Entrapped By Love/C16 You're Responsible for Me
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Entrapped By Love/C16 You're Responsible for Me
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C16 You're Responsible for Me

"First shower?" Mo Fann carried Lo Xiaoli back to his small apartment. To be honest, Mo Fann had already reached his limit. If it wasn't for Lo Xiaoli, he would have already torn his clothes. Carrying a gun to the battlefield was the main theme.

"It's so hot."

"All right, take off your clothes first." It was only then that Mo Fann realized how good sweatpants were. They were convenient, convenient, and didn't require any complicated steps. They were done in a second.

Mo Fann couldn't help but curse when he saw them. These legs were too beautiful. He was afraid that he would have a nosebleed.

However, he had promised to take a bath first. He was a man of his word. He carried Lo Xiaoli and went straight to the bathroom.

When he came into contact with the slightly cold water, Lo Xiaoli felt a little refreshed. Even his mind seemed to have cleared up a little, and it was not as hot anymore. Lo Xiaoli let out a comfortable breath, but how could Mo Fann, who had a bad heart, give up on eating the little sheep? The temperature of the water was instantly raised, and Lo Xiaoli felt so hot that he was about to cry.

"Baby, do you want me to serve you?"

Lo Xiaoli only heard about service, but he did not know anything about service. He opened his misty peach blossom eyes and vividly demonstrated his innocence.

Lo Xiaoli didn't know how it had developed like this. He had never thought of puppy love. Of course, he was already eighteen years old, but in his eyes, it was also puppy love. He still thought that when he graduated from university, he would find someone he liked or follow the arrangements made for him by the Lo family.

After all, he was enjoying the happiness that the Lo family had given him, and he had to bear the pain for the Lo family.

However, he didn't feel any pain. They loved him very much, and he also loved everyone in the Lo family.

And what was he doing now? Doing something that was probably a betrayal of the Lo family. After all, he didn't do what they thought he would do, and he didn't do what he came to this school for.

If he took this step, he would probably be a sinner of the Lo family. His brother loved him very much, and his father doted on him very much. They would not blame him, but they would be disappointed, right?

They would be disappointed that they would be the first person to covet pleasure, disappointed that they did not even have the slightest awareness of sacrificing themselves for the family.

He had thought about falling in love and then letting go. Was it really okay? Once a man fell in love, he couldn't let go, could he? That was what he wanted.

A man to be with him all his life, a simple, happy life, not a lot of money, cooking and cooking, hugging each other at night, being comforted by thunder, a man to stand by him when he was alone and tell him not to be afraid of me.

He was probably a coward, he had so many things he wanted, and yet he was afraid of losing them, and now he was struggling inside, angels fighting demons.

In the end, reason lost to the heart, and Lo Xiaoli handed himself over to Mo Fann in one piece. He only hoped that in the days to come, Mo Fann would belong to him alone, and they could be happy together.

The night seemed to pass very quickly, but it also seemed to pass very slowly. In any case, although it was his first time in bed and he was taking care of Lo Xiaoli, Lo Xiaoli was also tortured to death. All kinds of positions were tried.

However, the person in front of him had fallen asleep with a satisfied expression on his face. There was no one to blame him.

Although Lo Xiaoli had been drugged, he still had his memories.

On the bed, on the sofa, in the bathroom, he even played with a window... It was really the bright moonlight in front of the bed. The window was so beautiful. Lo Xiaoli covered his face with his hands. He was so shy and wanted to die. What should he do? Why not just kill Mo Fann?

"Are you trying to strangle me?"

Mo Fann opened his sleepy eyes and smiled. A man who was full of food and drink had a good temper.

"You, you... I... you..."

Lo Xiaoli pointed at himself and then at Mo Fann, speaking incoherently.

"Yes, you bullied me. You have to be responsible for me."

You have to be responsible for me, you have to be responsible for me, you have to be responsible for me...

Lo Xiaoli wanted to cry but had no tears. He did not want to speak.

Lo Xiaoli really didn't want to speak. He was the one who was bullied, so why did Mo Fann look like he didn't want to be responsible? He felt depressed and didn't want to speak.

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

"What do you think happened to me? What's wrong with me? What's wrong?" Lo Xiaoli was in a bad mood and started to throw a tantrum.

"What's wrong? Where does it hurt? Or do you want it? I can only know what you are thinking if you tell me. As long as you want it, I will satisfy you even if I die in bed." Mo Fann's righteous look simply refreshed Lo Xiaoli's worldview.

"Who wants it? Who wants it? You big pervert, are you a pervert? This is the first time, the first time, you actually bullied me like that! You didn't even give me a chance." Lo Xiaoli felt that his heart was stuffed with good intentions. No matter what, he was still a big boy, so he should have the initiative, right? What was he doing now? The most terrible thing was that he had cried all night. Just thinking about it made him feel ashamed.

"I didn't bully you. I just love you."

"Are you stupid? Are you stupid? I don't want to talk to you. You know what I am thinking, yet you still make fun of me." Lo Xiaoli was depressed. He felt that Mo Fann was doing this on purpose, deliberately distorting his meaning.

"Heh, little guy, you still want to counterattack?" Mo Fann laughed. With this kitten's appearance, how could he attack? With thin arms and legs, it was obvious that he was feeling good.

"What's wrong? Why can't I fight back? Let me tell you, it's not good to not want to fight back." Lo Xiaoli sat up and shouted something very unyielding, if his voice was not hoarse.

Now that he said those words with a hoarse voice, it was especially funny. For example, Mo Fann was happy now, holding his stomach and laughing uncontrollably.

"Alright, alright. When you can counterattack in the future, I will listen to you. I will do whatever you want me to do, alright? Don't be angry. Are you uncomfortable? I think you can't even sit still. "

... "" Of course I can't sit still. Liu-Li thought, Do you know how I feel? My body and mind are both in pain.

Mo Fann rubbed Lo Xiaoli's waist and said, "This is also my first time. I have no experience. Aren't you a little ruthless?"

... "" Angry, he pouted and did not want to speak.

"Does rubbing like this make you feel better?"


"Are you angry that I took advantage of you yesterday?"

Mo Fann buried his face in Lo Xiaoli's neck and said, "It's my fault. I took advantage of him, but even if I had to choose again, I would do it."


"I want you. I like you very much when I'm with you."

Mo Fann rubbed his head against Lo Xiaoli's neck, which could be considered as a kind of coquettish flattery. The initial reasons turned into deep love after a short contact. He didn't know if it was because the love was too shallow, but he didn't want to let go after getting it.

"Keep your hair away from me. Your neck is itchy."

"No, I won't touch you, but I have to be closer to you."

"What do we do today? How do we go to school?"

"I took a leave of absence and said you have a fever!"

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