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2 in the afternoon. As the students returned, the classroom gradually became lively again. After Su Tong finished counting the number of students in her class, she brought everyone to line up together and gathered at Area B of the Martial Arts Practice Grounds.

During the junior years, Noreen and the others would occasionally come here to observe the intermediate students' classes, so when they finally had the chance to enter, many of them were very excited. For example, Lin Xiao had seen all kinds of cold weapons, especially heavy weapons, big hammers, battle-axes, and other weapons on the shelves of the Martial Arts Practice Grounds. Nuo Lingfeng was also observing and trying to figure out which weapon suited him better.

"Cough, cough!" A middle-aged man dressed in a black martial uniform cleared his throat at the side of Class 1. Seeing that everyone's attention was focused on him, he said, "Hello everyone, I am Hua Yan, a C Class Ranger from the Ranger Association. I am addressed as' Master Weapon 'and I am your weapons instructor for the next three years. You can call me Instructor Hua."

"Haha, instructor Hua!" A boy in Class 1 could not help but mutter to himself. Hua Yan's face darkened, "Fourth row, third row, step forward!" The boy, who had been called, seemed to have not expected his teacher to have such good hearing. Trembling, he stood up.

"Is the teacher's name funny?" Hua asked sternly.

"Uh, not funny." The boy answered carefully.

"Why aren't you laughing? Aren't you laughing happily? You must take responsibility for what a man says. What's your name?" Hua Yan asked.

"Yang Yi!"

"Yang Yi, right? Why don't you admit what you've said yourself?" Hua Yan's tone was extremely displeased.

Yang Yi was so silent that he didn't know how to answer.

"Why aren't you speaking? You must take responsibility for everything you've said and done. Just based on your cowering attitude alone, I'll punish you with 100 push-ups. Do it now!" Hua Yan shouted. Yang Yi did not dare to retort and obediently started doing it. For a 12 year old youth, even if he continuously participated in physical training, 100 push-ups was not that easy to complete. After doing it with great difficulty, Yang Yi was out of breath, so Hua Yan brought him back into the team.

"Everyone, let me ask you this first, why do you want to learn cold weapons?" Hua Yan swept a glance at the group of people and asked with a serious expression.

"To strengthen the body and protect the people!" Su Tong answered loudly.

"Wrong!" Hua said harshly, "It is your duty as rangers to strengthen your bodies and protect the people. I will teach you how to use cold weapons for only one purpose — to protect your own life. The zombie virus' Noah 'completely controls the nervous systems of infected people and animals, and the damage of bullets against it is extremely small. Hence, other than using long ranged weapons like' grenade guns' or 'grenade grenade', the only other way to deal with zombies is to use cold weapons to make them lose their ability to move. "

"For example, we can use swords." Hua Yan picked up a long sword from the weapon rack and with one hand forming the fingers of a sword and the other holding the sword behind his back, he immediately demonstrated a dazzling sword technique. The sword light danced about, and it was ethereal and real.

After the dance was over, Hua Yan kept his sword, but there was not a single trace of sweat on his forehead. The applause rang out, but Hua Yan was not the slightest bit pleased with himself. It's pretty good, isn't it? " "" Hua Yan smiled and asked. "Yes!" The students answered in unison.

"Bullshit!" Hua Yan changed his tone, "This kind of sword technique is too flashy, it can only be used as a show to deal with zombies? Only death awaits you! "

The people from Class 1 immediately went silent.

"I won't teach you these flashy sword techniques. What you need to learn is a sword technique that can truly kill zombies." Furthermore, it's not only the sword, I am also called 'Master Weapons' for a reason. Among the weapons on the shelves here, no matter what weapon you choose, I can teach you. All you need to do is to find your most suitable weapon, and leave the rest to me! " Hua Yan's tone was finally not that strict anymore.

"I will send out introductions on the pros and cons of all kinds of weapons and their characteristics to the group chat as well as my own demo video. It would be best for me to familiarize myself with every kind of weapon I am interested in and choose other weapons to train with in the future. After saying that, Hua Yan pulled up his sleeves and operated the watch on his wrist.

As the tips in his pants pocket vibrated, class one took out their cell phones. After receiving the documents, Nuolan Shan looked through the contents of the weapon and opened the introduction of the dagger: "Dagger, short, sharp, easy to carry. It is an effective weapon against zombies at close range and is also the first choice for most travelling adventurers. The main uses are attack, sting, picking, shearing, bandaging, etc. "

He felt that he wasn't really looking for a weapon. Looking around, he found that Lin Mu didn't even look at his phone. He just picked up a sledgehammer from the weapon rack and started swinging it. The seemingly heavy sledgehammer was easily picked up by her.

"Seems like there really is such a thing as innate divine strength," Luo Lingfeng couldn't help but exclaim.

Other than the small path in the forest, the other person who had chosen a weapon without even looking at the introduction was Ji Xiaomo. He chose a sword, and after taking the sword, he casually drew a flower with his sword. His action caused some of the girls in the class to scream. Su Tong's face turned completely red as she watched. With a disdainful look at the guy who was always pretending to be cool, he continued to look through the weapon catalog. He even clicked on "Other categories" and suddenly a title attracted him — Bracer Blade.

Wrist blade, a blade fixed on the armguard, a close combat weapon, initially in an unscalable form, later modified to be retractable, the blade is relatively short, the retractable wrist blade is about the length of a dagger, the longest is no longer than the length of the forearm. Advantages: easy to carry and easy to hide. Weakness: Can't use wrist flexibility, can only rely on the elbow to change the angle of attack, attack range is short. The wrist blade can be carried on both arms or on one arm. The use of the wrist blade includes striking, piercing, chopping, jabbing and so on.

"Eh, it's this one!" Although he had also seen the introduction of the flaws later on, he decided to ignore them. After all, compared to the dagger which still needed to be grasped in his hand, the wrist blades that were directly fixed to the armguard seemed to be much easier to use. The key was still scalable, and this reminded him of a certain game he had once played, where the main character coolly shook his arm and the sleeve blade shot out, silently killing the enemy before leaving without a sound. Although the position of the wrist blade was the exact opposite from in the game, it was still very similar and he didn't need to ask for too much.

He was so excited that he wanted to click on the demo video to watch it, but what was even more depressing was that there was no demo video, so he had no choice but to ask Hua Yan what exactly was going on.

"You want to choose this weapon?" Hua Yan asked in surprise.

"Yes." "I didn't see a wrist blade on the shelf. Can you find a wrist blade for me to try?" Nuo Lingfeng asked expectantly.

"Eh …" Hua Yan was a bit hesitant and frowned as he looked at Nuo Lingfeng. "Alright, wait a moment." After Hua Yan finished speaking, he turned around and entered the teachers' building not far away. A moment later, he took out an exquisite wooden box and handed it to Noreen.

He took out the armguard excitedly and tried to put it on his arm, but to no avail, he could only beg Hua Yan for help.

A kind smile appeared on Hua Yan's face as he received the gauntlet to show him how to fasten it to his forearm. At the same time, he told him where the safety of the gauntlet was, then he turned on the gauntlet to indicate for him to stand back up a bit, and then he threw his arm forward. With a "whoosh", three sword blades shot out from the front of the gauntlet like claws. Hua Yan demonstrated a few movements and then flicked his wrist, causing the claw blade to retract back into the armguard.

When Norris saw this, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly pulled on his other armguard in an attempt to give it a try. However, even though he had successfully put on the armguard, he was still unable to swing the sword blade. He was unwilling to give up so many times, so he finally let the sword blade pop out once.

"Take your time. When swinging a blade, you need to use the strength of your elbow. You need to be fast and strong, and when you draw back your blade, you need to combine the strength of your wrist and elbow. You'll definitely be able to do it if you try a few more times. As for the demo videos, they are indeed not recorded. You can watch the demo videos of Tiger Finger. They are all very similar weapons. " Hua Yan seemed to be exceptionally patient with Nuo Lingfeng.

After a few more tries according to Hua Yan's instructions, he was finally able to skillfully fire out the blade.

"Not bad, you've improved." Hua Yan praised Nuo Lingfeng, then softly said to himself: "He's exactly the same as that child."

The other students had also finished choosing their weapons. Everyone was playing around with their weapons in excitement, especially Lin Xiao, who was swinging his sledgehammer happily.

Seeing that almost everyone had chosen their weapons, Hua Yan called for everyone to gather together again.

Hua Yan roughly counted that half of the people in Class 1 were chosen for sabers, the more powerful the boys were chosen for their sabers were the traditional Chinese sabers or long crescent sabers, the girls were chosen for their sabers for their sabers; the remaining half were chosen for ancient swords; the remaining half were chosen for swords; the last half were chosen for sabers, such as Class Leader Su Tong, who had chosen a long spear, Lin Yi, who had also chosen a sledgehammer, and Song Wenwu, who had chosen a long axe, as well as a few other sabers, such as the ninja sabre, and of course, Nuo Feng.

"Since everyone has chosen their weapons, let me explain to everyone how we should learn from this. I uploaded a holographic learning image of all the weapons in the class group chat. In the future when you are in class or after class, you can follow and learn by yourselves. If there are any areas that you don't understand, you can come and ask me. All documents are shared, and it is recommended that you also watch some videos of learning different types of weapons in your free time. "Also, the weapons in your hands must be returned to their original positions after each lesson. No one is allowed to carry a weapon around in the school, if they find someone who dares not hand over their weapon …" Hua Yan paused for a moment and coldly swept a glance, "I will let you know the consequences. I will tell you in advance, being expelled is the lightest punishment."

Everyone in the class shivered. They had more or less seen how strict the rules were when they were still junior students. No one felt that Hua Yan was joking.

"Alright, there's still some time left. You should continue familiarizing yourselves with the weapon. Dismissed!" Following the command given by Hua Yan, the group of people spread out again and began to play with the weapons in their hands.

The sky in the distance gradually darkened, and the afterglow of the setting sun enveloped the entire Ranger Academy. "Ding ding ling …" When the bell rang to signal the end of the class, the students of Class 01, "Young Forest Ranger Academy", in Mount Song, passed their rare days of peace without a single ripple.

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