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Entrapped By Love/C8 I Work for Mo Fan
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C8 I Work for Mo Fan

There was a long replay of the parrot saying, "Boss, somebody's playing with your bird."

Embarrassed, the four of them looked at Lo Xiaoli at the same time. Mo Fann had a gentle smile on his face, while Lan Yan's smile was a little evil.

"Alright, little loli, you even dare to play with birds. Is it fun?" Nangong Feng teased Lo Xiaoli with an evil smile. Unfortunately, he was a small sun, full of positive energy. He couldn't understand. What a waste of a good joke.

"Yo, guys, who's so interested? Playing with my bird?" The person who came was a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. His skin was a healthy wheat color, and his features were sharp. His eyebrows were sharp, and his eyes were bright. However, his righteous face and his tone were too contrasting. Nangong Feng really wanted to ask, Have you thought about our feelings when you were acting like a hooligan in your Tang suit?

"No, no, there's... I... I didn't mean to. I just wanted to see why it sometimes says welcome, and sometimes says have a nice meal." Lo Xiaoli lowered his head and stammered an explanation. He really wasn't playing with birds.

"Why are you lowering your head?"

Lo Xiaoli raised his delicate little face, because he felt that he had made a mistake and did not dare to look this person in the eye. His eyes could only look down.

"Is my bird fun?" Yang Dan's eyes lit up. It was rare to see such a beautiful boy. Although he was not gay, in this circle, there were plenty of men and women who played with him. Coincidentally, he was in the same circle as well, just for novelty's sake. Moreover, boys were good, irresponsible, tight-lipped, and not pretentious. Sometimes, they were even better than women. This little guy looked like a student at first glance, and he didn't look like he had been budded either. No matter how he looked at it, he looked like a clean person.

"It's all right. It's just not so good to complain. We could have negotiated amicably."

"How are you going to negotiate with my parrot?" Yang Dan was interested. To think that he could think of negotiating with a bird.

Lo Xiaoli turned his little head and looked at the parrot with a smile. "I heard that you are a beautiful parrot, right?"


"I heard that you have a very good temper, are very obedient, considerate, and are extremely beautiful, right?"


"I heard that you are the highlight of the shop, right?"


The parrot was very happy to hear it. Usually she was praised only once, the owner often praised it, but this beautiful man praised it a great deal, and the parrot was very happy, holding its head high and flapping its wings to show how happy it was.

"Then you must be a broad-minded parrot, right?"

"Yes, I am broad-minded."

The little parrot's face was full of pride. The parrot's expression and posture seemed to be saying, I am an indomitable man.

"Then you won't complain, right? I didn't play with birds, right?"

"Yes, you didn't play."

Then the parrot stopped, and everyone else stopped too. This kind of quick questions and quick answers could be used on parrots? It was too evil! It was totally a cheat!

"Boss, your parrot has been tricked."

"Idiot, parrot."

"The little guy is very powerful. How do you know that the intelligence of this parrot can answer questions quickly?"

"Oh, I have two of them in my house. They often talk to me. Grandpa said that they are my companions!"

"So you treat parrots like humans?"

"Are you stupid? They are playmates... How can they be humans?"

"Heh, do you have a boyfriend?"

Lo Xiaoli was stunned. What the hell was a boyfriend!

"Then do you have a girlfriend? You don't look like you can get a girlfriend."

... "" What the hell? I'm so good-looking, but I can't get a girlfriend?

Yang Dan smiled with a face full of righteousness, but the words he said were not in tune: "Do you want to follow me? I will dote on you very much."

"I don't want to follow you." Lo Xiaoli felt that he had been teased by Yang Dan. He didn't know if it was because he was angry because he had played with his bird, but for some reason, Lo Xiaoli felt a little afraid. He instinctively looked at Lan Yan, wanting to hide beside him. In his heart, Lo Xiaoli felt that Lan Yan could be relied on, and Lan Yan could protect him, but why was Lan Yan so far away? In the end, Lo Xiaoli could only choose Mo Fann, who was the closest to him, and inched his way to Mo Fann's side. No one knew what he was thinking in his heart, but his actions were a form of recognition in the eyes of others. The first person he thought of when he was in danger was Mo Fann.

Lan Yan clenched his fists tightly, and no matter how much his heart churned, his face remained cold.

Lo Xiaoli felt wronged when he saw Lan Yan's dead expression. His small hand grabbed Mo Fann's sleeve and tore it apart. He looked like a resentful woman.

Mo Fann did not know what Lo Xiaoli was thinking, and only thought that Lo Xiaoli was afraid. It was normal for a simple student to be nervous when faced with such a situation. Lo Xiaoli was really well protected.

Mo Fann hugged Lo Xiaoli and stroked Lo Xiaoli's back time and time again to comfort him.

"Boss Loong, don't scare him." Mo Fann's magnetic and hoarse voice sounded in a low voice.

"I was wondering who it was, but it turns out to be the eldest grandson of the Mo family!" Boss Loong's voice was filled with ridicule. Normally, people from the Mo family would give them some face, but coincidentally, the Long and Mo families had quantum, the Long family was a famous local snake, the underground businesses were all managed by the Long family, and the white powers were all controlled by the Mo family. The two families had been good friends for a long time, but in the previous generation, two of them had fallen in love and snatched a woman.

"It's me, Mo Fann from the Mo family." Mo Fann acted as if he didn't understand Boss Loong's teasing. He still had a gentle expression on his face.

"Your Mo family is determined to snatch people from our Long family, right?"

"Why do you say that?"

"I've taken a fancy to this little guy. Are you going to stop me?

"What are you saying? He is one of my people. Boss Loong, you want to steal his talent! He came with me."

After saying that, he looked at Lo Xiaoli, indicating for him to make a statement.

Lo Xiaoli nodded his little head like a woodpecker, and his little mouth kept saying, "Yes, yes, I came with Mo Fann. Yes, yes, yes, Mo Fann is right."

Yes? What did that mean? Admit that you are Mo Fann's?

Lan Yan walked quickly to Lo Xiaoli's side with his long, straight legs. He stared at Lo Xiaoli in a low tone, his thin lips tightly pursed, and his teeth gritted. Lo Xiaoli felt that his entire body was enveloped in black Qi, and leaned closer to Mo Fann's warm embrace.

"Xiao Ming, why don't we go and eat first? They might fight."

"Do you still have any brotherhood code? I don't care if Mo Fann dies or not. Lan Yan is my prince charming." Xiao Ming snappily glanced at the disloyal Nangong Feng.

Nangong Feng shrank his neck and spread out his hands, forcing himself to be helpless: "How can you blame me for being disloyal? I can't beat either one of them. A mafia king and a prince of the righteous path. Your prince charming is a descendant of a military region. Who do you want me to help? You'd better wash up and go to sleep. You are not the same kind of people, so don't go all the way. "

"What? The king has concubines and civilians. He is even more powerful than the president of the kingdom as a descendant of the military area?"

"That's not true. In ancient times, the king had three wives and four concubines. The common people were just there to make up the numbers. They didn't have much love for him. Even the favored ones would be killed."

"Nangong Feng, are you courting death? Can't you hope for something good from me?"

"Why don't I take you in? It's better than no one wanting you. I'll treat it as getting rid of evil for the people. How about it?"

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