Endless Love After One Night Stand/C1 I'll Give It to You on the First Night after Drinking
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Endless Love After One Night Stand/C1 I'll Give It to You on the First Night after Drinking
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C1 I'll Give It to You on the First Night after Drinking

There's a celebration going on in a high-class bar in Shanghai, a place where socialites and young ladies often visit.

A girl sat at the bar counter, wearing a black dress with her back dug out. Two black suspenders were crossed on her delicate and delicate back. The V-collar black dress wrapped around her delicate and lovely body. Her body trembled and revealed her small breasts. Her slender and fair long legs were pulled on the high chair, and her slightly sexy face was pure and delicate. Her plump mouth was slightly tasting red wine. What a delicate and sexy person.

"Ye Muning, quickly come over and help brother drink." The man sitting at the luxurious round table called her elegantly.

"Brother, you're here." Ye Muning dragged her wine glass and responded to the man in a soft voice.

Ye Muning decided to give herself up tonight for the sake of the neighbor's brother, Tian Yulin. Ye Muning finished the rest of the wine in one gulp and touched her slightly hot little face. She elegantly walked towards the man she had loved for a long time.

Tian Yulin's father and Ye Muning's father were friends and lived in the same villa area. Father Tian and Father Ye had fought the world together before, and now Father Tian and Mother Tian had retired and often stayed abroad. They had fun and had a comfortable life.

Ye Feng treated Tian Yulin as his own son. When Father Tian was not around, everything would be decided by Ye Feng.

"Sit beside me." Tian Yulin pulled Ye Muning over and sat beside him. This was the first time Ye Muning sat beside Tian Yulin on such an ambiguous night. Ye Muning's heart was surging. Tian Yulin's side was really beautiful, with a tall nose bridge. His eyes were clean and contained meaning. His mouth was curved like a crescent moon. Ye Muning really wanted to immediately kiss his slightly raised mouth.

Let me introduce everyone. This is my neighbor's younger sister, Ye Muning. Tian Yulin held Ye Muning's hand and confidently introduced her to everyone.

Ye Muning coquettishly poured a large glass of red wine into the red wine cup. Everyone gave me face to celebrate. I, Ye Muning, will drink first.

After a few glasses of red wine, Ye Muning became bold. She used her arm to hook Tian Yulin's neck and shyly asked, "Tian Yulin, do you think I am pretty?"

"In my heart, you have always been the most beautiful." Tian Yulin hugged Ye Muning's small waist and said confidently to the friends present.

Ye Muning, who was slightly drunk, took the opportunity to fall into Tian Yulin's arms and tightly pressed against his sexy and powerful chest. Her face began to rub against Tian Yulin's chest restlessly.

"Tian Yulin, I like you, I like you so much..." Borrowing the alcohol, Ye Muning leaned closer to Tian Yulin's ear and teased him.

"Hello!" Ye Muning raised her wine glass and looked at him. Her drunk face teased him with a charming smile. Her two smooth long legs crossed in the air.

Tian Yulin took a deep drink with her. He looked down at her as if he wanted to see through her clothes and hit her naked body.

This kind of look made Ye Muning feel very shy. However, she enjoyed this man who had been in love with her for a long time. He was handsome, cold, and aggressive. She could not wait to give herself to him.

The alcohol dispersed, and Ye Muning's whole body went limp in Tian Yulin's arms. She kept rubbing her chest, which she had known him for a long time.

Walking out of the bathroom, the light in the corridor was dim, and a tall and mighty man stood in the corner.

Ye Muning walked forward to hug him and said coquettishly, "Brother, so you are here. Let's go dance."

The man picked Ye Muning up. Where is this place? The lights are so dark! Ye Muning asked the man who was holding her in a daze and coquettishly.

The man stared straight at Ye Muning's full chest, making Ye Muning feel that looking straight at him like this was very scary.

Suddenly, Ye Muning was thrown onto a large bed. Finally, it was the day, the Tian Yulin that I deeply love.

She did not have time to think about it. The black shadow pressed down and roughly tore off Ye Muning's sexy skirt. This was the first time Ye Muning experienced a man's strong body. She kissed the man's neck with desire. His rough movements made the man even more impulsive towards him. Ye Muning could clearly feel the firm and firm thing on the man's body. It was so strong. It was pressed against her delicate breasts.

Ye Muning's undergarments were untied and the man's hands caressed her breasts with great force. From top to bottom, from left to right, he was toying with her soft breasts.

Ah, Ye Muning began to involuntarily force her breasts. Her entire body went limp and she really wanted to break through the barrier immediately.

The man's hand reached towards her underpants. He gently pressed on her delicate and plump buttocks, from the inside of her thighs to the soles of her feet.

Ah, Tian Yulin, quick, I want... Ye Muning could not stand it and said to the man.

Suddenly, Ye Muning's legs were opened and the man went straight into her body. The swelling pain made Ye Muning feel like she was suffocating. But she finally gave herself to Tian Yulin for the first time. The pain and pleasure made her feel that she was the happiest woman in the world.

The man violently wanted him. Ye Muning kept panting, as if she was going to eat Ye Muning.

That night, the man wanted her to repeat herself a few times. Ye Muning was exhausted and fell asleep.

The headache was about to split open and Ye Muning struggled to open her eyes. She turned her head to look at the right bed and found that the man who had sex with her last night was already gone.

Ye Muning's naked body curled up on the bed and there was a red mark on the bed sheet. The morning sun shone on her porcelain skin and her long legs crossed and were moving.

"Ye Muning, come back to my home in an hour!" His father, Ye Feng, shouted sternly on the other side of the phone.

Ye Muning then realized that she was still in the hotel. Damn the man. His skirt was roughly torn. What should she do? Ye Muning looked at the torn skirt and muttered.

Ye Muning had an idea. She put on her underwear and put on a bathrobe. She wore the sunglasses that she always carried with her. Just say that I'm smart and go back to the car to change clothes. Ye Muning walked in a circle and walked out of the room. When she walked into the garage, Ye Muning saw a tall and muscular man's back that looked like Tian Yulin's.

Sigh, that, Ye Muning waved her hand and looked at her bathrobe. Forget it, she would not call him that after wearing it like this.

Sneaking back to the room, Ye Muning took off all her clothes and soaked herself in the bathtub. The water slowly flowed towards her delicate body, and her fair skin emitted the unique light of a woman. She discovered that there was a small bruise on her chest, and Ye Muning smiled shyly.

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