Entangled With The Golden Boy Mason/C1 Rose Hill High; Meeting Him!
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Entangled With The Golden Boy Mason/C1 Rose Hill High; Meeting Him!
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C1 Rose Hill High; Meeting Him!

Stacey was sleeping peacefully when she felt cold drops of liquid on her face. She jumped out of bed in fright, she turned around only to meet her sister Chelsey staring at her with an evil grin plastered on her face.

"Sister, what was that for?" Stacey asked cleaning her face.

"Felt like having some morning fun is not a bad idea, is it?" Chelsey asked and burst into laughter.

"Chelsey no sane person wakes her sister like this, I don't like this." She said calmly.

"Who cares if you like it or not?" She scoffed. "Did you just call me insane Stacey? Apologise right now or you'll get it from me, you know what I can do, don't you?" She yelled angrily.

Stacey who didn't want to get involved in any troubles so early in the morning had no choice but to apologize even though Chelsey was at fault, she feared getting scolded and punished by her mom.

"I'm sorry Chelsey I didn't mean to insult you. Stacey muttered

"Good for you, I would forgive you because I had fun watching how you jumped out of bed when I poured water on your face." Chelsey laughed before she continued. "You know if you hadn't apologized, I would have gone straight to mom and told her you slapped me and you know what would have happened next." She smirked before walking out of her room.

Stacey looked at her not a bit surprised because she had gotten used to her sister's constant lies against her just to get her punished but she couldn't understand why Chelsey her sister has always been cruel to her.

Her Mom's favourite has always been Chelsey but her dad has always loved them both, he was on a business trip that was why Chelsey had the guts to treat Stacey that way this morning.

It was unbelievable that these two girls were twins, they were more fraternal than identical. Stacey was the older one but she was always mistaken for the youngest because she is petite, quiet, smart friendly and her sister will always say the boring one but she is indeed very beautiful. Her sister on the other hand is the tall, crazy, fun-filled, mischievous and savage queen.

They were sixteen and will be turning seventeen in a few months, both in their final year in high school. They will be resuming their new school today, they had to change their school because of Chelsey who best up a girl in their formal school till she lost consciousness, it wasn't the first time she was involved in something like that but their mom always found a way to help her out of it but this time she couldn't because it was the principal's daughter she had beaten up, their Mom insisted Stacey had to move to a new school along with Chelsey, she has always supported Chelsey regardless of what she does but when it's Stacey she blames her for everything that goes wrong.

After Stacey got ready for school she took her backpack and headed downstairs to have breakfast.

"Good morning Aunt Jane." She greeted their cook, a nice lady who does everything to make sure the twins are fine but Chelsey hates her she hates anyone who likes Stacey.

"How are you, Stacey?" Aunt can't ask pulling her into a hug.

"I'm fine aunt, how are you?."

"I'm good Stacey but you don't look fine, is it Chelsey again?" She asked frowning.

Stacey smiled "Aunt Jane I'm fine, what could my sweet sister Chelsey possibly do?"

Aunt Jane knew better than to push the issue any further because Stacey would never say something bad about someone no matter what they had done to her.

"I'm glad you are fine, I made Bacon and eggs for breakfast."

"Wow aunt Jane, thank you so much, please where are Mom and Chelsey? Aren't they having breakfast?"

"They left for school already, she said uncle Luke would drive you to school."

"They left without me but she had told me that she would take me and Chelsey to school today but she left me behind," Stacey mumbled sadly, She has always done all she could to please her mom but her mom was always neglecting her.

"Come on Stacey don't worry about it, eat your breakfast." Aunt Jane patted her back, she didn't want to see Stacey's mood ruined.

"Ok Aunt."

"Thank you, Aunt Jane," Stacey said when I was done having breakfast. "Bye," Stacey muttered hugging her.

"Bye Stacey I'll miss you have a nice day at school." She smiled walk-in Stacey to the door.

Uncle Luke their driver was already in the car when she got outside.

"Good morning uncle Luke." She greeted.

"Morning, Stacey how are you?" Uncle luke asked.

"I'm fine, thank you." She answered getting into the car.

They arrived at the school a few minutes later, Stacey got down from the car, she waved at uncle luke. The inscription ROSE HILL HIGH was in front of the building, the school looked really beautiful and Magnificent, she wasn't surprised a bit, no wonder her sister had chosen this school. She walked in, she was trying to find the principal's office when she bumped into someone almost falling to the ground but a pair of strong hands helped her back to her feet.

"I'm sorry, did you get hurt?" A voice asked.

She raised her head, her eyes met a pair of hazel eyes, the guy standing in front of her was a great definition of charming, he had dark hair, thick brows, a cute nose, his cheekbones were defined and a chiselled jawline.

He had a smile on his face, they stared at each other, she snapped out of her reverie, the last she should be doing was checking him out but she could help but notice how tall he was.

"I'm fine, thank you," she mumbled running away, when she stopped running, she looked in front of her and there it was the principal's office.

She knocked on the door, "come in." She heard a voice say that must be the principal she thought.

She walked in, The principal was a middle-aged woman and she was beautiful.

"Good morning ma'am," she greeted.

"Hello, have a seat." She smiled.

"You must be Stacey right?" She asked when she was seated.

"Yes ma'am, Stacey Mcgrath," Stacey mumbled.

"I'm Mrs Olivia, your Mom and sister were here not too long ago, I've gone through your information and I'm impressed you're a good student, keep it up! Come on I'll show you to your class." The principal told her standing up. She followed her, she stopped right in front of a class, "That's your class go in." She uttered.

She got into the class, "Good morning sir." She greeted the teacher.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The teacher asked staring at her.

"Mr Jones, she's a new student." The principal intervened.

"I thought she was here to see her older sibling." A girl said and the whole class burst out laughing.

"Quiet!" Mr Jones warned and they went silent, he was a strict teacher, the students knew better than to disrespect him.

"I'll be leaving now." Mrs Olivia smiled at her before walking away.

The stares she got from the students made her feel uncomfortable especially the stares from Chelsey and Kayla her best friend. She bent her head, hoping the teacher doesn't ask her to introduce herself.

"Please introduce yourself to the class." The teacher mumbled turning to her.

Oh my, do I have to. She thought to herself. That was one thing she hated about moving to a new school, meeting new people and doing introductions!

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