Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C1 Emotions That Were Cheated(1)
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Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C1 Emotions That Were Cheated(1)
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C1 Emotions That Were Cheated(1)

On an extra-large Simmons bed, the man was so handsome, His facial features were clearly carved, and his angular face was exceptionally handsome. He had a head full of black and dense hair. A pair of slender peach blossom eyes suddenly opened under the brow of a pair of swords. They were filled with amorous feelings. If one was not careful, one would fall into it. The tall nose, the moderate thickness of the red lips, at this time, had a dazzling mutter. Beads of sparkling sweat dripped down from his fair forehead along with his flushed cheeks due to his anxiety. However, it added another kind of charm.

"Zhernan, Zhernan, no, don't. . . " Yee Yan instantly woke up. Beads of sweat that were as big as beans flowed down from his forehead. They slid across his sharp chin and dripped onto the bedding. Immediately, a circle of marks appeared, remembering the helplessness and hesitation of the owner of the blanket.

Yee Yan looked at the decorations around him before he remembered where he was. He let out a breath of air with his red lips and used his slender hands to lift up the blanket. His long and fair legs were faintly visible under the nightgown. He stood up and went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. He used the cool water to splash it on his face. Only then did he feel a trace of exhaustion and a sense of hesitation leave him.

He looked up and saw an unfamiliar face in the mirror. The originally male and female face, coupled with a pair of peach blossom eyes, had more charm. Even he had rarely seen such a beauty. He stared at her for a few minutes. After controlling his expression, he turned around and left.

However, Yee Yan couldn't fall asleep. Something that he hadn't thought of for a long time suddenly appeared in his dreams. The memory that was buried in the corner was instantly unearthed. At this moment, Yee Yan's mind was filled with everything. It was like a volcano that was going to explode everything.

Yee Yan couldn't remember how many times this was. A few hundred worlds or a few thousand worlds. After experiencing so much, he still couldn't forget the person in his heart and the sadness at that time. Like a broken vase, he put it back into the furnace and rebuilt it. He was not willing to give up, he was unwilling, and he was not willing to admit defeat.

In Yee Yan's memories, the only thing he remembered was to find a person in these three thousand worlds. His name was Su Zhinan, and he was his lover. The rest of the memories slowly faded away in each world. That man carved his name into Yee Yan's soul. So he couldn't erase it, he couldn't forget it, he couldn't lose it.

At that time, when Yee Yan's soul was about to be destroyed, In a trance, there was a figure like a Heavenly God. Even the radiance of the sun and moon couldn't compare to him at all. Yee Yan was especially familiar with him. An inexplicable sense of familiarity hit him. Before he could open his misty peach blossom eyes to look at him, a gentle force placed him in a mysterious place. The aura of early summer drifted in all directions. Gentle and peaceful.

When Yee Yan opened his peach blossom eyes, what entered his eyes was a stretch of snow white, as if the land was covered by winter snow. However, it was only a 50-square-meter wide room. On a wall, there was a huge broken mirror that was set up. It was riddled with injuries everywhere, cracks appearing one after another, causing Yee Yan's reflection in the mirror to split apart.

Around the mirror, there were peach blossoms in full bloom, vivid and lifelike. The petals, the heart, and the stamen were all very clear, like a peach tree with lush branches and leaves.

Yee Yan used his fair hand to stroke the flourishing peach blossoms. Inexplicably, it was like a part of his body that was indispensable. The broken mirror seemed to have cut through Yee Yan's heart. It was painful and painful, making Yee Yan unable to breathe. Yee Yan covered his chest with his hand. The inexplicable pain was intense, just like how his lover, Su Zhernan, had left.

Gradually, the peach tree branches that were fooled by the mirror moved slowly and pieced together into a few lines of words.

The Lovesick Man

Crossing the mirror to admire

The Loveseeker crosses the mirror.

All for the sake of karma.

Yee Yan had some doubts about this mysterious thing, but he believed in his own judgment. This broken mirror would never hurt him. This feeling was strange, but it was extremely strong.

Therefore, Yee Yan crossed the mirror and began his search. He had never thought that the public would say that he was also a member of the army. However, there were still many things that he could never think of.

And Yee Yan would basically wear clothes that were filled with resentment every time, as if the original owner was getting more and more miserable. After Yee Yan had avenged the original owner, the mirror would recover a little. At first, Yee Yan didn't think that there would be such a thing as a pie falling from the sky. It seemed like that was indeed the case. The mirror was also used to repair the cracks in his body. However, Yee Yan couldn't guess where these cracks came from. Of course, Yee Yan would never be able to figure it out. These scars were related to him.

Yee Yan felt that his life was like a dream. When he woke up, there was nothing left. Therefore, Yee Yan hoped that this dream would never kick him out of the dream.

Yee Yan rubbed his glabella and blinked his peach blossom eyes. A few drops of water dripped down his long eyelashes. Yee Yan laid back on the luxurious bed and began to check the memory of the client.

The client's name was Wang Zhi. He was the only son and had always been in poor health. He was raised at home. When he grew up, he slowly began to come into contact with the outside world. Wang Zhi's family was considered a small asset. There was a public company that produced cosmetics.

Wang Zhi's parents had started from scratch. Wang Zhi had also experienced the taste of poverty. Therefore, Wang Zhi had always known how difficult it was for his parents. Due to their poor health, they skipped classes every two to three days. However, Wang Zhi studied diligently and graduated with excellent results.

When he was in college, his body slowly became healthy. He opened a coffee shop with his roommates, called Pier No. 1. After graduating, he entered his father's company with his real ability. He worked hard in his own company from the bottom, prepared to train for a few years, and then take over his father's company after marriage. However, the problem was Wang Zhi's fiancée.

During his fourth year, Wang Zhi would go to the coffee shop at pier one every Saturday to help. Wang Zhi met his wife in the coffee shop, Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan would also sit in the coffee shop for one or two hours every Saturday. Gradually, The two of them knew each other, and they knew each other. They met, and finally got married. Everything happened naturally. After the wedding, Wang Zhi felt that he should respect his wife's opinion when she requested to enter the company. His wife, Tian Yuan, also showed extraordinary abilities. Wang Zhi agreed without anyone saying a word. A year later, Tian Yuan started to come into contact with the company's formula. It also made Wang Zhi experience the taste of betrayal during this year.

It turned out that Tian Yuan was the illegitimate daughter of the Tian family, the sworn enemy of Wang Zhi's father's company. The Tian family was originally one of the three great families in A City. Due to the rise of the Wang family, Tian Yuan's father and his wife had discussed how to get Tian Yuan closer to Wang Zhi. They hoped to get the ingredients for the cosmetics. Tian Yuan's father could use this as a bargaining chip for the next family. He promised Tian Yuan the identity of the Tian family's young miss and 5% of the Tian family's shares. At that time, he could also easily erase everything from the past for her and let her marry the person she wanted to marry.

After Tian Yuan took away the Wang family's formula, the Tian family began to mass produce and suppress the Wang family. It was a disaster that the customers started to have allergic reactions, and the Wang family suffered huge compensation for medical accidents and mental costs.

After Wang Zhi's grandfather and grandmother knew that they were unable to bear the blow, they passed away one after another. Wang Zhi's parents instantly aged by more than ten years.

The last straw that crushed the Wang family was the car accident that happened on Uncle Wang's way home. Wang Zhi did not believe that Uncle Wang had passed away just like that. When Wang Zhi's mother heard the news, she was also bedridden. When his family passed away one after another, Wang Zhi also completely collapsed.

Wang Zhi lived a muddleheaded life. He did not have the courage to face himself. It was all his fault that he trusted others too much. It was him who destroyed his own family. When Wang Zhi was ready to take good care of his mother, he braked on the way to the hospital to visit Mother Wang. A young life lost its liveliness just like that.

Wang Zhi felt that all of this was caused by him. If not for him marrying that poisonous woman, Tian Yuan, nothing would have happened.

Wang Zhi's dead soul had created a huge resentment. He had used his soul as the price to make the people who had lost their families die a horrible death. However, the most important thing was that he hoped that his parents would be healthy enough to live the rest of their lives in peace.

The time Yee Yan appeared now was a week later when he would marry Tian Yuan. Yee Yan had instructed the private detective to follow Tian Yuan 24 hours a day later. He had obtained the evidence that she was an illegitimate daughter, and he had also discovered the relationship between Tian Yuan and the young master of Tang family. No wonder Tian Yuan had agreed so readily to not bring Tian Yuan back for more than ten years.

Yee Yan saw that it was dawn, so he went to the washroom to clean up. He went downstairs and saw Uncle Wang. He sat alone on the sofa reading the newspaper.

"Dad, where's Mom?" Yee Yan called Uncle Wang.

"Xiao Zhi is up. Your mom is still upstairs. Auntie Qin will make breakfast soon. Oh, right. You are getting married soon. After you get married, take over the position of General Manager. You've also grown up, and your abilities in the past two years have been witnessed by everyone. " Uncle Wang looked at his handsome son and said.

The more he looked at him, the more satisfied he became. He couldn't wait to tell everyone in the world. However, when he thought about his son's quiet personality and poor health. . . Uncle Wang could only think about it and enjoy himself.

A charming woman walked down steadily from upstairs and said, "Yeah, it's time for you to get in touch with most of the company's matters. Take over your father's responsibilities earlier so that we can look around. When you're young, you don't have the qualifications. When you're old, you should walk more and exercise. "

Yee Yan looked at his kind and loving parents. He did not know how to tell them that he did not plan to get married. Besides, he was no longer the son they loved so much. He just nodded and quietly walked to the dining table to sit down. His royal father and mother also sat down and began to eat breakfast together.

Yee Yan ate a few buns with this soy milk. He looked at his parents and felt that it was better to tell them earlier. He said, "Mom and dad, I plan to cancel the engagement. "

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