 tried to calm himself as much as possible at the thought that it must be a trap designed by someone else, hoping that he would be able to safely resist the drug's effects.

However, her body was getting hotter and hotter, and her consciousness was gradually dispersing from the tenacious struggle, making her feel flustered.

After leaving the organization, she had set two paths for herself: one would die, and the other would lead a normal life. The situation was still uncertain, so she could not fall into the enemy's trap, even if she disdained such a despicable trap.

"Same here!" The other party's breathing was getting more and more terrifying. Even the sound of his voice could not help but gasp for breath.

"Hold on!" snapped 001, trying to get the other to concentrate, trying to do the same. Immediately, the entire room fell into a state of silence akin to the eve of a storm. The faint sound of increasingly anxious breathing could be heard in the air, growing heavier and heavier.

At this moment, no one dared to make a sound, because the two of them were forcefully suppressing their emotions and using their remaining awareness to fight against the medicinal effects. Time slowly passed, but the depressing atmosphere did not ease up. Instead, it became more and more depressing.

She bit down on her teeth and felt the blood in her mouth. She knew that her lips had been bitten through, that her nails had sunk into the flesh of her palms, that she wanted to fight the pain with the medicine, but gradually she felt the strength of the medicine, the weakness of her own consciousness.

Just when she was about to lose her patience, her legs were grabbed tightly, and her body was dragged. Her entire body fell into a pool of heat, and was pressed down by a seven foot long solid chest.

"Ah, what are you doing!" She resisted, but her hands quickly fell into a pair of big, hot hands. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't break free of the pair of pince-sized hands.

"Bastard, get off me!" His free feet began to resist, but soon he was under her again. No matter how hard she tried to kick him, she still couldn't make him relax.

In the darkness, she felt the heat of her body come into contact with the heat of her body. It mysteriously became cool, and the body that was still dressed pressed against her naked body. Why did a feeling of wanting to get closer arise in his heart? Her hands began to get restless as she grabbed onto the other's clothes. The other seemed to be quite satisfied with her restless hands, which let go of her hands just like that, allowing her to tear off his clothes.

In the air, two coarse sounds of breathing and the sound of tearing clothes mixed together, causing the entire dark night to become even more ambiguous.

"Bastard, where are you going!" When she felt the hot hands move from her cheeks to her chest, a sudden shudder pulled her back to her last remaining consciousness, and as she cursed, her mouth was immediately shut, a tongue as flexible as a snake's breaking through her tightly clenched teeth, lifting the tip of her tongue and leading her into a game.

Under the other party's forceful teasing, the originally resistant tongue unexpectedly had a kind of crazy response, clamoring as it seized the initiative.

Heavens, what was she doing? She was actually responding strongly to him … Ignoring the remaining shyness in her heart, her two small hands started to respond, randomly stroking her firm and well-proportioned chest. Unexpectedly, this action was exchanged for a more intense caress from the other side, and she put in more effort as well.

No longer satisfied with being pressed down like this, 001 started to resist. Stretching out her right foot, she actually quickly suppressed the other party under her body. She was very satisfied with her current posture, and comfortably muttered under her breath, once again using her lips and hands to create an even deeper mark on the other party's body.

However, after a while, the other party didn't seem to be satisfied with her current attitude either, so she moved her feet, preparing to flip over and crush her. Realizing this, she didn't show any weakness and tried her best to maintain her current haughty posture while furiously biting at it.

The night was spreading, and the two bodies were intertwining with each other with all their might. It was not clear who would be the winner of the fight, but they could only feel that their bodies were getting more and more exhausted. After an unknown period of time, the dark and gloomy stone house gradually quietened down, and only the steady sound of breathing could be heard.

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