Endless Love After One Night Stand/C8 After Becoming the Ceo's Assistant
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Endless Love After One Night Stand/C8 After Becoming the Ceo's Assistant
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C8 After Becoming the Ceo's Assistant

After opening the door this time, Ye Muning's mood instantly calmed down. Her calm demeanor and her dignified and beautiful appearance quickly won the recognition of the judges present.

"Ye Muning, please introduce yourself." A white interviewer used not very fluent Mandarin to ask Ye Muning.

Ye Muning took a deep breath and began to explain herself in fluent English, "Menamus Munyy, IamGranaduryvyvry. Imbusynessadarmismenestrystrystrystal. ihadasandenonononanarialthisilisi. Ibelieweitenisanathianathion Coronca Coronation. Iambushenathion Coronca Coronca Coronation. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Muning even felt like she was in a dream. She kept asking herself, "Can I really succeed this time? Can I really succeed in the interview?" It could not be helped. The previous blows had long been in Ye Muning's heart. She had a strong doubt about herself. At this moment, her heart was also filled with endless questions.

She hoped that she would succeed this time, look forward to the results, and also be afraid of the results.

Conflicts and intense nervousness were quickly approaching. It completely covered her body. She was so nervous that even sweat started to seep out of her palms. She stared at the judges in front of her, hoping that they would say something. He wanted to get some information that would benefit him.

Soon, the interviewer stood up and applauded, "It's done! It's done!"

The interview was successful. Ye Muning successfully entered the Universe International and became the assistant of the Universe's president.

When she heard the news, she was really happy, like a rock that had been suspended in the air for a long time, finally feeling at ease as it landed on the ground.

After this day, Ye Muning even pulled her son and Mo Xiaoru along. She once again rushed into the Haste Hotel and fiercely ate a meal. This meal, Ye Muning felt that it was after she returned to the country. It was the most delicious meal she had ever had. When the matter of work was resolved, it meant that a large portion of her worries were solved. Everything was solved. The problem of eating had been resolved, and even the matter of his son going to school had been resolved. It was also solved.

On the first day of work, Ye Muning woke up early in the morning. She carefully picked out a light yellow dress. It was paired with a coffee colored medium-sleeve western suit and nude mist-faced high heels. It made her legs fair and sexy. She looked into the mirror a few times and then put on some light makeup. She felt very satisfied.

"Mommy is so beautiful today." Ye Luoke carried his schoolbag and pulled Ye Muning's skirt as he said with a smile.

"My baby son is the most beautiful. Mommy will send you to work at the new company after sending you to kindergarten. Of course, you have to dress more beautifully!" Ye Muning could not help but have a faint smile on her face. After that, she held her precious son's hand. She walked out of the room. Actually, there was one more thing she didn't say. The rogue man she met in the CEO's office... Who exactly was he? This time, when she worked at the company, would she meet him...

Although he is in the CEO's office, it does not prove that... He was the CEO of Universe. He wasn't as young as the CEO. Ye Muning was trying to cheer herself up in her heart. She got on the bus at the same time. On the way to the Universe company.

Soon, Ye Muning walked into the building of the Universe International. Her elegant steps were accompanied by a sweet and intellectual smile. Along the way, the men in the company treated this elegant woman. They all looked at her with appreciation. She had always been quiet about all of this. There was a faint smile on her face, and she didn't show any other signs of being too excessive.

"Ye Muning, your desk is next door to the CEO's office. In the afternoon, when the company is having a meeting, you will be able to see the CEO. Prepare these materials first. " As soon as she entered, there was already the secretary whom she had met before. She came forward and handed a stack of documents to Ye Muning.

"Oh right, Ye Muning is new, right? Help me make this phone record." At this time, even the other colleagues had already started to beg Ye Muning for help.

"Help me pour some coffee and help me organize the meeting record."


Ye Muning looked at her hands that were suddenly stuffed and felt helpless. She hugged a large pile of reports and documents and sat in front of her desk. She began a new day of work. She didn't know why, but since she came here today, She didn't see the president. She quietly opened the door to the CEO's room and saw an empty room.

Seeing that the sofa from yesterday was still there, Ye Muning thought, She could not help but think of the scene she saw yesterday. That man's strong and healthy body, the faint sweat on his back, and his face that was as cold as ice. They both left a deep impression on Ye Muning.

She shook her head with all her strength and finally abandoned all these messy things. Only then did she finally return to her position and start a new day of work.

Ye Muning's appearance was sweet and kind, and her eyes revealed a weak aura. It was probably because everyone saw that she was well-behaved and easy to bully, so they gave her a lot of things to do on her behalf. But it was not like this to bully newbies, right? No matter what kind of messy matter it was. It was all in Ye Muning's hands.

Regarding this, Ye Muning could only bury her head and work hard.

In the afternoon's routine meeting, after Ye Muning distributed the information to all the directors, Quietly and anxiously waiting for the CEO to appear. Her heart was filled with endless struggles and nervousness. Hopefully the result of his guess was not correct. Hopefully, the person he bumped into earlier was not the president. Ye Muning kept praying. 3: 80. The door of the conference room was finally opened. It was actually that bastard who had messed around in the CEO's office earlier.

Ye Muning's eyes were wide open as she looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief. Her heart seemed to have already reached her throat at this moment. Although she was extremely unwilling to believe it, this scene made her feel ashamed. It still appeared...

"Hello, CEO!" All the directors of the round table stood up.

Ah, he was indeed the CEO of Universe International, Ou Yaolin. Ye Muning began to get nervous. What should I do? I have seen him do such an embarrassing thing. Will he deliberately target me? If he fired me, how am I going to raise my son? Ye Muning, be careful. Don't be too curious in the future. Ye Muning silently muttered in her heart.

"Hello everyone. In today's meeting, we are mainly researching the progress of Sheng Tian's project." The CEO's gaze was only temporary on Ye Muning's face. After a slight pause, he did not pay attention to Ye Muning's frightened gaze. As if he did not know her, they had a serious meeting.

Ye Muning's mood only calmed down after a long time.

Finally, the meeting was over. Ye Muning sat on the office desk and let out a sigh of relief.

The days of being on tenterhooks had come. Ye Muning acted like a person with her tail between her legs every day. No matter what she did, Ye Muning would always try to keep a low profile and make herself very careful.

It had been almost half a month since she came to the Universe, and Ye Muning's worries had finally disappeared. The CEO of Universe International was a big pervert, and Ye Muning only had to deal with the company's matters. And have to deal with a bunch of dirty CEO women on the phone and dates. Every day, different women came to his office to look for him. Ye Muning hated this superior to the extreme. Every day after work, she would habitually scold him once before she felt happy in her heart.

"Don't disturb me today. I don't want to see anyone." Director Ou finished his sentence and walked past Ye Muning.

The CEO seemed to be in a bad mood today. Ye Muning thought," Yes." She stuck out her tongue and answered faintly.

Not long after, a man wearing a low-cut shirt revealed his career line. A woman wearing a 10-centimeter high heels, with a strong perfume smell, walked past Ye Muning. She only left behind a few words, "I am looking for your CEO." When she said this, she actually rushed straight into the CEO's office.

When she saw this scene, Ye Muning hurriedly went forward to stop and said, "Sorry, our CEO is not here today. You can come and find her another day."

This bewitching woman in front of her looked up and down at Ye Muning arrogantly. When she saw that she was delicate and pretty, she loudly shouted at her, "Look at your appearance. You must be thinking of seducing Director Ou. I'm telling you that it's impossible. " After the woman finished flirting with him, she turned her butt and prepared to rush into the office.

"Miss, you really can't go in. Our president isn't here today." Ye Muning forcefully stopped that bewitching woman.

"You lousy assistant. You think you can seduce Director Ou? Watch how I deal with you." Just as she finished speaking, the woman raised her palm that was covered in red nail polish and gave Ye Muning a fierce slap.

In an instant, Ye Muning had already felt the buzzing sound that came from beside her ear. Furthermore, that half of her face was now burning with pain. She covered her red hot face and felt extremely wronged. She had never been hit by anyone since she was young, yet you actually dared to hit me... Just as Ye Muning wanted to retaliate.

"Get lost." At this moment, Ou Yaolin suddenly rushed out and shouted at the woman.

The beautiful woman seemed to be frightened and walked to Ou Yaolin's side. She said timidly, "I'm sorry, Director Ou. It's all your fault. Your assistant is not sensible at all. Just now, she..." The flirtatious woman wanted to push all the responsibility to Ye Muning, but she heard Ou Yaolin's impatient roar.

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