Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C10 Emotions That Were Cheated(10)
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Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C10 Emotions That Were Cheated(10)
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C10 Emotions That Were Cheated(10)

When Su Yang heard Yee Yan's words, he was so happy that he could not find the north. He suddenly remembered the content of the conversation. He touched the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and lowered his head to look at Yee Yan who was beaming with joy. He knew that he had been fooled.

"You are awake. Are you hungry? How about I buy you a bowl of porridge? If you are sick, you should eat something light. It's good for your health. Drink some water first. " As he spoke, he passed the water to Yee Yan. He touched Yee Yan's forehead with his hand and felt that the heat had subsided. Only then did he relax. He reluctantly walked out.

Yee Yan looked at him, worried for him. He knew that even if he forgot about him, his soul still had feelings for him. In this boundless world, it was enough to have this person.

Less time passed. Su Yang carried a bowl of porridge and a few appetizers. He returned to the ward and gave Yee Yan a silly smile. He shook the bed and let Yee Yan sit up. He then placed the food on the table.

He said to Yee Yan in a fawning manner, "How about it? I don't know what you like to eat, so I ordered some. Eat and see. "

Yee Yan looked at the person who was sweating profusely. His peach blossom eyes were filled with happiness and gratitude. "Come, wipe your sweat. Slow down. No one is urging you. What's the hurry?"

Su Yang just chuckled. His eyes looked at Yee Yan eating. He felt that Yee Yan was eating. His throat moved up and down, and he could not help swallowing his saliva.

Yee Yan looked at the tall man making such an expression and laughed in a low voice.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of porridge, he felt his stomach warming up. He took a few deep breaths in comfort. Then, his pair of peach blossom eyes swept Su Yang from head to toe like a scanner, sweeping his head from head to toe.

Su Yang was admiring his expression. It could really be said to be delicious. Then, his scalp went numb when he saw it. He could not help but say, "What's wrong? Are you not satisfied with what you see?" He stood up and immediately rushed into the bathroom. After a minute, he rushed out with a handsome face. " Look. How is it? Is it handsome? Are you satisfied? "

Yee Yan looked at his childish behavior. A pair of cute dimples appeared on his face. He coughed lightly and stretched out a hand. " Let's get to know each other. My name is Wang Zhi, you can call me Yan Zi. That's all. How much you will know in the future will depend on you. Alright. What about you? "

Su Yang immediately held Yee Yan's hand and said," Yan Zi, Yan Zi, a good name. I like it. My name is Su Yang, unmarried. I have parents at home. And a big brother. Uh. . . An old man had just arrived at home. There's also my business. . . "

" Stop, I'm not here for a blind date. And it's just our first meeting, right?" Yee Yan looked at the elite Su Yang. This was obviously not the right style.

Su Yang saw that Yee Yan had rejected his concern. He clenched his fist again. He said anxiously, "Yan Zi, although it's our first time meeting, But you have already appeared in my life for a long time, every day you will appear in my dream. Although I can't see your face clearly, I know that it is you. I feel that my existence is for you. To be able to meet you, sometimes. . . I hate this dream. I am too helpless in this dream. . . I'll lose you, but. . . Now that I met you, I'm glad I had this dream. . . This way, I'll take good care of you and protect you. I won't hide anything from you anymore. Although it was the first time we met, I still couldn't help but approach. . . It was as if I was too far away, just like a fish leaving water. Without you, I don't think I would be able to live. Can you give me a chance to love you?" Then, Su Yang looked at his peach blossom eyes with deep affection. His eyes were full of pleading and fawning.

Although Yee Yan was angry that he had forgotten about him, he remembered that he had been tortured by the nightmare. He could not help but feel his heart ache. He stubbornly said, "Alright, how long do you want to hold my hand for? Seeing how sincere you are, I reluctantly agreed to give you a few bites of rice. Eat all of them. Don't waste them. "

Su Yang saw that he had agreed to it. He did not know how to release his hands and feet. He just chuckled and ate Yee Yan's bowl and chopsticks. It was like the delicacies of the mountains and the sea. At this moment, Su Yang felt that this was the most delicious meal he had eaten in 25 years. He knew what it meant to be delicious. However, the current Su Yang did not know what it meant to be delicious in the future.

Yee Yan just watched him make a fool of himself. He also felt that his future life wouldn't be so boring anymore. In the previous worlds, Yee Yan would travel to many places. He had seen many different people, but no one was able to stay by his side. Now, with him, At least, it would be his happiest day here. So he had to cherish it. Otherwise, in the next world. . . He didn't know if he would be able to meet it again.

Su Yang slowly ate his food, as if he wanted to count the rice grains in his bowl. He thought that this was something that Yan Zi had eaten before. If there was Yan Zi's saliva, then wouldn't this be an indirect kiss? How blissful.

When Yee Yan saw him laugh foolishly as he ate, he knew that he was making a fool of himself again. He kicked him and said, "Hurry up and eat. Take advantage of the time to rest. I still have to go to work in a while. "

Su Yang quickly finished his meal and said to Yee Yan with anticipation, "No need. Your mother called. I told them that you should have a good rest today. I'll stay with you, okay? "

Yee Yan felt that it would not take two days to deal with the Tian family and Tang family, so he agreed. I need to rest," she said proudly. Quickly go and rest!"

Su Yang knew that she cared about him, so he couldn't help but feel excited. He sat on a chair beside her and said, "I know you care about me. It's fine. It doesn't matter if I don't sleep for a few days. Quickly go to sleep. I want to look at you. "

Yee Yan could tell from his expression that he was definitely secretly happy. He said awkwardly, "Who cares about you? I just can't sleep with someone next to me. Go to bed and sleep. " After saying that, he turned around and faced Su Yang with his back.

Although Su Yang wanted to look at Yee Yan, his wife's words were an imperial edict. He had to listen to her. Thus, he turned back three times and got onto the other bed. Furthermore, he thought to himself, 'Why didn't you arrange for someone to stay in the room without a bed? What a miscalculation. '

Su Yang laid on the bed and looked at Yee Yan. He felt that although he could only look and not touch Yee Yan, it was better than being in a dream. At least it was a little comforting.

Yee Yan heard Su Yang get on the bed. After a long time, Yee Yan could not help but turn around. He saw Su Yang looking at him with his big eyes and was shocked. "Why aren't you sleeping? You scared me to death. "

Su Yang said in a low voice, "I want to look at you, and. . . Ever since I dreamt of you, I have never slept in comfort. My dream was filled with regret and regret. He would wake up with heartache even if he was unwilling. After that, I didn't sleep much anymore. I don't need this sleep now either. I just want to remember you deeply in my mind. From now on, I'll never forget you. "

When Yee Yan heard Su Yang's words, he felt as if his heart was in pain. He couldn't help but say, "Then come over here and let me sleep with you. If it wasn't for my good intentions, who would care about you?"

Su Yang immediately lifted the blanket and rushed to Yee Yan's bedside. He carefully went up and slept on the same bed as the two men. It was indeed a little cramped, but Su Yang was very happy with the size of the bed. Su Yang lay on the bed. He slowly held Yee Yan in his arms. Seeing that he did not object, Su Yang took a mile and hugged Yee Yan tighter and tighter. He smiled complacently. It was obvious that he was stubborn and soft-hearted. He closed his eyes and began to enjoy the happiness and peace at this moment.

Yee Yan felt his movements. After hearing those words, he let him go. However, when it got tighter and tighter, Yee Yan could not help but shout. Everyone responded behind him, but there was a steady sound of breathing. Yee Yan could not help being soft-hearted to him.

After dawn, Papa Su insisted on going back, but his skin was a little torn. Mama Su was surprised, so the whole family prepared to leave the hospital.

Mama Su said to Su Zhe, "Hey, where's Yang? Why didn't he come? Last night, he said he would be here soon, but he still hasn't come. Will something happen?"

Su Zhe comforted his mother. " Don't worry. I told him that Dad is fine. Also, a friend of his was sick last night. He was also in this hospital and he was alone. He was worried. It was very late last night, so he didn't come. "

Mama Su's eyes narrowed. She asked curiously, "Friend, with his personality, does he have such a friend that he needs to personally take care of? Has his mysophobia recovered? No, I have to go and take a look. Lan Yan, take care of your father. I'll go with my brother to take a look. Let's see how lively your brother is. "

Papa Su hurriedly said," Sigh. Wait, I want to go too. Such a good show is hard to see in eight hundred years. How can it be without me? Push the wheelchair over, let's go together. "

Su Zhe also knew how stubborn Father Su was. He looked at his wife and helplessly shrugged. Xia Lan Yan also knew their characters. She just pursed her lips and smiled without saying anything. Actually, she was quite curious. She looked like a little brother who had been abstinent all day to take care of others.

Thus, the whole family went to Yee Yan's ward in a grandiose manner.

When they arrived, Mother Su opened the door and saw an unbelievable scene.

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