Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C8 Emotions Cheated(8)
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Entangled Love For 10 Lifes/C8 Emotions Cheated(8)
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C8 Emotions Cheated(8)

Yee Yan stared at him in shock. The top of his peach blossom eyes was twisted into a single word. He muttered in a hoarse voice, "Don't you remember who I am?"

Su Yang looked at him with a pair of sharp eyes, trying to find a trace of familiarity on his face. When their eyes met, Su Yang felt a trace of familiarity, but no matter what, he couldn't find any memories about him.

A ringtone interrupted Su Yang's thoughts. He looked at the caller ID and hung it up in annoyance.

He lowered his head and said to Yee Yan, "Sorry, I really don't remember. You. . . "

Before Su Yang could finish his words, tears started flowing out of Yee Yan's pair of peach blossom eyes. His fair hands also sent Su Yang's arm over.

At this moment, the Tian family's young master Tian Qi Qin, who was with Su Yang, shouted, "Little Yang, hurry up. Your mother has already called me. " After saying that, he pulled Su Yang and walked out.

Su Yang was pulled and staggered. Then, he turned around three times and followed Tian Qi Qin out.

Yee Yan wanted to open his eyes and watch Su Yang leave. He stood there blankly. He let the tears in his peach blossom eyes flow out. Other than repeating that sentence, he had forgotten about me. Everything else was blank.

The private investigator called out softly. Yee Yan staggered a few steps and began to walk out. As he walked, he muttered, "He forgot about me, he forgot about me. . . "

It was now two or three o'clock. The night life in the city was about to end. People were walking in twos and threes on the streets. If there was an additional person who had lost his soul, it wouldn't attract any attention.

The sky was originally covered in darkness, but with a cracking sound, an extremely bright white light tore through the sky and lit up the entire city. Crazy raindrops quickly fell.

Yee Yan walked on the streets, allowing the heavy rain to hit him. The private detective followed behind him, although he didn't know what had caused this usually cold and distant person to become like this. However, this person was still his employer. From the looks of it, what if he died? He wouldn't be able to get his money back.

Currently, Yee Yan was in a state of chaos, and his thoughts were running wild. He didn't know that he was the only one who remembered all of this. Only he could remember, and only he could taste the pain of separation, and search for traces of their former love.

That man used the same expression and indifferent words to deliver a fatal blow to Yee Yan, causing his persistence to become a joke.

Yee Yan had seen people before, but he could no longer find any traces of love. He even felt that it was not as good as not giving him any hope back then.

The autumn rain was getting heavier and heavier. It hit the top of his head and fell down along his cheeks. The clothes on his body gave the rain a buffer. As a result, it formed a line and flowed along the cement road.

Yee Yan walked in panic. He thought that perhaps he should thank God for making him not cry so miserably. The tears in his peach blossom eyes were washed away by the rainwater.

Su Yang and Tian Qi Qin sat in the car and drove towards the hospital. Su Yang felt that when he saw the man's tears, he could not help but want to hug him and kiss him gently. He shouldn't have looked like he was crying. Su Yang felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart. It was as if millions of ants were devouring his heart, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Seeing his pale face, Tian Qi Qin used his hand to cover his chest with all his might and comforted him, "Don't worry, uncle will be fine. "

Su Yang knew that he had misunderstood and did not intend to explain. He turned his head and looked at the drifting rain outside the window. He wondered if that person had an umbrella. Had the car been blocked? Did he catch a cold? Did anyone take care of him if he caught a cold?

Su Yang did not want to think about this, but he could not help it. It was as if the 25 years of waiting and searching had been for this person. It made him unwilling to give up on him just like this.

Just as Su Yang was thinking randomly, Su Yang's big brother, Su Zheng, called.

Su Yang hurriedly took the phone. "Brother, how is Dad? Is it serious? Is Mom alright?"

Su Zheng said, "She's fine. It's just that there's an opening on her leg. Be careful when it rains, don't worry. "

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief and said, "It's good that you're alright. "

He suddenly said, "Qi Qin, hurry up. Turn around. Hurry up. "

Tian Qi Qin knew that he was doing this for that person. He slammed the brakes and turned the car around.

Under the rainstorm, Yee Yan felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable in his heart, but what was left was joy. After all, the heavens did not let down those who had suffered. It was good that he found it.

Yee Yan thought that he couldn't remember him anymore. Then, he would accompany him for the rest of his life and leave the best memories to him. Even if we forget it, we have earned a lifetime. We have so little time together, how can we not cherish it?

"You better remember this. This time, I'll forgive you. If you forget it again, I'll teach you a lesson. " Yee Yan said while gnashing his teeth in anger. However, his peach blossom eyes were filled with joy.

The private detective looked at him, crying and laughing. Just as he was confused, A magnetic voice came from behind him, "Sorry, I don't know who you are. But I know that you are a treasure to me. You are an indispensable existence in my life. Please give me a chance to understand you, enter your life and take care of you, Alright?" After saying that, Su Yang gazed at Yee Yan with a pair of gentle eyes.

Yee Yan suddenly turned around and looked at him. His face was full of embarrassment, but his pair of sparkling peach blossom eyes were staring at Su Yang, as if the whole world was his.

Tian Qi Qin had known Su Yang for a long time, but he had never seen such a gentle look on his face. It was like the probability of Mars hitting the earth. In Su Yang's original life, Except for his family, no one could make him change his expression. And he only managed to get back his occasional smiling face after he returned for more than a year. When he saw this, It was worth it to die.

The four of them allowed the rain to hit them. Yee Yan wanted to say hello to Su Yang, but he couldn't say anything. His head was dizzy and fell to the ground. The last thing he saw was Su Yang rushing over in a hurry.

Su Yang saw Yee Yan lying on the ground. He rushed over anxiously and grabbed Yee Yan from the private detective's hand. He shouted to Tian Qi Qin as he ran, "Qi Qin, hurry and drive to the hospital. Quick. "

Tian Qi Qin immediately got into the car and drove to the hospital, leaving the private detective alone. He shrugged, turned around, and walked back.

When they reached the hospital, he picked up Yee Yan and rushed inside. "Doctor, hurry up, doctor. "

The doctor pushed Yee Yan into the emergency room. Tian Qi Qin called Brother Su and told him about the situation. Brother Su didn't hear him very clearly either. He just told Mother Su and her wife to let her take a look at Father Su.

Su Yang watched as Yee Yan was pushed into the emergency room. His whole body was covered in rainwater as he went back and forth in the corridor. Qi Qin couldn't help but say, "Don't worry, nothing will happen. Why don't you go and change your clothes first, or you will have to go to the hospital. "

Su Yang shook his head and said in a low voice, "No, I'll wait here for him to come out. I want to see him for the first time. "

Qi Qin looked at Su Yang, who was in such a sorry state, and sighed. He felt that he was lost in another person's world. What was even funnier was that he didn't know Su Yang's name.

When Brother Su came over, he saw two people who looked like they had just been fished out of the water. He asked Qi Qin to change into a set of clothes and walked to Su Yang's side and said, "I have never seen you like this. Who is the person inside?"

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