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Chapter Four: Walking on Horses and Flower Memories, Zhuangzhou Dream Butterfly Like a Dream

"Da, Da, Da …"

Outside in the sky, the sound of spinning propellers could be heard. "We've arrived!"

The few hopeful people seemed to have gained new strength, as they brandished their daggers even more vigorously.

The sounds of gunfire outside the car were deafening, but the few people inside the car felt that the sound was like heavenly music that could move the hearts of men.

After a long time, the sounds of gunfire outside gradually stopped, and the zombies beside the car had already been cleared away. Norris pushed open the car door and walked out, the outside was filled with smoke, the ground was full of potholes, and the burnt zombies were all over the ground.

"He's saved." Nuo Lingfeng was finally able to relax and sat down next to the car.

"Er Niu, Old Ji, come out to welcome the helicopter!" "Knock, knock, knock!"

The small forest path also climbed out of the car. With a smile, it looked at Norris as it panted heavily.

Ji Xiaoman was currently extremely weak. She did not get out of the car, but instead leaned against the window. She watched the helicopter landing not far away with a tired smile on her face.

"I didn't expect us to still be alive." Nuo Lingfeng smiled and raised his arm to help the station up. "It hurts."

He didn't pay much attention to it during the battle and relaxed his mind. Only now did he notice the excruciating pain in his left arm and the faint traces of blood on his arm.

His gauntlets were torn and his clothes were tattered. When he pulled his sleeves to expose his arms, his expression immediately changed. He saw a row of teeth marks on his forearm, a row of teeth marks that had bitten through his skin.

Could it be at that time? When he thought back to the time when he had stuffed the grenade into the mouth of the Saber Leopard, he had indeed felt a sharp pain, but at that time, he had not cared about it at all.

"I didn't think I would still be an official ranger, I'm going to lose my life for this job!" he muttered to himself helplessly as he hung down his arms. Once he was bitten by a zombie, his skin would become infected and he would become a zombie. Although he was mentally prepared to die like this the moment he became a ranger, he couldn't help but feel that if he was a bit more careful, if he didn't leave this mission, if he didn't want to become a ranger … It was a pity that there were not so many 'ifs' in the world. Although he was unwilling, there was nothing he could do about it.

In the distance, a few helicopters had already stopped, and groups of armed soldiers were getting off the helicopter. They were shooting at the zombie corpses while approaching the group of Luo Ling Feng.

"We're saved!" "This is great!" Thank God! " Cheers erupted from the bus.

Hearing the cheers, a sense of achievement slowly rose up in his heart. He couldn't help but smile, but his consciousness gradually faded away. Cheers, gunshots, propeller sounds … All sounds became further and further away.

"So tired …"

"I need to sleep for a while …"

"No one should disturb me, I need to sleep for a while …"

"Sleep for a while …"

"Sleep …" "Soon …"


"Ergou …" "Ergou …"

"Don't bother me, I want to sleep."

"Ergou, Ergou, wake up!"

"I already said, stop bothering me, I want to sleep."

"What are you sleeping for, it's your turn. Hurry up and get up, Ergou!"

"Hmm? "Two girls?" In a daze, Noriko seems to have heard the sound of a small forest path.

"Hurry, get up!"

Nuo Lingfeng felt someone pat him on the back and immediately woke him up.

"Hmm? "Where am I?" Right now, he was in the circular classroom, surrounded by thirty or so students who were around twelve to thirteen years old. At this moment, everyone had turned their heads to look at him, and the teacher with black-framed glasses on the podium seemed to be saying something as well.

"Ergou, hurry up and introduce yourself!" The forest path tugged at him as he urged.

"Introduce yourself?" "It finally occurred to him that today was the first day of school for the intermediate students of the Shaolin Ranger Academy in Mount Song. Since he was reading novels all night, he had gotten so sleepy that he fell asleep." It seems like it's time to introduce myself. " "Hello everyone, my name is Nuo Er Gou, ah, no, my name is Nuo Ling Feng, I come from Tu Gou Village, I like to watch anime, read novels, play games, and I also want to lie down by my family's duck pond and sleep for a day without doing anything. My wish is to become a security guard, and when I grow old, I want to be a watchman for the rest of my life."

Then, it was unknown who started it, but the sound of laughter erupted. Then, as if it was contagious, almost everyone in the classroom began to laugh. Such a good-for-nothing wish was extremely rare, and even the black-rimmed teacher at the podium could not help but chuckle.

He yawned and sat down, feeling a little hungry. He rummaged through his bag in the drawer and took out a box of duck sausages, which he placed in his mouth and chewed on it with relish. When the nearby forest path saw this, the drool on the corner of his mouth instantly flowed down, and he stared at Nuo Lingfeng with eyes full of expectation.

Nuo Lingfeng glanced at her, and as if he was used to it, he took out a salted duck egg from his school bag and gave it to her. Lin Xiao secretly knocked on the ground and quietly peeled off the duck egg shell before stuffing it into his mouth and chewing on it. Since they were sitting in the last row, no one paid much attention to the matter of eating. On the podium in front of them, the teacher continued to talk with everyone.

"Alright, let's introduce ourselves and that will be it. In the future, there will be many opportunities for everyone to slowly get to know each other. Actually, everyone has already been studying in our academy for five years. Everyone should understand the rules, so I won't say too much. What I want to tell everyone is that in the five years that everyone has been a beginner student, they have learned a lot of cultural lessons, and the most important thing is physical training. But in the next three years, as an intermediate student, the proportion of cultural lessons will decrease, and the proportion of adventurers will increase, basically by half.

"That's about it. Then let's choose a class monitor. Is there anyone who volunteered?" The teacher on the podium asked the whole class, but his eyes involuntarily turned to look at a very cold boy dressed in white in the front row.

"Is that our counselor?" Nuo Lingfeng pointed to the teacher on the podium and asked Lin Xiao.

"That's right, his name is Chi Yunfei. He's our coach for the past three years, and he's also a D Class Ranger from the Ranger Association." Lin Mu said in admiration.

"Oh." Noreen said, "He seems to be looking at that guy with a straight face. Who's that?"

"I just heard him say his name is Ji Xiaomang." Lin Mu didn't care about what was said and continued to eat the duck eggs given to her by Luo Ling Feng.

He is that Ji Xiaomo. Other than being ranked second in the physical fitness exam, he graduated from the Elementary School with the first place grade. He seems to be the nephew of the Chairman of our Young Forest Ranger Association. Luo Lingfeng had also heard about this so-called "genius", Ji Xiaomao. Chi Yunfei had been looking at him since the beginning, hoping for him to become the class monitor.

Unfortunately, Ji Xiaoman didn't seem to have any intentions of becoming the class monitor. After the class was quiet for a while, a weak voice could be heard, "Can I be the class monitor?" When he looked around, he saw that the person who recommended him was a shy girl sitting next to Ji Xiaomao.

"Alright, then other than Su Tong, is there anyone else who's interested?" Chi Yunfei asked as he stared at Ji Xiaomao.

Ji Xiaomang, on the other hand, seemed to be unaware of what was going on as he stared blankly at the table.

Since there were no competitors, the class monitor's selection was decided on Su Tong. However, Chi Yunfei still appointed Ji Xiaomao as the vice class monitor to help Su Tong, and Ji Xiaomao agreed without objection. After selecting the class monitor, Chi Yunfei got everyone to take out their cell phones and typed out a 2-D code on the LCD screen on the podium. He got everyone in the class to scan the 2-D code and add them to the already built group contact list of the 'Wanderer Apprentice' Intermediate Class 1.

"Then, this is how it will be today at noon. Everyone, let's go eat after class. After resting, we'll gather at area B of the Martial Arts Practice Grounds at 2 PM. In the afternoon, we'll have your first class on cold weapons. Su Tong will be responsible for gathering everyone in the group." After giving some instructions, Chi Yunfei left. The other students in the classroom also left in groups of twos and threes, leaving Norris Peak and Lin Xiao in the last row, eating the duck sausages and eggs with relish.

"Speaking of which, Ergou, have you decided on which weapon to choose for this afternoon's weapon class?" the path asked, peeling the eggs.

"No, have you thought about it?" After opening up another box of ducks' necks, Lin Xiao took one and began to nibble on it.

"I've thought it through. I want to use a large hammer. A meteor hammer is also fine. In the future, I can use a large hammer to smash these zombies into pieces!" The small forest path fiercely bit off the duck neck in his mouth and effortlessly bit off the duck bone into pieces.

"I don't have such a violent hobby. I'll just choose daggers or daggers. They are light, small, convenient to carry, and save me both effort and effort." He took out a piece of paper to wipe off the grease off his hands and pushed the rest of his duck neck onto the small path.

Lin Xiao took the duck neck, "What's so good about that kind of thing being light as a feather, it can't even be used to beat zombies, but it's fine, if anything happens to you in the future, I'll cover you. Don't worry, Ergou!"

"Okay, big sister, little brother will depend on you to take care of me in the future, and there's also talk about whether or not you can stop calling me Ergou in the future." Alright, big sister, little brother will rely on you to take care of me in the future, and there's also talk about whether or not you can stop calling me Ergou in the future. "Yes!" Norris pleaded.

"Sure, Ergou!" Lin Xiao casually agreed and continued eating his duck neck. After he finished eating, he laid down on the floor of the classroom and slept. Not long after that, he even heard soft snoring sounds.

Nuo Lingfeng sighed as if he had given up. He stretched his body and suddenly looked at his surroundings with a blank expression. In his heart, he couldn't help but sigh: "This kind of life is really good."

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