Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C6 Emotions Cheated(6)
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Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C6 Emotions Cheated(6)
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C6 Emotions Cheated(6)

Yee Yan cultivated until the middle of the night before going to rest. The spiritual energy here was thin, and he had only reached the fourth level of Qi Refining up until now.

Although in this world, basically no one would be a match for Yee Yan. However, Yee Yan felt that it was better to be prepared. In this era of firearms, it was still better to have more means to protect one's life.

Although Yee Yan could cultivate all night, and he still had his spirit, the spirit energy was thin and impure. He did not know if it would harm his body or not, so Yee Yan could not be too hasty.

After dawn, Yee Yan and Uncle Wang went to the company together. When they arrived at the company, Yee Yan told Uncle Wang that he wanted to go to the laboratory. Uncle Wang felt that it had been a long time since he last went, so he suggested going together.

The laboratory was built when Uncle Wang earned the first bucket of gold. Uncle Wang thought that in this era of rapid development of electrical appliances, there would be a place for cosmetics. Although the company had other industries, the main focus of Charisma was still cosmetics.

When they arrived at the laboratory, Yee Yan and Uncle Wang entered the laboratory. When they saw that everyone was busy, Uncle Wang asked Yee Yan to look around himself. Yee Yan walked around and saw an old man who was half a hundred years old experimenting with various experimental tubes. Yee Yan saw that he tried a few times but failed to find anything.

He approached and took a look. He felt that this was somewhat similar to the composition of the Cosmetic Cultivation Pill that he had seen before. The composition of the Cosmetic Cultivation Pill was also these few types of materials. Yee Yan saw that he had tried once, but still failed. He could not help but say, "You can exchange the snake bed and the red flower. "

"Who are you? Who are you to point fingers here? And don't stand behind someone else. People are scared to death. What does a young kid like you know? Try it. You only know how to say it, hmph. " The old man suddenly turned around and roared.

Usually, no one would disturb him during his experiments. If Yee Yan hadn't mentioned the names of the two ingredients, he would definitely have invited him out. Hmph. If the experiment didn't succeed, it would let the young man know what politeness was.

Yee Yan knew it was impolite to disturb him, but when he saw the old man's serious attitude, he couldn't help but remind him. Yee Yan said in embarrassment, "I'm sorry. After saying that, he began to silently prepare various reagents. This was his attitude toward things. He would complete whatever he wanted to do with a serious attitude.

Yee Yan skillfully took out various ingredients, poured them into a beaker, and slowly stirred them.

When the old man saw Yee Yan's attitude, his impression of him changed. Seeing him stir like this, they felt that it was very strange. They couldn't help but ask, "What's the use of stirring?"

Yee Yan smiled and said, "This is to increase the reaction between matter. After turning into another matter, add half of the snake bed and red flower. This way, the skin can absorb better and can also decompose the impurities in the skin. " After Yee Yan finished explaining, he finished preparing the reagent.

The old man immediately took it over and tested it. Yee Yan looked at this old child and shook his head with a smile. Yee Yan then went to another place to take a look.

Yee Yan did not find anything after walking around. He went to look for Uncle Wang and saw Uncle Wang drinking tea alone in the room. "Dad, where is the person in charge here?" he asked.

Uncle Wang laughed. " Your Uncle Yang, he forgot everything when he did things. "

This was the sound of laughter coming from afar, and he even shouted, "He has come out, he has come out. Hahaha, hey, where's that kid? Where did he go?"

When Yee Yan and his father went over together, a figure quickly dashed over from the crowd in the distance and was about to pull Yee Yan away.

Yee Yan quickly took a big step back and avoided the palm of the person who came. He stood behind Uncle Wang. Yee Yan did not like to be touched by strangers.

Uncle Wang stood between the two of them and asked, "Old Yang, what's going on?" Then he looked at Dr. Yang and turned around to look at Yee Yan.

Dr. Yang did not care about Yee Yan's actions. He said to Uncle Wang as if he was showing off, "Look, this is a new research and development product. The effect is very good. It can beautify the face and remove the impurities in the skin. This is definitely unique in the market. "

Uncle Wang was also very happy to say, "Really, this is great. "

He did not wait for Uncle Wang to finish. Dr. Yang bypassed Uncle Wang and said to Yee Yan with a smile, "Are you a new technician? How about being my assistant? Food, accommodation, and salary can be given freely, but it can't be higher than mine. Otherwise, I'll be so poor. "

As Dr. Yang spoke, he moved closer to Yee Yan, who kept stepping back.

Uncle Wang saw the situation and pulled Dr. Yang to say, "Hey, wait, what's going on? This is my son, your nephew. "He said to Yee Yan," Zhi, this is the person in charge here. He's called Uncle Yang. "

Yee Yan called out obediently and stood behind Uncle Wang. He could not stand an old child like this.

When Dr. Yang heard that Yee Yan was Uncle Wang's son, he secretly sighed. Such a good talent had been lost just like that. He muttered, "Ah, this is the result of your son's experiment. How can you be so lucky to have such a good son? Why don't you help me? I can give you anything. Really?"

Uncle Wang looked at the childish Dr. Yang and smiled, "Really? Isn't he also your nephew? How old is he? And he's still such an old child!"

Yee Yan also found it funny and said," Uncle Yang, I can come here even if I have nothing to do. This is also my responsibility. "

Dr. Yang. As he spoke, he wanted to pull Yee Yan away. When he thought of his previous actions, he stretched his hand back and wiped it on his clothes.

Everyone laughed at Dr. Yang's appearance. Yee Yan let Uncle Wang go back first, then went to his laboratory with Dr. Yang. Knowing that the sky had darkened for a long time, Dr. Yang let Yee Yan go.

After Yee Yan went back, he ate and watched soap operas with his parents. Yee Yan was not interested and prepared to go upstairs to practice. When he got up, his phone fell out. He picked up the phone and put it in the pocket of his shirt. He noticed that the photo was gone.

Yee Yan went there again, but he still did not see the general manager of Glory World. He took a photo and printed it out and put it on his body. This way, Yee Yan felt that he would be closer to him. Yee Yan also felt that he was looking for him.

Now, Yee Yan did his best to collect all the information and finish everything within a month. Also, Yee Yan decided that they would still be together. Therefore, he had to have his own capital. Although he didn't care, Yee Yan just didn't want too many people to question their love. At least now, he knew that they would meet. Not more than two months.

Yee Yan said something to his parents and hurried out. He recalled as he walked. He probably dropped it in the laboratory. He took off his coat in the laboratory today.

Yee Yan arrived not long after. He greeted the security guard on duty and took the key to the laboratory. When he reached the corner of the laboratory, he saw a person sneakily opening the laboratory door.

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