Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C3 Emotions Cheated(3)
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Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C3 Emotions Cheated(3)
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C3 Emotions Cheated(3)

When Tian Yuan heard this, he suddenly turned around and stared at Yee Yan with his eyes wide open. "You know everything?"

Yee Yan shrugged indifferently. He was like a proud king. So what if he knew? So what if he didn't know? A clown had never caught the eyes of this king.

Tian Yuan panicked and his face turned pale. Humans were greedy and delusional. The prospects given by Father Tian were too tempting. It was as if as long as you stretched out your hand, you would be able to get that flatbread. Furthermore, with the support of the young master of Tang family, only then would Tian Yuan dare to do it. Although Yee Yan's skin was indeed beautiful, it was truly infuriating, but to Tian Yuan, he never had money. Power came in the truest way.

Tian Yuan had been conflicted before, but his parents and boyfriend had been persuading him. Tian Yuan imagined the Tian family's legitimate identity as a young lady. The honor of the Tang family's young mistress. There was also the 5% shares of the Tian family. They were all calling out in Tian Yuan's mind for Tian Yuan to take action. It allowed her to slowly walk down this path of deceiving others. In fact, when she was brought back by the Tian family, the young master of the Tang family took a fancy to her. It had also given birth to Tian Yuan's ambition.

However, Tian Yuan was never the person who could control the game. He was destined to be the first to be eliminated.

However, no matter how weak and pitiful she looked, Yee Yan would never let her go like this. He looked at Tian Yuan's pale face. He chuckled. His cute dimples returned to Yee Yan's face. The irony in his peach blossom eyes showed Yee Yan's good mood at the moment.

He lazily leaned back on the chair and said, "Why? I can't say it anymore. The plan was quite detailed. He was treating everyone else as fools. In the end, I was treated as a fool and directed into a comedy. Do you think that rights and status are so easy to obtain? Heh, take this opportunity to enjoy the things that aren't easy to obtain. Otherwise, you might even lose these things. Alright, After spending so much time talking, it's time to go to work. "

After saying that, Yee Yan elegantly walked out. No matter what time it was, He could make people feel that he was a noble young master, as gentle as jade. Even a peerless young master couldn't compare to him. However, the real Yee Yan was always cold and distant, except for that person. He showed no mercy. He could say with a smile that you had been sent to hell. As for the fields, when your dreams were shattered, Falling to dust was the start of revenge.

Tian Yuan knew that it was a long time before he realized what had happened and fell onto his chair. She couldn't think of which segment had a problem. But now, everything was over. There really was nothing left. "No, I still have to face the sky, and mom and dad. . . I won't have nothing, I won't. Yes, I'm their daughter. She's Tang Chaotian's girlfriend. They will definitely help me. . . "Tian Yuan muttered in a low voice.

Tian Yuan took out his phone in a panic and prepared to call Tang Chaotian. He tried calling Tang Chaotian several times but failed. Tian Yuan forced himself to calm down. She believed that the Tang family and the Tian family wouldn't let her get into trouble easily. She had done so much for them, they wouldn't give up on her. Otherwise, she believed that no one would be able to think about it.

It wasn't easy for Tian Yuan to get through to Tang Chaotian's phone. After the call was connected, he hurriedly said, "Tian Chao, it's bad. Wang Zhi knows about our plan. What should we do now? "

Tang Chaotian was eating with his mother at this moment. He didn't expect to receive such a disappointing call so early in the morning. He said indifferently, "You'll know when you know. You are making a fuss over nothing. If he knew, he would blame you for being stupid. You can't even fool a fool. Alright, let's not talk about it anymore. I'm eating, and Miss Tian too. What should you do now, not us. . . Goodbye, Miss Tian. I hope we never see each other again. "

Tang Chaotian snorted in dissatisfaction and said to his mother, "If you can't handle such a small matter, it would be equivalent to the young mistress of the Tang family. Why don't you take a look at yourself and see if you're that good? Only that fool, Wang Zhi, is a treasure. "

Tang Mu said, "Don't spend more time with this kind of woman in the future. It's alright to play with her, but don't get yourself into trouble if you can't catch the fox. " Tang Chaotian nodded in agreement.

To Tang Chaotian, there were two types of people. One was useful and the other was useless. As for Tian Yuan, the useless chess piece, his thoughts were never within his consideration. If it wasn't for the fact that he saw the man who looked like Pan An and had a big family protecting him, Tang Chaotian wouldn't have spent so much effort. Seriously, he couldn't even eat grapes, and he even got himself into trouble.

"Hey! Hey!" The phone was already busy. Tian Yuan used all his strength to throw the phone onto the ground. At this moment, the broken phone was like Tian Yuan's nerves. Every string instantly collapsed. Tian Yuan screamed sharply to vent the anxiety in his heart.

With a kacha sound, the door of the room was opened. Lin Ming walked in through the door. Before he could ask Tian Yuan what had happened. Tian Yuan suddenly stood up and rushed out.

Tian Yuan walked on the street in a trance. He walked alone for a long time before he came back to his senses. She was going to find her parents. Yes, her parents would not abandon her. At that time, she had agreed that as long as she did it, she would be the Tian family's young mistress. Even without Tang Chaotian, she still had the Tian family.

Tian Yuan had never hated Tang Chaotian so much. At that time, sweet words were still ringing in his ears, but now, it was a meeting of hatred. Either you die or I die.

At this moment, Tian Yuan was finally smart for a moment. However, her intelligence always seemed to be thinking of obtaining power and money by means of no means. Unfortunately, her intelligence would always be damaged. However, she was gifted with talent. If she were to study and perform well, she might have some achievements.

Yee Yan left pier one and drove to the company. What he needed to do now was to avoid the joint attack of the two families. The only thing he could cooperate with now was the Su family. In the territory of A City, With the Tang, Tian, and Su Families, three sides stood side by side. There were checks and balances between them. A few years ago, the Su Family developed rapidly. They had already surpassed the other two families. Therefore, the geniuses of the Tang family and the Tian family couldn't wait to expand their influence.

Yee Yan went to the company to find Uncle Wang and told him about the current situation. He also told her his plan.

Uncle Wang planned to let Yee Yan accept the general manager position next Monday. Yee Yan also felt that it was more convenient to have the authority to do things in his hands, so he gladly accepted it.

Yee Yan felt that Wang Zhi had a very good pair of parents, so he thought for him. He did many things that Wang Zhi himself did not think of. As long as it was Yee Yan who brought it up, Uncle Wang's mother would do her best to complete it. Yee Yan had seen many parents who loved their children. Like Uncle Wang's mother who loved her children, she had yet to cripple them. It could be considered a miracle.

Yee Yan thought as he walked back to the Sales Department. He was now the manager of the Sales Department. The original owner had done well in the past. Perhaps the fault lay in love with the wrong person.

Yee Yan turned on the computer to check on the Tian family and Tang family. He hacked into their computers. He copied the information inside. The information contained large amounts of tax evasion and smuggling evidence. As long as Yee Yan took out this information, it would be a fatal blow to the Tang and Tian families. Yee Yan decided to take it out when the time was right. Yee Yan also went to the computers of the higher ups in A City and handcuffed the useful ones. He then erased the traces as if he had never been here before.

After work, Yee Yan took his suit and went back. After Yee Yan left, the office became lively all of a sudden.

"Let me tell you guys, Wang Zhi is so handsome today, especially those peach blossom eyes. Why didn't I notice them before?"

"Also, I accidentally saw Wang Zhi smile today. Those bewitching peach blossom eyes, faintly discernible dimples, innocence and evilness, it's natural that they contradict each other. "

"That's right. Seriously, men are the most handsome. However, it's a pity that he has a girlfriend. Otherwise, I would definitely be the first one to chase after her. "

"Nowadays, handsome people either have girlfriends or have sex. Poor ordinary women like us, who can tell me when the prince riding a white horse will come and pick me up?"

"Come on. The one riding the white horse is not necessarily the prince. It might also be Monk Tang. "

Everyone laughed loudly as they packed their things and went back.

Yee Yan didn't know what everyone was saying, but even if he did, he wouldn't mind it too much. At most, he would show the expression that Wang Zhi should have, and nothing else.

But now, he had to face someone he really didn't want to see. He couldn't help but want to stop retreating. Yee Yan didn't plan to deal with her. He hadn't admired her ugly behavior enough, so how could he let her go just like that?

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