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In the time it took for a spark to fly, its claws had already arrived in front of him. Not even enough time for him to react, the Saber Leopard had already ripped open the armor on his chest, revealing an ordinary-looking ash-gray vest.

After the Saber Leopard's attack failed, it waved its claws and struck again. How could Norris let him succeed? He leaned back and swung his wrist, slicing through the front leg of the Saber Leopard. From the armguard on his left arm, he shot out a tiny nanorod rope. The nanorod rope had a tiny claw at the head, and the direction that the nanorod rope was shooting at was their jeep. The claw in front of the nanorod rope used its pulling force to kick away the panther, dodging to the side, and with a flick of its wrist, the nanorod rope was retracted.

"Roar!" "Roar!" After two unsuccessful strikes, the Saber Leopard impatiently roared.

"Old buddy, can you do it?" The attendant teased, "Do you want me to go up instead?"

"There's no need to meddle!" The Saber Leopard leaped into the air and swung its tail. It caught onto the leg of the Luo Ling Feng, and with a pull of its tail, it pulled him to the ground and once again bit at him. Luo Ling Feng hurriedly shot out a nanorod rope, and just as the rope was about to hit the head of the Saber Leopard, the Saber Leopard bent its knee and dodged the attack. Nuo Lingfeng took the opportunity to strike out with his wrist blade and cut off the tail of the Saber Leopard. The Saber Leopard jumped to the side, bent its body, and furiously glared at Nuo Lingfeng.

Luo Lingfeng picked up the Saber Leopard's tail and gently shook it a few times. He muttered to himself, "It's elasticity is not bad. It should be able to be eaten with brine."

"If you want to eat my tail, it depends on whether you have the ability or not!" The Saber Leopard once again opened its mouth and pounced over. When Norris grabbed its tail and threw it into his mouth, he suddenly thought of a plan to deal with the Saber Leopard.

"I was wrong, zombie meat can't be eaten. Hey, I gave you back your tail!" Nuo Lingfeng secretly extended his hand to his waist.

The Saber Leopard took a bite of its fur and spat out its tail. "I will make you regret this!" It bent its body and pounced again with all its might. Its bloody mouth, which carried a faint fishy smell, bit towards the head of Luo Lingfeng.

Instead, he took the last high-explosive grenade from his waist, flicked the fuse with his right hand, forcefully stuffed the high-explosive grenade into the throat of the cheetah with his left hand. The cheetah swallowed the grenade without a care in the world, and bit on the arm of the wolf without letting go.

"Boom!" With a loud explosion, the grenade exploded within the body of the Saber Leopard, shattering it into pieces. The shockwave also sent Luo Lingfeng flying and he fell to the ground. After being thrown onto the ground, he vomited a mouthful of blood and felt dizzy. However, he knew that he had won. He had killed a colossal zombie single-handedly.

"Humph!" Despicable, I didn't expect you to hide a grenade! "

It was still that guy's voice! It couldn't even be blown to death like this, this guy was way too difficult to deal with.

After fainting for a while, Norris got up, his body suffused with smoke as he searched his surroundings for the figure of the Saber Leopard. "You're really strong, big black cat!"

"Despicable human, Fist Warrior, kill him for me!" The Saber Leopard's voice was filled with dissatisfaction.

As he looked towards the source of the voice, he only saw a leopard head mumbling to itself. He could not help but laugh, "Haha, only your head still dares to be so mighty." He walked up close to the panther's head, lifted his right leg, and made a shooting gesture.

"What are you doing?" "Bastard …"

"Tiger Piercing Shot!"

He stuck his head out to see where it was, only to discover that a figure had jumped up and caught the head of the Saber Leopard.

As the smoke dissipated, the figure became clearer. It was none other than the man who had killed Feng Gang earlier.

"Alright, I'll keep my word. I've defeated him. It's time to let us go!" Nuolan Shan pointed at the head of the Saber Leopard.

"The one who promised you was him, not me." With an insidious smile, the attendant handed the head of the Saber Leopard to one of his subordinates, and sent a punch straight at Nuo Lingfeng.

Just as he was about to die from the punch, he caught a glimpse of a figure from the corner of his eye, a hammer blocking in front of him.

"Don't touch Ergou!" Lin Lang shouted and punched towards the fist guard.

"Kill them!" The other zombies also started to attack the other Rangers. A few of them attacked Luo Ling Feng, but Ji Xiaoman held her sword in front of him to protect him.

When he saw Ji Xiaomao, he heaved a sigh of relief, "Great! Old Ji, you go ahead and play. I need to get out of consciousness for a while longer." He sat down on the ground and began to circulate his inner strength to control his internal energy. His churning internal organs gradually calmed down under the circulation of his internal energy. After a few cycles, the dizziness in his head had become much better.

Opening his eyes, he saw scattered zombie claws, severed limbs, and a head. Ji Xiaomeng was standing there unharmed, with blood all over her hair, face, and armor. The ground was also stained with dark red blood, but it was clean and clean.

"As expected of the man I've taken a liking to, his skills are really outstanding!" However, Ji Xiaomeng's body suddenly leaned towards him. He quickly supported Ji Xiaomeng with his hand and felt for his pulse. His pulse was unstable; he must have exhausted all his internal energy.

"Rest for a while." Nuo Lingfeng supported Ji Xiaoman to sit on the ground.

"Go help her." Ji Xiaomang said weakly as he held on to Nuo Lingfeng's hand.

Nuo Lingfeng nodded with a serious expression.

The forest path and the fist strength were in a difficult fight. The fist strength was a bit more agile than the forest path, but the natural strength of the forest path was also not that easy.

Facing the chaotic dance of two large fists and a hammer, he obviously knew that he couldn't get close to it. He took out a dagger from his lower leg, went behind the fist disciple, and flicked his wrist with his right hand. Lin Road also saw Nuo Lingfeng. He waved his hammer and used the King Kong Arm Fist to push the fist next to Nuo Lingfeng, then jumped up and swung his hammer and the King Kong Kowtow to smash down with all his strength. The only thing he could do was use his fists to block the hammer. Taking advantage of this opening, he swung his wrist blade at his waist in an attempt to cut off his waist. However, due to his body being too tough, it was difficult for the wrist blade to cut through.

The fighter naturally knew that Nuolan Shan was behind him, so he turned around and punched at him. Nuolan Shan bent his back to avoid the attack, then he waved his dagger and chopped off the man's tail.

Lin Mu's body suddenly lost its balance, and he took the opportunity to smash it to the side, and then smashed it onto the ground again. Lin Mu's body suddenly lost his balance, and Lin Mu took the opportunity to smash it to the side, and then smashed it to the ground again.

Suddenly, the surrounding zombies started to move.

"You can't beat me, so you use this move?" Luo Ling Feng looked around and saw that most of the colossal zombies had been killed, but there were only a few rangers left on his side. They had used up all kinds of ammunition, so there was no chance of winning against the zombies.

The situation was urgent, so he shouted loudly, "Everyone, get in the car, we'll drive out!"

"Er Niu, stop hitting me, hurry up and get on the car!" Nuolin Feng pulled at the small forest path, which was still beating up the guards.

The fist had been smashed into a bloody mess, but it would be difficult to completely destroy it in a short period of time. Lin Road had no choice but to give up on the attack, and quickly jumped into a jeep with Nuo Lingfeng supporting Ji Xiaomeng. The jeep called out to the driver, and the jeeps started to move at the same time, three jeeps leading the way as they crashed into the group of zombies.

In the beginning, they were able to crush the zombies and advance forward, but with more and more zombies, it became more and more difficult. The remaining Rangers could only open the doors to the jeep to clean up the zombies as they slowly moved forward.

Suddenly, a miserable scream came from inside a car. The ranger on the left side of the car was bitten and dragged out by zombies, and the driver wanted to save him, but he himself was bitten on the arm by zombies. The jeep on the left side stopped moving, and a group of zombies started to gather over there.

There was nothing he could do but to take advantage of the gap created by his companion's death to continue driving forward.

To the right, the jeep stopped as well. The zombies were packed tightly together, completely blocking the jeep's path. The ranger inside tried his best to resist, but could not avoid the fate of being bitten and devoured.

At this time, the bus was surrounded by zombies, the paint on the bus had been grabbed by zombies in a horrible way, the wheels were full of rotten flesh, the windows were also torn by zombies of the same kind, the inside of the bus was filled with screams of terror and despair, the people inside were desperately trying to use their luggage to beat the zombies that were trying to climb through the window, but, more and more broken windows appeared, all of their efforts seemed to be useless.

As he drove the jeep forward, he found it difficult to move forward, as he had just recovered some of his energy. He used his dagger to kill the zombies in the jeep, but as the light dimmed, the zombies became denser, and the front windshield of the jeep began to crack. He put down the steering wheel, pulled out his wrist blade, and took a deep breath, preparing to make the final move before his death.

A few sharp sounds of breaking air suddenly came from the air. "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" A deafening explosion exploded around them.

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