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C4 Pregnant

A few months later, Ye Muning's child was born. The handsome boy had big eyes and his hair was slightly curly.

Ye Muning looked at her sleeping son beside her and was filled with joy. But when she thought of Tian Yulin, Ye Muning's eyes became moist again.

Not long after, Ye Muning brought her son, Ye Luoke, out of the hospital.

Ever since he left the country, Ye Feng began to stop providing for Ye Muning. With an additional person's expenses in life, the pressure on Ye Muning's shoulders became greater and greater. Luoke had to buy two cans of milk powder every month. Paper diapers and children's clothes were a large expense.

Early in the morning, Ye Muning woke up to prepare milk powder for Ye Luoke and change into diapers. When she sent it to the landlord's grandma's house, she found out that her grandma went out to do some work today. It was almost time for class, so Ye Muning had no choice but to bring him to school.

Ye Muning used a small cart to push Ye Luoke. His little palm was pink and cute. As they walked to the campus, the pedestrians on the way pointed and pointed at this Asian face. Having a child at such a young age, how open-minded...

Ye Muning was so shy that she did not dare to raise her head. She trembled as she pushed Ye Luoke into the classroom.

Once Ye Luoke entered the classroom, he cried loudly and could not stop no matter what.

"Student, please take your child out. He can't affect our class." The professor on the podium looked at Ye Muning seriously.

"Professor, I'm sorry. No one took care of him today, so he must be brought here." Ye Muning lowered her head.

"Go out. If you want to take him, don't stay in the classroom." The teacher waved her hand and invited Ye Muning out.

Ye Muning pushed Ye Luoke out of the classroom. This child stopped crying the moment he came out.

Ye Muning listened to the entire morning's lesson outside the window. Her legs were almost numb from standing. From time to time, teachers and classmates of three to three would walk by the corridor. All kinds of mocking voices attacked Ye Muning.

Ye Muning swore in her heart that Luoke, her mother would definitely work hard and protect you well. She could not let others look down on her.

Other than attending classes, Ye Muning also had to go to the bar to work at night. The kind-hearted landlady had been helping to take care of Ye Luoke.

At 23PM, New York's bar street lights made love. There was a bar called "OLDSAN GHAI." The boss's father was from Shanghai, so he liked Shanghai very much. There were a lot of people from China who came here to visit. Ye Muning was singing here, and the old folks also liked to hear Ye Muning's old Shanghai accent.

Ye Muning was wearing a black qipao and her curly hair was half tied up. The accompaniment of Night Fragrance sounded and Ye Muning felt extremely sad.

That Nanfeng blew a cool breeze over.

That Nightingale's cry. Singing softly.

The flowers under the moon were dreaming.

Only the fragrance of that night!

Spitting out the fragrance!

I love this dark night.

And I love the Nightingale!

I love that flower-like dream even more.

Hugging the fragrance of the night.

Kissing Ye Laixiang!

Ye Lai, I sing for you.

Night, Fragrance, I think for you!


I sing for you...

I'll think for you!

After the song, Ye Muning's tears fell. The person she was thinking about was far in China, far away from her and her child.

Just as Ye Muning was about to sing the next song, a burly man with a face full of alcohol suddenly ran over and grabbed Ye Muning's shoulder.

"Miss, I really like you. Come home with me. You can drive however much you want."

The other customers in the bar started to jeer and shout as they followed him home.

"I'm sorry, this woman is my wife. No one can take her away." Suddenly, a man jumped out and hugged Ye Muning.

The man in front of him had beautiful black hair, and his mixed blood eyes were deep and spirited.

Ye Muning looked like she saw a life-saving straw as she tightly grabbed onto the corner of his shirt. This was the first time she was protected by someone like this since she went abroad. She was extremely grateful in her heart.

"Be careful in the future. This time, I can save you. It won't be so good next time."

Before Ye Muning could say thank you, that man turned around and walked away elegantly.

When they returned home, Ye Muning hugged the sleeping Ye Luoke and whispered something to him. Baby, mom was saved today. That person was like a hero. If that person was your dad, it would be good...

This strengthened Ye Muning's fighting spirit. Under the light,

Ye Muning only slept for five hours a day as if she had gone crazy, reading books, and doing her best for her exams. She used all her time to work hard. Ye Muning only returned home every night. The kind-hearted landlord would coax Ye Luoke to sleep after he was done. Seeing Ye Luoke grow up day by day and call her mother, Ye Muning was very happy. All of this hard work was worth it.

After Ye Muning's continuous hard work, she had completed all her credits in two years and obtained a business management degree and a financial analysis degree.

Ye Luoke was already two years old. In order to give him a better environment. Ye Muning decided to work at the securities firm. After an interview, she successfully entered a multinational securities company in New York as a market analyst.

Relying on the salary of the securities company and the salary of the bar, Ye Muning raised Ye Luoke by herself. Ye Luoke was getting bigger and bigger. His head was round and round, his eyes were as black as coal balls, and he was very likeable.

In the blink of an eye, five years had passed. Ye Luoke was already more than four years old. He could speak a lot of words and Mandarin. Ye Muning's mother raised the child very well.

After work, Ye Muning went to the kindergarten to pick up Ye Luoke. When the yard door opened, a large group of children rushed out of the school door. Like a little prince and little princess, they jumped into the embrace of their parents.

Ye Muning wore an elegant windbreaker, stepped on a small high heels, and held Ye Luoke's hand. Ye Luoke jumped around Ye Muning's side.

"Mommy, where did dad go? Why does my dad come to pick up all the children in the kindergarten? I never did."

"Didn't Mommy tell Luoke? My dad works in a place far, far away. My dad is awesome. He can cook delicious dishes and sing nice songs. My dad is very handsome!"

"When will daddy come to see Luoke?" Luoke tilted his head and asked Ye Muning.

"Dad needs to earn a lot of money before he comes to us and let us live a good life." Ye Muning looked at Luoke's innocent face and said.

"Dad is great. Luoke has such a great dad. He is so happy."

Seeing Luoke happily talking about his father, Ye Muning also let go of her worries. The Ye Luoke in front of her was the treasure in her heart. As long as she was happy, what could she do even if she told a lie?

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