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Although it was a good thing that the zombie tide was retreating, the strange scene in front of them made it difficult for them to be happy. The distant silhouettes got closer and closer, the surrounding zombies didn't dare to attack them.

"Could it be that my eyes have gone blurry?" Nuo Lingfeng rubbed his eyes and confirmed that he saw a few people in the group of zombies. He asked the captain in confusion, "Uncle Feng, who are they?"

"It should be said that they... "What is it?" Feng Gang's face was solemn. When he met a group of zombies, even Luo Lingfeng did not look this nervous.

"Variant zombie!" Ji Xiaomao's face was ashen.

"Okay, with this posture, they feel like a big BOSS. It'll be enough to win if I kill them?" Ye Xiu said. (TL: BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS = BOSS) On the other hand, Nuo Lingfeng was very proud of himself.

"Kill them?" Ji Xiaomang coldly snorted, "Then we might as well continue fighting with the zombie tide for a bigger victory."

"So powerful." He sighed to himself that a few days ago, he should have heard the words of the woman he had met on the roadside, who was known as the "Western Union", who had used a crystal ball and gossip to make fortune, and bought a crystal core for her to circulate her luck.

"Er Gou, don't be afraid!" Lin Mu raised his sledgehammer in front of him, "I'm here, so I won't let anything happen to you."

Nuo Lingfeng patted her shoulder. "En, Valkyrie Lin, I will leave my life in your hands. I will protect your back!"

"How did you manage to speak of cowardice in such a fresh and refined manner?" Ji Xiaomeng, who was standing at the side, could not help but mock him.

"She's my childhood sweetheart, it's none of your business!" Nuo Lingfeng gave him a supercilious look, "Er Niu, do your best. When you go back, tell my grandma to cook roasted duck for you. There are also big salted duck eggs!"

"Don't worry, Ergou!" Lin Mu's grip on the hammer tightened, and saliva started dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"Alright, stop messing around, they're coming!" Feng Gang consciously assumed the role of captain and stood at the front of everyone.

Only after nearing them did Luo Ling Feng realize that they really weren't humans. After all, no human had claws, long horns, long fangs, or even four arms. Among these people, there were two other animals. One was a brown monkey with a serrated blade at its joints, and the other was a black leopard with additional sharp blades growing out of its knees.

"Hello fellow rangers." The monkey actually started to speak.

"Am I dreaming? Why can the monkey talk?" thought Nuo Lingfeng as his eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Was this really the rise of a scarlet ball?

Feng Gang was also very shocked, but he was very knowledgeable. He knew more about the colossal zombies than most people, and he knew that this type of monster could not be judged by common sense. He quickly regained his composure, "These zombies stopped moving because of your orders, what do you want?"

What, zombies can still obey orders? Luo Lingfeng felt as if his three views had been refreshed. What was with this mission? It was clearly an ordinary escort mission, so how could such a strange thing happen?

"I want all the Rangers to obediently surrender. Scram to the side and hand over the people in the back to us. Then, we'll let you guys live. What do you say?" At this moment, Monkey was brimming with confidence. He had already grabbed several carts of 'food' without any bloodshed. He knew that humans were afraid of death, so he did not think that he would refuse.

"In your dreams!" Feng Gang firmly rejected his proposal.

"Humph!" Monkey said with a cold smile, "You refuse a toast only to be punished. Do you think we can't kill you and take those people away?"

"You can, but as a 'ranger', I can't give them to you without sparing my life!" Feng Gang had a righteous expression on his scarred face.

"I'm impressed!" Monkey applauded expressionlessly. Then, without any warning, he suddenly jumped up and threw a huge fist that was as fast as a meteor towards Feng Gang.

Feng Tie hurriedly brandished his axe to protect his chest. Monkey's punch struck the dual axes. Feng Gang, who had great momentum, had to take a few steps back to stabilize his body.

The fist monkey raised its fist to smash Feng Gang. Feng Gang roared and swung his axe. "Bang!" The battle axe collided with the fist, unexpectedly producing a clanging sound of clanging metals.

Feng Gang was shocked. He never thought that this colossal zombie would be this powerful. The ones that he had seen before were on completely different levels. However, the people behind him were watching him. If he lost, they would become their "food", and if he could win, he would have already sent out a distress signal at the start of the battle. Without the command of the colossal zombie, they could only defend against the corpse tide.

I can't lose! Feng Tie's axe had cut into the monkey's palm, cutting through its arm bones. However, half of the axe blade was stuck in the monkey's arm bone, and at this moment, Feng Gang was unable to cut it down, unable to pull it out. He was shocked, and suddenly felt a chill in his chest as he looked down, and saw that the monkey's left arm had actually pierced into his own chest.

"Turn into my own kind." Monkey grabbed with all his might and forcibly pulled Feng Gang's heart out.

Feng Gang looked on helplessly as it chewed on its own heart. A wave of despair and unwillingness surged forth as he turned around to look at the small forest road with the warhammer. "Quick! Smash me! " After saying this, Feng Gang slumped to the ground like a puppet that had lost its thread.

"Captain!" Several rangers surrounded him without caring about the danger. They pulled at Feng Tie's corpse and began to cry.

"Kill you!" However, a human-shaped zombie with claws next to the monkey easily grabbed the swordsman's sword, and forcefully pulled away his weapon. Then, it grabbed his head, and with a clench of its claws, its brain splattered everywhere.

"How is it, does anyone else want to go up?" The monkey pulled over the headless body of the ranger and took out his heart with one hand, then beautifully ate it with its mouth. Surprisingly, after it finished eating, the right arm that had been cut off by Feng Tie actually slowly healed and recovered, leaving behind only a faint scar.

No one dared to make a move. Such an opponent wasn't someone they could deal with.

"Is there no one who would dare to resist like this?" Bao Zi, who was at the side, also spoke up, "Punch, aren't these humans too weak?"

Monkey chimed in, "Hey, Saber Leopard, can you still hope for them to be the same as that person?"

After all, not everyone can be like him. How about this, I see that you guys have quite a lot of people, so why don't we fight a round for three rounds and one win. Whoever wants to go first can go first, as long as you can win a round of mine, I'll let you guys go, what do you think?

The Saber Leopard cracked its large mouth and laughed. Its bloody mouth made people unable to feel that it was worth it.

"Which one of you will go first?" The Saber Leopard dug into the ground and stared at the trembling humans with its lantern-like eyes.

Before anyone could respond, Feng Gang's corpse began to change. The already dead Feng Tie stood up once again, his skin turning blood-red. His eyes were lifeless as he stared at the surrounding humans, opening his mouth to bite the nearest ranger.

"Bang!" Feng Gang's corpse was smashed to the side by a sledgehammer, and the one swinging the hammer was Lin Mu, the newly infected blood colored zombies were not so easy to exterminate, Feng Tie once again stood up, and Lin Xiao shouted as he smashed his hammer onto Feng Gang's chest again and again. Feng Tie's already empty chest was smashed even more miserably by her, his internal organs flowing all over the place.

The small forest road did not stop his actions, he raised his hammer again and smashed Feng Gang onto the ground, breaking his arms, breaking his legs … Hammering after hammer until he lost all ability to move, only then did he stop.

The other ranger whose head had been torn to shreds had also transformed into a zombie. The small forest path silently walked up to his side, and it was as if it was done to Feng Gang, smashing his body into pieces. After doing all this, Lin Xiao bit his lips and dragged his sledgehammer in front of the Saber Leopard. His eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, "I'll fight you!"

"No, your sledgehammer is too cumbersome. If you go, you'll only be throwing your life away." Notling Peak blocked the forest path.

"No! I want to smash it to pieces! I want to smash it to smithereens!" The knuckles of the hammer on the path were white.

"Shut up!" Nuo Lingfeng gave her a slap and shouted, "If you can't beat it, then forget it! You will waste a chance to deal with it!"

Lin Mu was stunned for a moment. From when she was young until now, Nuolan Shan had never beaten her before.

"Let me do it!" Ji Xiaomang stepped forward with his sword, fearlessly facing the Saber Leopard.

"No, let me do it." "Truthfully speaking, your martial arts are indeed better than mine, your internal energy is also stronger than mine, and you're even as handsome as me. However, only Qing Gong is much stronger than you. Do you still remember this?"

Ji Xiaomang recalled the battle between him and Nuo Lingfeng. In terms of Qing Gong, he was indeed inferior to Nuo Lingfeng, so he could only nod his head.

"Leave it to me." Nuo Lingfeng flicked the blade on his right arm and said in a low voice, "If I die, I am not allowed to touch the forest path!"

After that, he slowly stood in front of the Saber Leopard, extended his right index finger and softly said, "Come, big black cat!"

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