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The students of Class 1 spent the night in the study room in a state of panic and anger. The rain gradually stopped and the sky began to brighten. The people who had been arguing the entire night were so tired that they couldn't even open their eyes. One by one, they fell asleep on their desks. The forest path was full of energy, however, because she had been bored since the beginning of the argument. She had slept on her own despite the noise, and now she was full. Nuolan Shan's sleeping skill was on the small path in the forest, so he had long since fallen asleep. He hadn't slept enough at the moment, so he hadn't woken up yet. Ji Xiaomang did not sleep at all as he held his head while thinking about something. Even after the night had passed, he did not show any signs of fatigue.

However, Chi Yunfei, who was on the platform, had a face full of fatigue. He rubbed his face as he looked at the silent class one and pushed open the door, intending to inquire about the current situation. However, before he could go out, someone entered the room. It was Shen Xu, the first class teacher in the ancient school.

"Yun Fei, it has been confirmed that you are fine, all those infected have … The process was complete. "Tell everyone to go back to the dorm to rest and wash up. Let everyone gather in the auditorium at 10 o'clock. The principal has something to say." Shen Xu was still dressed in his white martial robes, but his robes were dirty at the moment. It was obvious that he had been running the entire night.

"Alright!" Chi Yunfei answered, clapped his hands, then raised his voice and shouted, "Students, everyone wake up!" No one had slept too deeply before Chi Yunfei basically woke up with a shout, "It's already been confirmed that it's safe outside. Everyone, go wash up in the dormitory. Gather in the school auditorium at 10 o'clock."

After receiving the news that it was safe, many people let out a sigh of relief and scattered to their dormitories. Yesterday, the blood-colored zombies had been cleaned out to the corner of the classroom, and the blood-red skin of the zombies had turned black, but they were still wiggling slightly.

"The logistics department will arrange for people to come over later to clean up this mess. You haven't slept for the whole night, right? Let's go and have a rest together." Shen Xu patted Chi Yunfei's shoulder. Chi Yunfei nodded his head tiredly as he left with Shen Xu, heading towards the staff dormitory.

After the rain, the air outside the classroom was abnormally fresh. If it weren't for the plants and flowers that had been destroyed, it would definitely have been a good morning after the rain. Following the male students, Norris' head felt a little dizzy as he observed his surroundings. He didn't find any obvious problems, other than the fact that many of the trees in the school had been broken. However, there were some trees that were cut down quite strangely, as if they were all cut down by something sharp. When he thought of the headless zombie from last night, he suddenly shivered and understood why it was headless.

After returning to the dorm room, the rest of the people in the dorm room hurriedly washed up. No one spoke to each other as they lay on the bed in silence. The group continued to head towards the auditorium in silence. They entered the auditorium in a tacit understanding. They did not need any instructions at all as they found their respective areas of classes and sat down.

The auditorium, which used to be incomparably noisy, requiring the maintenance of order several times in the past, was now completely silent. There were even many reporters with cameras waiting in the front row. Clearly, they had also been notified of this as well.

The headmaster of Wandering Knight Academy — Hui Tieqiang — had already slowly walked to the podium at the very front of the auditorium. Wearing gold-rimmed glasses, he stood in the middle of the podium with a solemn expression.

"Plop!" Without saying a word, he directly knelt down on the platform. His body was rather plump, and as he knelt down, the wooden platform began to creak. A few teachers of the narration rushed over to help him up, but they were pushed aside by him. Then he lowered his head and silently kowtowed to all the students who were doing the kowtow.

"I'm sorry everyone!" It's my fault for putting you in such danger. I'm sorry, everyone! " At the same time, the shutter of the reporters below was constantly being pressed. Flash lights were crackling, and a line of sweat was seeping out from the top of his head.

"Then, I will tell you what happened last night as well as the other members of the press." Whipping himself up, he sat down at the table on the platform.

"First of all, as you all know, our academy was attacked by zombies last night. As for why zombies could break through the defensive lines to attack us, that is the negligence of the border guards of Mount Song. I have already strongly condemned them through the Ranger Association." The zombies that attacked this time had already been captured, and all the zombies infected with it were dealt with. In this attack, my school has a total of … " "A total of 258 people were killed, of which 5 were teachers and 253 were students …" After saying so, tears fell from his eyes. He took off his glasses and silently wiped them away.

The students below also cried out in alarm. Many of them had guessed that some of the students had died, but none of them had expected the death toll to be so high.

"Principal, may I ask how many zombies are attacking this high death toll?" A reporter raised his microphone and asked.

Hui Wei Qiang wrinkled his eyebrows in displeasure, but he held himself back from erupting, "This time the zombie that launched the attack …" He hesitated, then answered, "Only one."

"What kind of zombie could cause that much damage?" the reporter asked.

"Variant zombie." "No," replied Mr. Wai-tzu honestly.

Many of the reporters present had more or less heard of variant zombies, but most of them thought that this so-called "variant zombie" wasn't that big of a deal. However, from the looks of the academy's attack on the variant zombie, it didn't seem to be as simple as it looked.

"Then what kind of variant zombie is it? Can you give me some information?" The reporter refused to give up.

I'm sorry, the zombies have already been handed over to the Ranger Association to deal with. I will provide everyone with the information and photos later. "Friend reporter, may I ask which department you're from?"

"I'm the reporter from Yellow River News, Qiu Zhen." Qiu Zhen pointed at the press card on his chest.

"Alright, Mr. Qiu. It's still not time for the reporters to ask questions yet. Please wait for a moment." After giving a signal, the other two teachers brought Qiu Zhen back to the reporter's area. The corner of Qiu Zhen's mouth curled into a contemptuous smile. He tactfully did not resist and allowed himself to be carried back to his seat. He also did not continue asking questions.

After getting rid of the annoying flies, he continued to talk.

"None of us could have predicted that those children who died in this incident would have contributed their blood to the more meaningful battles in the future. However, they died in school. I feel guilty for not providing better protection. I'm not really a good principal. I announce that I will resign as president when this matter is over. At the same time, I sincerely hope that everyone will study hard and become a qualified ranger as soon as possible, so as to protect more people from the attacks of zombies. May the bells be long and the tree of life evergreen. " "Everyone, please stand up and grieve in silence for the students who died in this disaster."

The sound of stools moving together could be heard. Everyone quietly stood up, lowered their heads, and prayed for the 258 dead people.

The reporter called Qiu Zhen had a disdainful smile on his face. He didn't want to stand up, but after being glared at by Hui Lei, he stood up unwillingly.

Time passed in silence. The sound of breathing could be heard in the auditorium that held thousands of people.

"Alright, fellow students." "Since there are a lot of subsequent repairs to deal with in this matter, all students, regardless of intermediate or advanced students, have decided to take early leave this week. Please return to school five days later, which is next Monday."

If it was in the past, people would be very happy to have an early holiday, but no one could be happy nowadays.

"Students, please follow the sequence and leave the stage. First, gather in each class's study room and listen to the specific arrangements of each class's instructor." My fellow reporters, we will begin our interrogations in a moment. " According to their arrangements, the students in the auditorium were done quickly. The reporters quickly surrounded them. Qiu Zhen had a smile on his face as he picked up the microphone, as if he was ready to go on a rampage.

After exiting the auditorium, Class 1 returned to the study room to gather their students. After giving some instructions to Chi Yunfei on how to return to school, he let Class 1 return to their dorms to pack up their belongings.

The two of them sat on the school bus back to the school.

On the bus, the air conditioner was still on, letting out a cool breeze. The small forest path and Noriko sat silently in the car for a long time without saying anything. Suddenly, the small forest path patted Nuolin Feng's shoulder. His expression was very solemn as if he wanted to say something.

"What's wrong, Er Niu?" Nuo Lingfeng asked.

"Er Gou, in the future we will work together to eliminate all the zombies from this world!" Lin Mu's expression was very serious. In fact, he had never seen her with such a serious expression before.

Nuo Lingfeng was stunned. Destroy all the zombies in the world? They were just ordinary students. Even after graduation, they were only two rangers. Reaching this goal was easier said than done. However, when he saw the resolute and bright eyes of the small forest path in front of him, he was unable to refuse and could only nod his head subconsciously.

"Pull the hook!" The path held out its little finger.

"Pull the hook." Nuo Lingfeng also extended his pinky finger.

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