Entrapped By Love/C1 It Was Meant to be My Food
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Entrapped By Love/C1 It Was Meant to be My Food
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C1 It Was Meant to be My Food

"I heard there's going to be a transfer today," said a young man with dyed yellow hair, shaking his leg like a ruffian.

"How many times have I told you not to shake your legs?" A young man, his hands folded on his desk, slept with his book over his head.

"Hey! Hey! Don't be a sissy all day. What can I do to you if I shake my leg?" The yellow-haired young man nudged the sleeping young man with his elbow.

"Nangong Feng, I'm f * cking sitting at the same table as you. What do you think you can do to me if you shake your leg? The table is about to fly. Hurry up and get the hell out of here. Change the table."

"Nangong Feng, I also have a deep understanding. My motivation is about to catch up to the massage stick. You keep kicking my stool." Xiao Ming, who was sitting in front of Nangong Feng, agreed with Mo Fann's words. His legs were shaking so much that it was really disturbing.

"Oh, shit, you guys can't even stand a shake of the leg?"

Nan Mingli saw the indignant Mo Fann from the corner of his eye. He shrugged and gave up struggling. He obediently put down his legs.

"Hey, I'm talking to you. I said there's a transfer student today."

"If there is, then there is. Why are you so excited?"

"I heard she's a beauty!"

"Are you out of your mind? We're a boys' school! Where did this beauty come from?"

As soon as Xiao Ming heard the word "little beauty, he silently turned his little head again. Mo Fann, this is what you don't understand. We can be men. Those who are good looking are all beauties."

"So what if you're good looking? You're still a beauty? Then you're not bad looking either. Are you also a beauty?" Mo Fann curled his lips in disdain.

"Xiao Ming, let me tell you, Mo Fann is a BUG. He only has one person in his head, male or female. Because it's him, he doesn't think he's gay."

"Do you want to die?"

"It doesn't matter. If I can bring you back to life, I really don't mind letting you kill me." Nangong Feng placed his feet on the table and did not shake his legs anymore. Originally, he wanted to say something serious, but his rogue aura was very strong.

"Don't disturb my sleep." Mo Fann did not want to discuss this matter. This was something he did not want to remember.

"You only know how to escape. Coward."

"Get lost!"

"Students, be quiet. A transfer student came to our class today. Everyone, welcome him."

"Damn, this is a f * cking girl. Xiao Ming, a girl has come to our class. I feel like I'm going to be single!"

"Are you sure it's a girl? We're a boys' school!"

"Then I'm willing to be bent."

"Hello, everyone. My name is Lo Xiaoli, Luo of Luo Shen, Liuli of Liu Li. My grandfather wanted me to be as clean as jade, so he gave me this name. I'm very happy to be able to get to know everyone and hope to have an in-depth conversation with Big Shout. I like making friends very much, and I might be a little chatty occasionally. I hope everyone doesn't hate me." Lo Xiaoli's voice was very pleasant, like an oriole out of the valley, crisp and sweet but not noisy, every word was said very clearly, and after he finished speaking, he even smiled shyly, his eyes curved, and two dimples appeared, which was extremely cute, and one could hear the gasps from the seats.

To the boys' school, Lo Xiaoli's arrival was like a group of hungry teenagers walking in a thirsty desert, waiting to be moistened by a raindrop lake. And Lo Xiaoli had no idea what was waiting for him, and was still smiling foolishly.

"Mo Fann, get up. There's a loli here. She's silly and sweet."

Mo Fann rubbed his eyes and raised his head. He looked at the person standing on the podium, who was smiling foolishly. He only smiled obliquely, put his hands on the back of the chair, and rocked back and forth. He slowly said, "He's mine!"

The first time Mo Fann saw Lo Xiaoli, he felt that perhaps this was the person who could make him walk out. It was not love at first sight, nor was it love at first sight. Instead, it was to forget that he needed a new person, someone who could bring him happiness. The person in front of him was stupid. Even if he knew that he didn't like him, he would just laugh it off and continue to live a simple life.

"Lo Xiaoli, go find a seat!" The homeroom teacher's rare gentle tone allowed Lo Xiaoli to choose his own seat, and sure enough, he was cute and lovable. The boys all straightened their backs, like soldiers waiting for the queen to call them.

Mo Fann did not take the initiative to approach him. He could see that although Lo Xiaoli was soft and cute, he did not look like he had ever been in love. If he took the initiative to approach him, he would probably be defined as a friend and would not be able to go any further. What he needed was to capture Lo Xiaoli step by step and station him in his heart.

"Mo Fann, your smile is very terrifying. Do you know that?"


"Yes, you look at Lo Xiaoli as if you want to eat him."

"Yes, I just want to eat him."

"F * ck, are you trying to steal him from me?"

"Do you think that the person I like will follow you?"

Nangong Feng rolled his eyes speechlessly. Where did this f * cking confidence come from?

"You don't believe me?"


"Then just wait and see. He is destined to be my food!" Mo Fann held a pen in one hand and tapped the table rhythmically. The corner of his mouth curled up.

"Bullsh * t! I took a fancy to him first. Tsk tsk, just a moment ago, he had a look of abstinence, but now he's captured?"

"What a glutton!"

"Lust is emptiness! Brother, if you want to get a girlfriend, go find someone else!"

"I will introduce you to him. This is mine!"

"What the f * ck! What do you think he is? Fair competition!"

"Sure! However, this is destined to be unfair. After all, hehe!" Mo Fann glanced at Nangong Feng and curled one corner of his mouth. He said with some disdain, "They are not at the same level."

"Get lost! We really deserve each other!"

Mo Fann was too lazy to bother with him. In any case, it was not a real fight. They were good friends, and the two families were family friends. Nangong Feng was not bad. Although he looked like a hooligan and he was not in the mood, he knew that Nangong Feng was very outstanding, had good grades, and was very good at managing the company. Unfortunately, he had always been above him.

Mo Fann supported his cheek with his hand as he watched Lo Xiaoli choose his seat. Lo Xiaoli was really a little fool. He frowned and stopped!

Lo Xiaoli, on the other hand, was thinking that he wasn't too tall, but he wasn't too short either. If he sat in the first row, he would block people, and if he sat in the last row, he would be blocked. So he walked to the middle, but there was no empty seat in the middle.

"It's quite cute."

"Of course, I like it!"

Nangong Feng took over Mo Fann's words. His legs were shaking as if he was already his.

"It's not certain who will win."

"Of course, is it a fair competition?"

"Hello, I am Lo Xiaoli."

Lo Xiaoli sat down and greeted his deskmate.

"I know."

"Then what's your name?"

His deskmate was so cool. It was a little cold. Without saying a word, he threw a book at him. Lan Yan, what a good name. Lan Yan's confidant, she's so pretty!

"Your name is Lan Yan? It's so nice to hear. There are very few people with the surname Lan." Lo Xiaoli did not give up on building a good relationship with his deskmate and continued to work hard.

"You're so good-looking. You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen."

... ""

"Say something. Your voice is so nice. It's such a waste not to speak!"

... ""

"Aiya, where are we having lunch? Can I have lunch with you?"

"Shut up." Lan Yan could not take it anymore. Other than his face, this guy was really annoying.

"Hmm, if I don't say anything, then you have to take me to lunch."

Lan Yan was truly defeated. Why was he so talkative?

"Get up."

"Are you going out?"


"Then I'll go with you!"

"What are you going to do?"

"My deskmates are all my best friends, and they all came out together."

"The toilet? You want to go with me?" Wang Yao asked.

"Oh, then you can go. I went there last class." Lo Xiaoli stood up and made way for him, watching Lan Yan walk out with a cold face.

"My name is Nangong Feng."

"Hello, my name is Lo Xiaoli." Lo Xiaoli felt that the boy in front of him was a ruffian. He couldn't be a bad student, right?

"We are fated to meet. Look, there is a word 'Li' in your name. Let me tell you, your deskmate is very annoying. He has a cold face all day long and is very arrogant."

"No, my deskmate is super handsome."

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