Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C5 Emotions That Were Cheated(5)
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Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C5 Emotions That Were Cheated(5)
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C5 Emotions That Were Cheated(5)

Yee Yan walked to the front of the huge poster and stroked the familiar lines with his white fingers.

Tears fell from his eyes. It was said that raising one's head could block the tears. However, only then did Yee Yan realize that the real tears would fall no matter what. At this moment, the tears in the peach blossom eyes fell from the corners of his eyes and moistened his hair.

A pair of ancient male rings were drawn on the huge poster. The only pattern on the ring was a blooming peach blossom. It was bright and eye-catching. It was inlaid with a pink crystal with a stamen. The peach blossom petals extended to the entire ring.

Yee Yan had always liked peach blossoms. He had an inexplicable feeling of intimacy with peach blossoms. He felt like he was a part of himself. Therefore, in a place filled with peach blossoms, he left the peach blossom engraved ring in Yee Yan's hand.

At this moment, Yee Yan had been staring at the poster, wanting to find his past. He wanted to know that all of this was not a dream. His efforts had finally paid off.

Yee Yan felt that he could not suppress the joy in his heart, but he had yet to see that person. Therefore, he had to find him as soon as possible, to caress and hug him. Only by having him in this world could Yee Yan feel that his lost soul belonged to him. The lost cat found its mother's embrace.

The clerk picked up the brooch on the ground and found that the customer was crying and laughing in front of a poster. Just as she was feeling strange, She suddenly saw him turn around and walk towards her. Although he was a bit embarrassed, He still couldn't change his handsome appearance. In particular, his slightly red peach blossom eyes were shining with excitement. It also added a bit of brilliance.

Yee Yan took three steps forward and walked to the clerk's side. He asked in a panic, "Who designed this pair of rings? Please tell me, okay?"

The clerk looked at the expectant eyes and said in a daze, "One week ago, the general manager ordered me to hang this on the wall, but I don't know who designed this pair of rings. "

Although Yee Yan knew that he might not be able to find out, he could not help but be disappointed when he found out about the result. The salesgirl could not bear to see the dim light in Peach Blossom's eyes. She carefully said, "How about I help you ask the manager? He might know. "

Yee Yan was very grateful to the salesgirl and quickly thanked her. Then he went to find the manager with her. Yee Yan knew that he shouldn't be in a hurry now. He desperately suppressed the excitement in his heart and told himself that this was a gift from the heavens. He already knew that he was in this world, so even if he crossed thousands of mountains and rivers, he still had to find him.

The clerk brought Yee Yan to the manager's office and explained the situation to him. The manager saw Yee Yan's slightly red eyes. But out of courtesy, he did not ask. He shook hands with Yee Yan and said, "Hello, sir. My surname is Wu. You can just call me Manager Wu. This poster was designed by our general manager. Many people have asked about it. However, there was no sales now. But each person can only choose one. Sir, if you want it, You can reserve a phone number. "

Yee Yan went from great joy to great sorrow to great joy. He felt that the world was just joking with him. But after hearing the manager's words, Yee Yan was still very excited. He organized his thoughts and searched his memories. There was no memory of the Su family's general manager in his mind. However, this did not make him discouraged. He had searched so many worlds, but still could not find it. At least now he knew he was here. He smiled and said to the manager: "Thank you. No need. "

Yee Yan took the gift from the clerk and came out of the store. The sun was shining on his body, making him feel comfortable and warm. Yee Yan decided to feel warm in his heart. The world had become beautiful. Yee Yan used his hand to block the sunlight, and the corner of his lips curled up. His dimples were faintly visible. Yee Yan hopped onto the car and left. He bought Uncle Wang a wine-red tie.

As soon as Yee Yan left, another black BMW appeared in front of the store. A pair of shiny black leather shoes came out of the car. A black suit wrapped around his body, 1. 9 meters tall. He stood out from the crowd. When the profound facial features were combined together, it made those who had seen it feel ashamed of themselves. The imposing manner that came from paving the way, The surrounding people couldn't help but want to submit.

Su Yang got off the carriage and was about to walk in when he felt something. He couldn't help but look forward, but he didn't see anything. He frowned. The manager who came out to welcome him went in.

Someone had once said how many times he had to beg before he got the chance to look back in his present life. But they were destined to be connected by the red line.

When Yee Yan returned home, the royal father and mother were both there. At this moment, they were sitting on the sofa and watching television. Yee Yan walked over and sat down. He was in a very good mood as he smiled and said, "Dad and mom, look what I bought for you. "

Father and Mother Wang were still very surprised. Their son was a little too happy today, right? When they heard the gift his son bought, they hurriedly took it out to take a look. Mother Wang looked as she said, "So beautiful. It's even an accessory for a beauty in the golden age. All of them are very beautiful, just enough to match my white qipao. Thank you, son. I really like it. "

Uncle Wang also opened his gift. He said, "My son has good taste. I'm a few years younger with this tie. "

Yee Yan felt relieved when he saw that his parents liked it.

Uncle Wang packed up the gifts and said, "Ah Zhi, the Su family will hold a banquet in a month's time. Let's go together then. "

Mother Wang saw that her son was in a good mood today and said, "It seems like the old man from the capital has come to welcome him. She heard that he was also going on a blind date for the Tang family's Second Young Master. There were also many people from the capital. Ah Zhi, you can also take a look at the girl you like. You can also take a look at her. "

Yee Yan also knew about the farm. His parents were worried about him. But he also could not accept that there was someone else besides him. He said, "Mom, I don't want to be in a relationship now. I want to put the company ahead of schedule. Marriage depends on fate. Fate will soon come to an end. Alright, Mom. I know what to do. Don't worry, ah. I'll go upstairs first. "

Mother Wang was about to say something but was pulled by Uncle Wang. Why are you bringing it up for? Let's leave this matter alone. I think Ah Zhi handled it pretty well. Who hasn't met one or two scumbags when they were young? "

"Pfft. Hahaha. Does that mean you've met one too?" This sentence made Mother Wang laugh. She asked Uncle Wang while laughing.

Uncle Wang also replied with a smile, "No, I have met you. "

Yee Yan listened to his parents' jokes and walked upstairs. He felt that the Tian family and Tang family had not taken any action yet, so they should not be ready yet. Therefore, Yee Yan decided to end this war early and find him as soon as possible.

Yee Yan turned on his computer and received an email from a private detective. It was the image of Tian Yuan during this period of time. In the photo, it was no longer the bright and beautiful girl, but the pale face of the young master of the Tang family who had been abandoned by the young master.

Yee Yan closed his eyes after a glance. He had been preparing to cultivate for the past few days. Although the spiritual energy was thin, he had to at least have some means to protect himself. In these worlds, he would never give his life to anyone else.

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