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C6 Life Forced Me

"Mom, can I eat?" Luoke started to drool as he stared at the delicious food on the plate. Even the Tang restaurants in New York did not have the local taste.

"Be good, Luoke. Wait for Auntie Mo first. We'll wait for her to come and eat later, alright?" Ye Muning gently stroked her son's hair and said gently.

"Haha, I finally see you guys. Ah, dear, I missed you so much." At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out from not too far away. It was a warm and familiar voice. This person quickly rushed to Ye Muning's side and intimately hugged her. The burning longing could not help but be expressed in words.

At the beginning, Ye Muning was still a little horny, but when she finally saw it clearly... This sexy and enchanting girl in front of her was 70% similar to the girl from five years ago. She could not help but become excited. She even hugged Mo Xiaoru excitedly and did not let go for a long time.

At this time, Luoke impatiently said, "Did your adults forget about my existence?"

At this time, Ye Muning and Mo Xiaoru hurriedly separated and looked at Luoke with a smile. Little Luoke saw that the two of them finally placed their attention on him. He could not help but stick out his chest and proudly said, "Hello Auntie Mo. My name is Ye Luoke. Seeing that you are very pretty, I will allow you to call me Luoke in the future."

Looking at this mischievous kid, the two of them finally smiled again. Mo Xiaoru answered very seriously and seriously, "Hello, Luoke, but please call me Sister Mo in the future. Otherwise, Sister will get angry."

Ye Muning, who was beside her, could not help but roll her eyes at her. Why was this girl still like this?

At the dining table, Mo Xiaoru had already opened her mouth and asked," Muning, what do you plan to do in the future? "

"I want to find a place to live first and then find a job. After all, right now, the two of us have to live together." At this point, Ye Muning looked at her precious son dotingly. Furthermore... She put some vegetables into her son's bowl and said as if to replenish it. " Son, it's all I have now. "

Mo Xiaoru looked at Luoke who had a tiger head and a tiger head. Her eyes were a little sad as she asked, " Then, what about them?"

Ye Muning naturally knew what Xiaoru meant when she said "they." Because Luoke was right beside her, it was not convenient for her to say it directly. She only said," When it is time to meet, we should meet. But now is not the time."

"But, it will be very hard for you to do this. You can clearly find that bastard and tell him about what happened back then..." Speaking up to this point, Ye Muning timely stopped Mo Xiaoru's quick mouth. " You should help me find a place to stay first. The requirements aren't high. As long as it's cheap and clean. "

Mo Xiaoru nodded and did not say anything else. Back then, Ye Muning lived a life like a princess, from top to bottom. From inside to outside, they were all branded goods. Even many limited edition goods could be easily obtained. However, after five years, Ye Muning completely changed her appearance. Sigh, it was really the world making fools of people.

After eating and drinking, from Mo Xiaoru's friends, Ye Muning easily obtained a small and economical upper echelon. Although it looks like this place is relatively simple, the surrounding environment can be considered to be barely passable. The most important thing was that it was cheap.

"How is it?" Mo Xiaoru's friend stood at the door and continued to promote, like a salesperson of a building, describing every aspect of the house.

Ye Muning pulled her son and Mo Xiaoru, and after they finished touring every room, they finally stood in the middle of the living room. That whatever friend asked nervously, "How is it?"

Ye Muning and her son looked at each other and finally the corner of their mouths curled up, "I want it."

When he heard the name 'friend', his face immediately revealed an excited smile. Just as he was about to continue using his indecipherable tongue to ask Mo Xiaoru out for a meal, He was unceremoniously kicked out by Mo Xiaoru.

After that, The remaining three people in the room had already started to go all out and completely changed the appearance of the entire room...

The three of them wore slippers and neatly started to clean the room. Ye Luoke, this little troublemaker, took out everything and watched with great interest.

"The small alarm clock is here. The coffee that Mommy likes to drink is at the foot of the table, and Mommy's favorite high heels..." Luoke skipped around and busied himself.

"Mommy, why aren't we going to see grandpa?" Ye Luoke held Ye Muning and Ye Feng's photo and naively asked Ye Muning.

"Luoke, be good. Wait for mom to settle everything here and then go to see grandpa. You don't want to go empty handed and not bring a gift for grandpa, do you?"

"Then when are we going to find dad? I dreamed that dad played football with me yesterday, but I couldn't see what dad looked like."

"What's so good about your dad? He doesn't look like a man at all." Mo Xiaoru said quickly.

"Your father is not a man," Ye Luoke looked at Mo Xiaoru angrily.

"Mo Xiaoru, don't talk nonsense. Luoke, be good. Auntie Xiaoru is teasing you."

"Yes, I am teasing Luoke. Auntie will take you to eat Haagen-Dazs." Mo Xiaoru stuck out her tongue and continued to pack her things.

After coaxing Ye Luoke to sleep, Ye Muning and Mo Xiaoru found a bar. Currently, she was knowledgeable and capable. She wore a long orange suit. White skin-tight pants, black pointy black high heels. A black suitcase was hanging on her shoulder. Her elegant bearing highlighted her delicate and clean face.

When they arrived at the bar, Mo Xiaoru took off her red leather jacket. The floral strip dress was sexy and elegant.

"Mo Xiaoru, you don't need to be so cool." Ye Muning teased.

"Ye Muning, you have to maintain your beauty at all times. You might meet love at the corner."

Ye Muning ordered a cup of cappuccino. The thick foam melted the coffee.

Please come out and drink coffee. Mo Xiaoru helped Ye Muning change the coffee into red wine.

Ye Muning and Mo Xiaoru were originally beautiful, plus one was intellectual and the other was beautiful. Sitting at the bar attracted the attention of many people.

The bar's ambiguous lights started to flow everywhere. From time to time, there would be gazes directed towards Ye Muning.

Ye Muning began to search for prey that he was interested in. On the opposite side, there was a 1.8 meters tall Amate suit. There was a small Hu Tap on it. "Ye Muning, he is very interested in my hairstyle. I will go and meet him. You can slowly find your prey!"

Ye Muning smiled helplessly. Mo Xiaoru, who had not seen him for a few years, seemed to have gotten used to coming out to find passion. No wonder she dressed up so beautifully every day, charming and sexy...

Ye Muning sat alone at the bar and drank. The bar quietened down. Suddenly, she really wanted to sing a song.

Ye Muning walked to the stage and held the microphone. Tonight's night was very beautiful and sad. An old song, If The Clouds knows, was given to everyone.

The music slowly flowed. Ye Muning sat on a high chair and quietly sang. The light shone on her thin face, beautiful and sad...

She was really a little tired and did not have much strength left.

There were too many memories and she held her breath.

I don't have a place to give you a heart that loves you...

If I can find you by climbing walls and climbing roofs!

Love's grievances need not be clarified!

As long as you hold me tight.

If Yun knew...

The night that I miss you...

Every time she misses you, every time she cries out for you...

I just feel like my life is burning...

If the clouds knew...

He wouldn't be able to escape the entanglement!

Every time he felt pain in his heart, every time he woke up from crying...

You won't know if your heart is begging you.

Mo Xiaoru looked at Ye Muning singing below the stage and tears welled up in her eyes. How on earth did she get over these past few years? Just as Mo Xiaoru was feeling infinitely sad, the music stopped...

This was a bar. Don't sing such an artistic song. Let's have the most passionate and HigH music... A tall man holding a microphone stood beside Ye Muning and passionately said to everyone.

Ye Muning looked at this man who still looked like a person and could not help but feel disgusted.

The bored man, Ye Muning threw the microphone away and sat back at the bar counter.

It had been a few years since she returned to the country. It was really a ghost. Ye Muning came out of the bathroom. The sound of men and women talking came from the side door of the corridor. When she took a look, she found that it was the annoying man who stole the song again. They were touching the corner of the wall to their heart's content, while the female was wriggling under her body in a trance-like manner...

It was this detestable man again. Ye Muning softly scolded him. The man seemed to have heard something and turned his head to look. Ye Muning noticed the man's gaze and stuck out her tongue to avoid it in a hurry.

After leaving the bar, Ye Muning slowly walked home alone. The lights on the beach were gorgeous and beautiful. A supercar passed by him and stopped.

A tall figure walked out under the night sky. The deep outline was very beautiful and it felt as if it was familiar. Ye Muning walked closer to see why it was this boring man again.

"Next time we go back to the bar, don't wear so much. It's wrapped like a dumpling!" The man's lips curled up as he smiled.

After saying that, the man got back into the car and drove off.

Ye Muning hated this man who only had looks and no brains...

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