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The Ranger Academy was a residential institution. Junior students had classes from Monday to Friday and could return home on Saturday and Sunday. At this time, the first week of lessons for Norrling Peak and Forest Trail had already been completed. On Saturday morning, the two of them went home together — Earth Ditch Village.

Tugou Village wasn't too far from the straight-line distance of Ranger Academy. It was only a distance of a dozen or so mountain peaks. However, the actual road twisted and turned, making the actual distance much greater. Ranger Academy's school bus would send the returning students a distance away, but wouldn't stop at the Tu Gou Village. The two could only choose a nearby station to get off the bus, leaving them with no choice but to walk on their own. After getting off the carriage, he did not follow the main road, but climbed over the mountain path instead. Along the way, the small forest path was in an extremely good mood, bouncing around without a shred of fatigue, and from time to time, he would even pick a few wild fruits to give to Noriko to eat. Although Noriko's physique was not very good, at least she ensured that she had the least amount of exercise every day, so climbing a mountain shouldn't be too much of a problem. They followed the mountain trail, which was almost developed by the two of them, and soon they reached the village of Gully.

The village was located in a small basin between the mountains. The village was not big and was located in a remote area. Most of the houses in the village were of the second or third floor. There were two mountains away from the defensive line and coincidentally wrapped in a defensive net. They were almost unaffected by the disaster, so there was not much difference between the life before and after. There was a small pond at the edge of the village. There was a spring left behind on the mountain, which gathered in the pond and then flowed into a stream to some place outside the mountain. That pond was where the Nuolan Shan family kept their ducks.

"Er Gou, do you want to come over to my house to play later?" The forest trail nibbled on the wild fruit at the village entrance and asked Noriko.

"Not going." Nuo Lingfeng firmly refused.

"Why?" The path pouted in puzzlement.

Every time I go to your house, your mom is really too passionate towards me. She always says things like 'Don't look at my road, but in reality, she's a good girl' or 'You need to be more concerned about the road in the future', but I don't know why, but I have an ominous feeling, as if she's going to throw some burden on me. " Nuo Lingfeng narrowed his eyes as he pondered.

"Fine, since you're not going, why don't I go to your house and play?" Lin Xiao asked as he stood in front of Luo Ling Feng, his eyes filled with anticipation.

"Eh …." "Fine." There was no way for him to refuse Lin Mu's cute act, because he knew that if she failed, he would use her innate skill – Forced by force.

"Then I'll go home first! "Bye bye!" The small forest path waved to NouLing Feng and happily went back home.

It was not easy to study at the Ranger Academy. He had to take both the Ranger class and the cultural class, and in the morning and evening, he had to study. Every day, he had to take classes, and since he could barely make it home, he naturally had to take a good rest.

His house was also an old-fashioned two-storey building with a small yard. The house was not far away from the village pond. Not far from the house was a row of duck sheds.

In the distance, he could hear the clamoring of the ducks. At the entrance of the house, there was an old man lying in a rocking chair with his eyes closed, leisurely smoking a cigarette.

"Grandfather, I'm back!" Nuo Lingfeng greeted the old man who was lying on the rocking chair. It was his grandfather, Nuo Yongxiang. "Ah, grandpa. Where is my grandma?"

Not bothering to reply, he pointed at the duck shed. It seemed like Norris had long since gotten used to it, so he didn't mind and went straight to the duck shed to find his grandma.

The smell of ammonia in the duck shed was still very pungent. There was an old man with half a head of white hair inside, wearing a mask and gloves, carrying a lime bucket and sprinkling it into the duck shed. She was Noreen's grandma, Li Guihua.

"Grandma, I'm back!" When Li Guihua heard his voice, she turned her head with pleasant surprise, "Aiya, Little Feng, you're back. You haven't eaten yet, right? I'll go and prepare it for you right now!"

"Ah, I haven't eaten yet. Grandmother, go cook. I'll finish sprinkling the lime!" As he spoke, he went to the little house in the duck shed and gathered up his face mask and gloves. He put on an old set of clothes that he used to wear and took the lime bucket from his grandmother.

"Alright, alright, just spill this out. I'll continue with the rest." Li Guihua took off her work clothes and washed her hands in the duck shed. "Feng, what do you want to eat?"

"Better roast duck, Erniu will probably come over later!" "Yes, sir!"

"Ah, the Lin Clan's second girl wants to come. Alright, alright, I'll go cook now." Lee Guihua wiped his hands on a towel by the pool and left the duck shed. On the other hand, Nuo Lingfeng continued to sprinkle the lime with practiced movements. After all, he was already used to doing this.

Right in the middle of the day, after Noriko finished her work in the duck shed, Li Guihua came over to call him back to the house for dinner. After he washed his hands and cleaned them up, just as he sat down at the table, he heard a series of hurried knocks on the door. He moved his toes and guessed that the forest path had arrived.

"Ah, here comes the second girl! "Come, sit down. We just finished cooking so eat while it's still warm. Ergou, you go and bring your grandpa some food." Li Guihua pulled Lin Xiao's arm enthusiastically and sat him down at the table. Hehe, Grandma came! " Lin Mu Lu was not ashamed at all as he picked up the bowl and chopsticks that he prepared for her.

After the meal, Lin Mu took the initiative to clean up the dishes and take them to the kitchen to wash them, while Nuo Lingfeng and Li Guihua did not stop her. After eating dinner, Lin Mu consciously cleaned up the dishes and took the kitchen to wash the dishes, and Nuo Ling Feng and Li Guihua did not stop her. Li Guihua was modest, but he had always let her be.

After eating his fill, he pulled a rocking chair outside the door to the shade of the tree. Outside the door, he was still eating slowly. He placed the chair next to him and lay down on it with a deep sigh.

The sunlight was not too strong, and occasionally a cool breeze would blow from the pond.

"Er Gou, why don't we play a game together in the afternoon?" After finishing washing the dishes, the small forest path came to the side of Nuo Lingfeng.

"The weather is so good, I want to sleep!" "Nuo Lingfeng refused."

"Didn't you say you would play with me?" Lin Xiao's cheeks were puffed up with anger.

"Alright, then let's play 'sleep in peace' together!" Nuo Lingfeng said with a treacherous smile.

"How do we play?" the path asked.

"I'm in charge of sleep, you're in charge of quiet, and then we'll compete to see who can last longer. If you win, I'll give you some salted duck eggs to eat. If I win, I'll knock your head on the table. Luo Lingfeng explained the rules with a serious expression.

Lin Xiaochang tilted his head and thought for a while before replying, "That's fine, it's not like your knock hurts."

"En, from here on out, you will lie down here and be in charge of peace. I will lie down there and be in charge of sleep. If you make a sound first you will lose. I will get up first and I will lose. Shall we begin?"

"Alright!" Lin Mu sat down on a chair without a word, and silently looked at him.

Nuo Lingfeng ignored her gaze and leisurely collapsed on the rocking chair.

A light breeze blew, and the duck leisurely swam about in the pond. Occasionally, a spot of sunlight would find its way into the gaps between the leaves and touch the body of Noreen. It was warm and comfortable, and he quickly fell asleep.

In the dream, he dreamt of his parents. Their faces were blurry, and he could not see clearly, but he could clearly feel his mother's embrace, hear his father saying something to his mother, and his mother's very gentle response. Then the light changed, and he saw a fire, and the flames were burning over him, and he heard his father's scream, and his mother's cry, and that cry was so painful that it shook him out of his dream.

The sun was still hanging in the sky, the ducks were still swimming, and the forest path had fallen asleep.

"Grandfather, if I become a ranger, I will definitely be able to see my mother, right?" Nuo Lingfeng asked softly.

Just when he thought that he had fallen asleep, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, "That's right, the message left to us by that kid Ruo Lan is, 'When he becomes an outstanding ranger, I will come and find him'."

"I don't understand why she wants to be like this. I can't even see my own child for more than ten years. As a mother, is this right? I am her child!"

"I don't understand either, but I'm sure she has her reasons. "So, Feng, work hard and become an indomitable travelling knight. You will understand when that time comes." After he finished speaking, Yong Xiang didn't say anything else, but continued to slowly wave his fan, and gently rock the rocking chair.

His father had already passed away. Although his mother was still alive and well, he had not seen what his mother looked like for so many years. She didn't even leave a picture, so what was the reason why she hadn't had the time to visit him for so many years? He really couldn't think of a reason. He secretly made up his mind that he would definitely become an extremely outstanding ranger, and then when he met his mother again in the future, he would question her in front of her.

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