Entrapped By Love/C14 A Terrified Mo Fan Cried out
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Entrapped By Love/C14 A Terrified Mo Fan Cried out
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C14 A Terrified Mo Fan Cried out

Lo Xiaoli gritted his teeth in anger. He was fuming with anger. What was going on? He was obviously taking advantage of him. I only came up with a riddle, so what? How did I get taken advantage of and have someone else's dick? [Why is such a pure and innocent question so sad?] [What kind of bullsh * t answer is that?]

"Don't go too far." Lan Yan was finally willing to save Lo Xiaoli. Lo Xiaoli gave Lan Yan a grateful smile, but unfortunately, other than saying a single sentence, Lan Yan did not have any other expression. Lo Xiaoli was a little disappointed, and his heart inexplicably throbbed with pain, as if a seed that had yet to germinate had been defeated and disappeared.

"You can tell us the answer now, little one."

"Then everyone, listen carefully. All of you have been annihilated. The answer is... corn..." Lo Xiaoli pretended to be mysterious and let out a long sigh.

It was really a very reasonable answer that would shock a person's jaw. This was like Lo Xiaoli's riddle.

"Then we have all lost. Baby, how are you going to punish us?"

"Xiao Ming, Nangong Feng, Lan Yan, drink."

"What about me?" Mo Fann pointed at himself with his beautiful finger.

"You? You're not allowed to touch me..." Lo Xiaoli twisted his body to escape Mo Fann's embrace and rolled his eyes at him. How should he put it? No matter how beautiful a person was, they were beautiful. At least, that was what Mo Fann thought. Rolling his eyes at him was flirting with him.

"Why?" Mo Fann's expression was like a big, boneless dog, innocent and pitiful.

"Didn't you lose? If you lose, I can make any request I want."

... "" He was vomiting blood in his heart. He finally got a kiss and a hug, and now he was just waiting to go to base. A riddle had sent him back to the beach.

"Drink, drink!"

The few of them raised their glasses and drank in an especially carefree manner. Xiao Ming didn't feel any pressure from the two bottles that he had agreed on earlier. The atmosphere was very good and they had a good time. Although there were some small incidents, it didn't affect their relationship. Mo Fann was the only one who was depressed.

"Boss Loong, then we'll leave first."

"Come back if you have the chance."

"Of course."

"Little guy, we have a long time ahead of us."

Every time Lo Xiaoli faced Boss Loong's strange smile, he would feel his hair stand on end. Would they really not feel that wearing a Tang suit to act like a hooligan was very inappropriate?

"It's been a good day. Lo Xiaoli, I'm a little drunk. Can I sleep with you?" Xiao Ming just wanted to get into bed, but it was hard to say whose bed he would appear in in the middle of the night.

"You can, but the bed is a little small."

"It's fine. I sleep well."

Xiao Ming hugged Lo Xiaoli's arm and acted coquettishly. Lo Xiaoli could not refuse, so he could only reluctantly agree. It was just that it might be hard on Lan Yan, Xiao Ming should be heading for Lan Yan, would he be crawled out of bed in the middle of the night?

"Oh, I forgot my cell phone. I'll get it."

"I'll go with you!"

"No need, I'll just get something and come back immediately."

Mo Fann watched Lo Xiaoli leave and sat on a stone stool in the alley.

Nangong Feng took out a cigarette and handed it to Mo Fann, "Want one?"

"No, baby doesn't like the smell of smoke."

"How long has it been? You were already eaten to death?"

Mo Fann was too lazy to answer. He stretched lazily and looked at Lan Yan. "Do you still want to fight?"

"What are you fighting for?"

"Lo Xiaoli."

"I will protect him. We are different."

"I hope so." Mo Fann did not say anything else and continued to sit on the stone stool, waiting for Lo Xiaoli.

Seeing that Lo Xiaoli still hadn't returned after a few minutes, Mo Fann couldn't help but worry if he had met another bad guy.

"Where are you going?" Nangong Feng threw away the cigarette butt and kicked it.

"Go and see why Lo Xiaoli still hasn't returned."


"No need. I'll call you if there's anything."

"Ah, what do you want?" Lo Xiaoli was thrown against the wall of the private room by a powerful force. The strong impact made the corners of Lo Xiaoli's eyes moisten slightly, and a burning pain came from his back. His bones were about to break.

"Si!" Lo Xiaoli frowned in pain and couldn't help but gasp. He looked at the man with his hands by his side and felt a little nervous. He didn't know what this person was going to do, but this position was too ambiguous and too dangerous. This was already out of his range of contact with strangers, and he didn't think anyone would stop him for no reason.

"What for? Of course it's to do what you think. Did you think about love when you were inside?" The man had an evil smile on his face and leaned closer to Lo Xiaoli.

Only now did Lo Xiaoli realize that she didn't want to hit him. He thought that she had vented her anger on him because she had just been hit, but what did she mean now? Did she want to violate him?

Lo Xiaoli was obviously nervous, even afraid. There was no one else in the room except for this man. If he asked for help, would anyone come to save him?

"What, what are you doing? I am a man. I'm a boy, so don't be impulsive. My friends are all out there, and they all know the boss here. They're very powerful." Lo Xiaoli tried to persuade the man.

However, the man only sneered and did not take Lo Xiaoli's words seriously at all.

"So what? I'm still from this alley. Where's the boss? Who can do anything to me? I was just not on guard just now, but the people standing outside the box are all my men. I wanted to take you for myself, but now I want everyone to have a good time."

The man kept getting closer, and his strong body made Lo Xiaoli feel that I was very oppressive. Lo Xiaoli stepped back with a pale face.

Until he retreated to the corner of the wall, the man stepped on a stool with one leg, placed his hands on either side of Lo Xiaoli, and trapped him in his arms.

"Hide, continue to hide. The game of cat and mouse is the most interesting. If you don't dodge and just let me do it, I will find it boring."

With that, the man held Lo Xiaoli's arm with one hand, raised his hands above his head, and tore Lo Xiaoli's thin shirt with the other.

Lo Xiaoli dodged in fear, but he only saw interest in the man's eyes and the look in his eyes as if he was treating his prey.

The man was invading his territory. Lo Xiaoli tried to resist, but he was only beaten and humiliated by the man.

Lo Xiaoli was thrown to the ground. He could not feel the pain of his skin rubbing against the ground, but his heart was filled with despair.

Lo Xiaoli even made the choice of death, the last resistance, but the more Lo Xiaoli insisted, the more excited the man became.

Lo Xiaoli seemed to have used up all of his strength. His eyes were bloodshot, and his voice was hoarse and filled with fear, as if he was a vengeful spirit from hell.

Mo Fann, who was looking for Lo Xiaoli in the hall, heard such a roar in his anxiety. There was fear, expectation, and despair in it. This voice was his Lo Xiaoli's treasure.

The roar was calling his name, "Mo Fann."

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