Entrapped By Love/C4 It's Not a Serious Thing to be with You
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Entrapped By Love/C4 It's Not a Serious Thing to be with You
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C4 It's Not a Serious Thing to be with You

"Well, let's go." Lo Xiaoli got up and skipped towards the door. Looking at his silly look, he didn't look like a high school student at all, but more like a primary school student. Well, this skipping look was like a primary school student going to the grocery store to buy five cents' worth of spicy strips. He didn't know what attracted him to the door, but he actually left the three handsome guys behind.

The atmosphere of the three people behind him was a little strange. The corner of Lan Yan's mouth raised slightly, and his slightly evil eyes looked at Lo Xiaoli's lively back.

Mo Fann's expression was gentle, and the corner of his mouth maintained a perfect smile. However, anyone with eyes could see that the air pressure was very low, and his face was very ugly. He couldn't understand why Lo Xiaoli was so clingy to Lan Yan, and how Lan Yan could let Lo Xiaoli go so easily.

The most relaxed one was none other than Nangong Feng. Although Nangong Feng was very shrewd in business, he was too sincere to his friends, so much so that he would believe that Mo Fann, that fox, would join forces with him. The corner of his mouth opened wide, revealing a pair of white teeth. He put his hands behind his head, leaned his head against his hands, and whistled. He lazily walked at the back with his long legs. They were going to eat together anyway, so it didn't matter what rank he got.

But Nangong Feng was wrong. Mo Fann left quickly. It was a premeditated and organized crime.

He wanted to know what Mo Fann was doing.

On the way back, Mo Fann used his long legs to surpass Lan Yan's. He stood beside Lo Xiaoli and all the way to the dining hall. He thoughtfully helped Lo Xiaoli block the crowded crowd and protected him in his arms. He also helped Lo Xiaoli order his food. He knew that Lo Xiaoli liked spicy food and didn't like to eat too salty food. He also knew that desserts were not too sweet. When he sat down, he directly sat beside Lo Xiaoli and served him very well. He was a professional in serving tea and water. Nangong Feng was also convinced. He had calculated every minute and second of this scheme.

"Lan Yan, Lan Yan, do you want to eat my chili?" Lo Xiaoli picked up a piece of fried red chili with his chopsticks and handed it to Lan Yan.

"Are you stupid? Chili is the side dish!" Lan Yan was still indifferent.

"Lan Yan, don't you have any common sense? This kind of fried chili isn't spicy at all. Instead, it's very fragrant and crispy." No, he had to continue selling it. It was obviously very delicious. Good things must be shared with everyone. Hmm, we are all good friends. Let's eat chili together.

"I don't eat spicy food."

"Ah? Lan Yan, you're afraid of spicy food! Hahaha, the next time you ignore me, I'll pour chili powder into your water."

... ""


Nangong Feng looked at the people who were looking at him and had no choice but to apologize. "Sorry, sorry, I couldn't hold back my laughter. I'll shut up now." After saying that, he even covered his mouth with his hand to prove that he didn't speak anymore.

"Mo Fann, do you want to eat it? It's really delicious."

Mo Fann looked at Lo Xiaoli's crystal-like eyes that were shining with seven colors. He really couldn't bear to refuse, but he really didn't like spicy food.

"Is Mo Fann also afraid of spicy food? Why are you all afraid? What about Nangong Feng?"

Mo Fann was mentally prepared and hurriedly interrupted Nangong Feng.

"No, I want spicy food!" After saying that, Mo Fann used Lo Xiaoli's chopsticks to eat the chili that had finally been sold. Hmm, really... Who said it wasn't spicy... He lowered his head and pretended to drink water, then drank again.

Lo Xiaoli lowered his head and looked at his chopsticks with a red face. He felt incredulous and shy at the same time. Whenever he faced Mo Fann, he would have the illusion that he was being flirted with. What should he do? His heart was beating so fast and he was so nervous.

Mo Fann, who was beside him, had been shouting for a long time and had to keep smiling. He kept saying that it was delicious, so Lo Xiaoli fed him a few more.

What was the situation now? Nangong Feng laughed until he was rocking back and forth. He kept slapping his thigh with one hand. His laughter attracted more than half of the students who were eating lunch. The students had a doting attitude towards Nangong Feng, who had always been mentally unsound. They laughed and laughed. Then, Nangong Feng choked on his saliva because of his laughter. It turned into laughing, laughing, coughing, and so it became a tragic hiccup. His doting eyes became a little pitying. It seemed that everyone was used to being careless and always offline. There was nothing they could do about it. Nangong Feng was handsome. No matter if men and women were good-looking, they were always in demand. After all, this was an era where looks reigned supreme!

"What are you laughing at?" Lo Xiaoli blinked his beautiful peach blossom eyes and looked innocent.

"I'm not laughing at all. I'm just happy. Little loli, get your big brother Li a cup of water. It's uncomfortable to belch."

Nangong Feng was laughing at Mo Fann. He clearly couldn't eat spicy food, but he pretended to like it. His face was as red as the traffic lights. It was a wonder of the world to see this kind of embarrassment on Mo Fann. However, he might not be able to see it again in the future. He had to smile more. Yes, he had to laugh to his heart's content.

"Oh, okay, Brother Li." Lo Xiaoli smiled and went to get water for his Brother Li, not feeling that there was anything wrong with it at all.

However, the three big boys looked at Lo Xiaoli's back as he fetched the water. They all had their own thoughts. Mo Fann felt that he had actually tacitly agreed to Nangong Feng's brother Li... This was a huge enmity. He actually let Nangong Feng, this second fool, beat him to it.

Lan Yan, on the other hand, felt that this little fool was too dangerous in this school. All the boys' schools were filled with wolves, and all they lacked were sheep. This kind of silly and sweet lolita temperament that was full of silliness all day long would easily attract wolves and danger. It seemed that he had to keep an eye on her... Forget it, what did it have to do with him? The two wolves beside him were considered experts, so he would just leave them to them.

"Here, brother! Should I help you pat your back and calm down?" Lo Xiaoli smiled brightly. His bad look was especially cute. Nangong Feng wanted to pinch Lo Xiaoli's face, which still had some baby fat. How could a boy be so good-looking? If he didn't bend, he would be sorry to look into Lo Xiaoli's eyes. It was really sad. The steel pipe had been straight for 17 years and was bent on the 18th year.

"No need. I'll help him." Nangong Feng was just about to say that he needed it and could use this opportunity to butter him up, but he was interrupted by Mo Fann.

Mo Fann smiled with love and patted Nangong Feng's back again and again. The sound of the pat was not loud, but the strength was so strong that it almost suffocated Nangong Feng.

"That's right. You must have the love of a classmate."

"Yes, little loli, you are right." Nangong Feng gritted his teeth and smiled. Lo Xiaoli didn't notice anything wrong, but Lan Yan crossed his legs and watched the show with high spirits. Interesting. It seemed that high school life wasn't all boring.

"Mo Fann, are you not feeling well?"

"No, I just have some things to do first. Be good and I'll buy you some pastries later."


Lo Xiaoli looked at Mo Fann, who was sitting uneasily, and thought that he was not feeling well. So it turned out that there was something that he was too embarrassed to mention. Fortunately, he thought that he had eaten too much chili and had a stomachache. Amitabha, otherwise, he would feel too guilty.

"Little loli, I also have something to do. I'll be leaving first. See you in the afternoon!"

Before Liu Li could say anything, Nangong Feng had already walked away with his long legs. Only Lan Yan and Lo Xiaoli were left looking at each other. They looked at each other.

"Are you leaving too?"

"Why should I leave?"

"I thought you had something to do too."

"Don't try to fool me. None of them know what they're busy with. I have something serious to do."

"Don't think that they are busy, Wang Yao said. I have something serious to do."

"Accompanying you is not serious?"

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