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C13 Lori Is so Dirty

"All right, all right, he's a man, why should he need your protection? Do you think he's a flower?" Xiao Ming was depressed. That was enough. Why didn't a boy have the strength to fight back? He might as well tie him up with a rope and pretend to be pitiful.

Lo Xiaoli died... Was it his fault that he was so good-looking?

"No need, no need. You really don't need to protect me. Actually, I can fight too, really." Lo Xiaoli could really fight, but he couldn't fight. If he did, something bad would happen.

"Ignore him." Lan Yan glanced at Xiao Ming, telling him to speak carefully. Xiao Ming was so angry that he didn't want to say anything else. He stomped his feet and obediently sat on the chair.

"Why are you still waiting for us to treat you?"

Is he so angry that he has nowhere to vent his anger... Lo Xiaoli shook his head, feeling so helpless... You look so bad.

"Alright, then I'll set the question. You guys get ready, it's very difficult."

"How hard can your brain be?"

"Xiao Ming, why didn't I notice that your mouth is so cheap? Can't you just stay here obediently?" Nangong Feng couldn't bear it any longer. Why couldn't Xiao Ming even speak properly because of Lan Yan? It was only because Lo Xiaoli was there that Mo Fann didn't kill him. His mouth was full of nonsense, and he didn't know how to pay attention to it.

"You are also on his side?" Xiao Ming's eyes turned red. He didn't expect even Nangong Feng to not be on his side.

"Come here." Nangong Feng pulled Xiao Ming to the next room and threw him against the wall. Two long arms wrapped around Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming was a little nervous and extremely obedient.

"Heh, now you're being honest. Are you stupid? Why do you keep making things difficult for Lo Xiaoli?"

"I just hate him. All of you are on his side. Only he is good looking. He is good in every way."

"Are you f * cking crazy? Where is your usual cleverness? I am on your side. Are you crazy?"

"How are you on my side? You only know how to scold me. You said my mouth is cheap."

"I f * cking said your mouth is cheap because I think highly of you. Do you have a brain? Am I spoiling you too much? Am I spoiling you too much? It was obvious that Mo Fann wanted to protect Lo Xiaoli, but why did you have to be satisfied with your eloquence? Do you want your family to die with you? "

" What does it have to do with my family? "

" Heh, hey, I have a short temper. What else do you have other than a cheap mouth? Who gave you your biggest business? It was the Mo family, do you understand? I don't blame you, but can you listen to me?"

Xiao Ming's eyes widened, and his eyes were a little flustered. That's right. His family's biggest business was given to him by the Mo family. It was also because Nangong Feng was good to him that Mo Fann handed over the business to their medium-sized company, which was stuck at a bottleneck. If Lo Xiaoli was angry, Mo Fann would definitely withdraw his investment in anger.

Then his family would die because of him.

Nangong Feng looked at Xiao Ming's gradually pale face and knew that he had probably thought it through. He hugged Xiao Ming and helped him calm down. "Alright, don't cry anymore. I still love you."

"You chased me because you couldn't catch up to Lo Xiaoli."

"Bullshit! I didn't even chase him!"

"Then you also want to chase me."

"Then why are you chasing after Lan Yan? Are you trying to anger me?"

"No, I like Lan Yan."

"Fine, fine, fine. You can like whoever you like, but I won't wait on you. When my attitude gets better, you won't be able to touch Lo Xiaoli's background. He is well brought up and has a good temper. Don't think of him as your capital to cause trouble, or else Lan Yan won't let you off either."

Xiao Ming just watched as Nangong Feng walked away elegantly. He just wanted to take a bridge. Why didn't this person say a few more words to coax him? He stomped his feet impatiently and walked back to his seat.

When he came back, he was full of smiles. He was as cute and playful as usual.

"That Lo Xiaoli was sorry just now. I'm not in a good mood, so... You know."

"What does he know?" Mo Fann played with a strand of Lo Xiaoli's ahoge. His attitude was indifferent, and he didn't even look up.

"Uh, I'm sorry. It was my bad attitude just now. I won't do it again in the future. Please forgive me." Xiao Ming stood in front of Lo Xiaoli and bowed ninety degrees.

Nangong Feng was dead. This idiot just wanted him to have a better attitude. Why the hell was he bowing? It was too f * cking awkward.

Lo Xiaoli hurriedly stood up and reached out his hand to block Xiao Ming: "Xiao Ming, what are you doing? I'm not angry. Really, don't be like this. It's so scary. Let's continue to play. I still have questions to ask. If you don't answer them correctly later, drink two bottles, okay?" Lo Xiaoli answered with a smile. He did not refuse his apology and gave Xiao Ming another way out.

Mo Fann was very satisfied. He felt that the little fool was not necessarily a fool. Other than being talkative and angry, he was also very tactful.

Boss Loong was also satisfied. It seemed like he had to play some tricks.

"Sure, my alcohol tolerance is not a problem."

"Are you stupid? I told you to be nice. Why are you so pretentious?" Nangong Feng whispered to Xiao Ming.

"Humph, isn't this sincere?"

"Damn you, you idiot. You can't communicate. You don't have a brain and only have a temper."

In fact, Xiao Ming understood. He wanted to pretend as if nothing had happened and then change his attitude, but he didn't know why, so he just wanted to point it out to Lo Xiaoli. He had been bullied because of him.

"Then I'll come up with a question!"


"It grows halfway up the mountain, with skin and hair. It is five or six inches long, and its grandchildren are all wrapped inside. Guess. It's not hard to say, but it's not easy to say." Lo Xiaoli smiled slyly.

Mo Fann's face turned green. The little fool knew how to tell dirty jokes and lacked discipline. He would definitely teach him a lesson later. This kind of riddle could only be answered by him, and after that, he would have sex with him. How awkward would that be? A bunch of men faced Diao's question.

Xiao Ming was a little restless. He rubbed against the stool. He really wanted to answer it. There was no mistake, he didn't need to drink anymore.

"Why are you rubbing yourself? Why didn't I touch you just now? Is it itchy?" Nangong Feng's legs were trembling. His face was full of disdain. He was angry at him.

"Nangong Feng, watch your words."


"Are you sure you want to answer?" Lan Yan's face was wooden, and his tone was unfriendly. He never would have thought that Lo Xiaoli, who looked as pure and clean as warm sunlight, would come up with such a dirty riddle. Isn't it awkward?

"I say, little beauty, who did you learn this riddle from?" Boss Loong was not afraid of big trouble. If there was no reaction in the bed, there would be no fun. This little guy could even come up with colored riddles.

"Did you read it in a book? None of you know how to do it?" Lo Xiaoli was stunned... Was this question that difficult? This was not considered difficult in his mind, and it belonged to the middle and upper class. He actually didn't know how to do it?

"Dior!" Xiao Ming was the first to answer, not wanting to drink.

"Damn." Nangong Feng didn't understand what Dior meant when he saw Lo Xiaoli's expression.



Mo Fann grabbed Lo Xiaoli's hand and touched his second brother, meaning that he...

Lo Xiaoli's face turned red... What's wrong with asking a riddle? What's wrong with it?

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