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C5 The Rumours!

Finn looked at Mason, there was a glint of surprise on his face.

"What's wrong?" Mason asked.

"No I'm just surprised, why do you have Stacey's backpack?" He questioned.

"Oh this, I helped her carry it," Mason replied.

"Wow! That's so unusual and very nice of you Mason." Finn muttered.

A black car drove into the parking lot, "Stacey my driver is here I have to go now, bye." Adriel smiled hugging her.

"Bye Finn, Mason." She waved before getting into the car.

After Adriel's car drove out, Mason turned to her

"How do you intend to go home, Stace?" He asked.

"I'll call my mom," she mumbled taking my phone. She dialled her number but there was no answer, she dialled aunt Jane and she picked up.

"Hello, Aunt," Stacey said.

"Is detention over Stacey?" Aunt Jane asked.

"Yes," Stacey replied.

"Uncle Luke is already on his way to come to pick you up, I love you." Aunt Jane told her.

"I love you so much bye," Stacey mumbled before hanging up.

"Who's was that? You didn't tell me you've got a boyfriend, I'll like to meet him." Mason smiled.

"No, I was speaking to my aunt," Stacey said before hanging up.

"I guess we'll have to wait till someone comes to pick you up before we leave," Mason uttered.

"You don't have to bother Mason, I'm not a kid." Stacey rolled her eyes.

"Really! You are not a kid." He said sarcastically.

"Mason, do you have to taunt me every time?" She asked just then she saw uncle luke drive-in.

"My uncle is here I have to go now, bye Finn!" Stacey muttered.

"Won't you say bye to me, Stace?" Mason asked. "Here's your backpack." He mumbled handing it over to her

"Thank you, Mason, bye." Stacey waved at them before getting into the car.

"Good afternoon Uncle Luke." Stacey greeted.

"How are you, Stacey?" He asked

"I'm fine," Stacey replied.

When they got home, Stacey stepped out of the car and walked to the door, she opened it, there she met her mom pacing the room. she turned to her.

"Good afternoon Mom." Stacey greeted but she ignored her.

"Stacey, where are you coming from?" She snarled

Stacey stopped, her Mom was glaring at her, Chelsey was standing behind her, she had a smirk on her face. Stacey wondered what Chelsey must have told their mother.

"Where are you coming from Stacey?" Her mom barked.

"Good afternoon Mom. Stacey greeted walking inside.

"Where are you coming from?" She asked.

"From school mom," Stacey replied and her mom glared at her. Stacey was pretty sure that Aunt Jane must have told her mom that she got detention or maybe Chelsey told her something else.

"Why are you late?" She asked making Stacey snap out of her thoughts.

Just then Aunt Jane walked into the living room.

"I told you, she had detention." She said to Stacey's mom.

Mom turned to her, "I'm talking to Stacey, let her speak for herself and leave right now, I can't remember inviting you." She snarled. Aunt Jane was about to say something but Stacey shook her head, aunt Jane sighed and walked away.

"I got detention, so I couldn't come along with Chelsey. I'm sorry." Stacey apologised.

"What's your problem, Stacey? You resumed a new school today and you are already causing havoc. Or did you do something bad so you could get detention and avoid coming home on time?" She questioned.

"No Mom, I didn't do anything wrong," Stacey answered.

"Really, is that the best lie you can come up with?" She asked.

"I'm not lying, the teacher thought I was the one who stuck gum to his chair but I didn't. It was Chelsey who did." Stacey told her mom.

"Me! Stacey, now you are blaming me." Chelsey faked surprise.

"Shut your mouth, Stacey!" Mom yelled. "You have no right to accuse Chelsey falsely, you followed a guy you just met today to his house. I'm disappointed in you well I'm not so surprised you've always disappointed me. Leave my presence before I do something we both will regret." Her mom yelled, Stacey tried so hard to stop the tears from falling but they rolled down her cheeks. What guy was Chelsey talking about? She knew Chelsey was going to put her in trouble.

Stacey was walking away when her Mom called her, "Hold onbefore you go. Make sure you stay away from that guy. What's his name?" She asked turning to Chelsey.

"Mason," Chelsey replied smiling.

Stacey ran past Chelsey, she smirked at her. When Stacey got to her room she lay on my bed. Chelsey was very good at lying against her, she could even win an award for that.

Stacey's phone rang, she picked it up. She smiled when she saw the caller.

"Hello, Dad," Stacey mumbled.

"How are you doing my Princess?" He asked.

"I'm fine Dad." She replied.

"You don't sound fine, are you okay?" He asked.

"Yes dad, I'm just tired, How are you, Dad?" She inquired.

"I'm good Stacey. Will you be coming back anytime soon?" Stacey asked.

"I don't know yet but when I'm done with my work over here, I'll be back. I miss you so much." He mumbled.

"I miss you Dad," Stacey uttered.

"I miss you too princess, how is your New school? Did you like it?" He inquired.

"Yes dad the school is great, I even made a new friend." Stacey smiled.

"Wow, Stacey!" He exclaimed.

"Dad, you sound so excited." She laughed.

"Of course, I am excited. Finally, you have a friend. So tell me is it a guy?" From his tone, she knew he was teasing her.

She thought about Mason, why was she even thinking about him? They were not friends, she shrugged the thoughts.

"Are you still there," Dad asked drifting her out of my reverie.

"Dad it's not a guy, it's a girl and her name is Adriel." She smiled.

"Oh, that's great! I can't wait to meet your friend when I get back, What will you want me to get for you when I'm coming back?" He asked.

" I'll be fine with anything you get for me Dad." She muttered.

"I love you, Princess." Her Dad mumbled.

"I love you Dad, Bye." She said before hanging up. She felt so happy after speaking to her Dad.

She heard a knock on her door, she sat up.

"Come in, the door is open," Stacey mumbled.

Aunt Jane walked in, she sat beside me. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." Stacey smiled at her.

"Stacey, you can't fool me with that smile. And why won't you let me speak?" She uttered.

"It will be of no use Aunt Jane besides, it's nothing new. I don't want her to talk to you rudely because of me." Stacey sighed.

"Stacey, it hurts me seeing you this way. I want you to be happy." She smiled pulling her into a hug.

"Thank you, Aunt," Stacey mumbled.

"So tell me, how was your day at your new school?" She asked.

"It was good, I made a new friend Adriel, she's so nice," Stacey told her.

"Really! That's good, I'm happy you got a friend. Was she the only person you spoke to?" Aunt Jane asked.

"Kayla, Chelsey's best friend was there and..." Stacey mumbled.

"And Mason?" She smiled looking at Stacey.

"Aunt! I thought you weren't there when mom was talking." Stacey mumbled surprised.

"I didn't go very far away, they could do anything to you." She frowned.

"They can only talk they won't harm me. You believe I went to Mason's house?" Stacey asked.

"Of course not, even if you did there must have been a good reason." She uttered.

"I didn't go to his house. We were in detention together. When the teacher asked who had stuck the gum to his chair, Chelsey said it was me, then Mason told the teacher he did it." Stacey explained.

"That's so sweet of him. He seems really nice." Aunt Jane smiled.

"He is nowhere near sweet, he is kind of. You know he's complicated this minute he's nice to me the next minute he is annoying." Stacey muttered.

"Are you sure he is annoying? From the smile on your face. I don't think he is." She chuckled.

"It's nothing like that Aunt, he was helpful and friendly to me but Chelsey seems to like him and mom has warned me to stay away from him." Stacey sighed."

"You said he was nice to you right, I don't think there's anything wrong with being friends with him. You know how Chelsey is sometimes, you shouldn't let her get into your head." Aunt Jane patted her shoulder.

"Thank you." Stacey smiled hugging her.

Next Day

She was ready for school after having her breakfast, she got into the car waiting for her Mom and Chelsey, she was still having her breakfast. She had to get ready early enough so she could avoid being left by her mom. She sat in the front seat after some time Mom and Chelsey came to the car. Her mom got into the driver's seat. Chelsey stood, staring at her, she refused to get into the car,

"Go to the back seat I want to seat at the front." She ordered.

"But I'm sitting here already," Stacey said calmly.

"Stacey, it doesn't matter, does she need to repeat herself. Just do as she says and go to the back right now." Her Mom snapped.

She got down from the car, Chelsey was smiling. She went to the back, a few minutes later they had arrived at the school.

"Bye Mom." Chelsey waved when we got down from the car.

"Bye darling, have a day." Mom smiled waving at her.

"Bye, mom," Stacey mumbled.

"Come here, Stacey." She said to me. When she got to her, she smiled. "Stay far away from Mason, if Chelsey brings any report to me, you would be done for." She harshed before driving away.

She sighed walking into the school, on her way to the class, she saw two girls muttering to themselves when they saw her, but she ignored them.

What caught her attention was when

Some other group of girls started saying to her hearing. She stopped, listening to them.

"She's such a cheap brat, she just came to this yesterday but she's throwing herself at Mason." She heard them say.

"Her name is Stacey, do you think that he likes her? He's just gonna use and dump her, she's going to retreat once she faces Scarlett's wrath." The others said and they burst out laughing.

A girl amongst them pointed at me," I despise her I never thought she can be so cheap, she looks so innocent but she isn't. Looks can be deceiving."

Stacey couldn't listen to their words anymore, she walked to the class, when she got there. The students looked in her direction. Some were glaring at her, others whispering amongst themselves. She wondered who was spreading the rumours about her and Mason. She had no idea who Scarlett was and what her relationship with Mason was. Or was she Mason's girlfriend? she sighed walking to her seat, she bent her head when she sat down.

"Hi, Stacey." She heard a voice say, she raised her head and saw Finn and Mason standing in front of me.

"Hello, Finn how are you?" Stacey asked.

"I'm fine and you?" He inquired.

"I'm doing great. She replied.

"Hey, Stace." Mason smiled.

"Hi," she mumbled looking away.

"Stacey, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?" Mason asked.

"Yes, I would love it if you stay away from me, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Thank you for all help you rendered to me but I'll be fine on my own." Stacey mumbled.

"What's wrong Stace? I thought we were cool. Where's all this coming from? Did anyone say anything to you?" He asked calmly.

"Don't you get It! I do appreciate your help but I don't want it anymore. Just stay away from me, let me be." Stacey uttered and ran out of the class.


"Stacey just made your work easier. Chelsey, you came up with such a good plan. Go talk to Mason, this might be a good time for you to become friends with him." Kayla smiled.

"I'm not so sure about that, he looks worried about what Stacey said to him," Chelsey replied.

"Come on Chelsey, forget about that. This is an opportunity for you, just go already." Kayla mumbled dragging Chelsey with her.

"Okay, fine. I'll go." Chelsey sighed walking to Mason.

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