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The weekend always passed by quickly. After leisurely sleeping for the whole weekend, Notling Peak and Forest Road once again returned to school with heavy hearts. When they arrived, Notling Peak still took a lot of delicious food from home, mainly salty duck eggs.

This week, the curriculum of the first grade's class one of the Zhou Ranger Academy changed. In addition to the cold weapons course, there was the addition of "Ranger's basic qualities" and a new course that hadn't been added this year in previous years — ancient inner force skills.

"Not many people say that internal energy is a lie. Why did you join this year's class?" At this moment, in Class 1's study room, Norris was looking at the classes arranged for this week on his mobile as he mumbled to himself in confusion. It wasn't just him who had such doubts. Everyone in Class One who saw the message was discussing the matter.

"According to internal news, it's said that there have been new results from the research on internal energy in recent years, and quite a few rangers have already practiced it. There are indeed internal energy, and that's why we plan to promote it in Ranger Academy. We should be one of the first academies to try it out." Zheng Zhi, who was standing not far from Nuolan Shan, was currently speaking to the people around him in a mysterious manner. From where did you get your internal information, you couldn't possibly have lied, right? " "Someone questioned." "Who lied to you? My brother told me. He's a C Class ranger from our Association. He's been practicing his internal energy for the past few years and according to him, he's had some success." Zheng Zhi said with a face full of pride. "Right now, my brother can bend steel bars with his bare hands. He's very powerful!" If it's steel, I think I can bend it with a little force. " Song Wenwu expressed his doubt on the side. Tsk, you still need to use more strength? I can bend it easily. " Lin Xiao glanced at Song Wenwu with disdain. Although Song Wenwu was full of fierce muscles, he was always submissive towards the small paths in the forest.

Zheng Zhi, who was bragging, looked at Song Wenwu and Lin Xiao speechlessly. The atmosphere was awkward, but it was a good thing that a teacher had entered the room, which helped to ease the awkward atmosphere.

Hello, fellow students. I am Li Zhe, a level D Ranger of the Ranger Association. I know that you are all curious about the new 'Ancient Inner Arts' class this year. You will know about it in class tomorrow. You all know the importance of our 'Ranger Basics' class. During the exam, it's useless no matter how good your grade is at other courses. Okay. I won't say anything else, so I'll start my class right here. " Li Zhe picked up the electronic pointer, opened the classroom's smart liquid crystal blackboard, and established a connection between his phone and the electronic blackboard.

"First lesson in Ranger's basic qualities" appeared on the screen.

"First of all, I want to ask everyone, we know that the biggest enemy in the Ranger Association is the enemy, but what was the cause of the first zombies?" Li Zhe swept a glance at the group and asked.

"Noah virus!" Everyone answered in unison.

Li Zhe nodded affirmatively, "Then why is this virus called Noah virus? This classmate whose eyelids are about to stick together, you can answer. " Li Zhe pointed at the last row where Noreen was sleeping.

"It was said that someone who called himself 'Noah' spread the virus as a biological weapon during the Third World War of the Old Century. That's why people called it 'Noah Virus' later."

"Good student, your answer is correct. Please listen carefully to the class." "After the Noah virus appears, it spreads very quickly, and the infected people will enter a berserk state in a short period of time, crazily attacking everything around them. But once a human is scratched, they will be infected, and the infected person will lose all of their reason, and won't be able to communicate with the infected person. Just like a wild beast, people call it 'zombie', and other than humans, all kinds of animals will have the same symptoms."

Li Zhe paused, "Does anyone know how many types of zombies there are? Ah … You can answer this student who raised his hand. "

The one raising his hand was class monitor Su Tong, "Teacher, there are four main types of zombies: red zombies, also known as blood-red zombies, black zombies, grey zombies, white zombies."

"En, the answer is basically correct, we know that once a human or animal is attacked by a zombie, they will mutate for a short period of time and turn blood-red, which is what we often call 'blood-red zombies'." En, the answer is basically correct, we know that once a human or animal is attacked by a zombie, for a short period of time, they will mutate, and their entire body will turn blood-red, which is what we call 'blood-red zombies'. Li Zhe was so excited that his saliva flew everywhere. The people closest to him couldn't help but wipe their faces.

"However, for zombies, once they have new flesh and blood, the black zombies will change color again, and the grey zombies will evolve into black zombies, or even into blood-red zombies. So different types of zombies can be exchanged, so we have to do our best to avoid losing evolution. Simply put, we can't let ourselves or our comrades become food for zombies. " Li Zhe stopped here and silently looked at his classmates.

Li Zhe was very satisfied with the reaction of his class and continued, "Next, we will say that the white zombie, after a long period of time, when the gray zombie can't get any flesh replenished, it will become a white zombie. The white zombie is no longer able to move, it will become a zombie in the state of true death, and in general, as long as nothing goes wrong, the process of the zombie's decline will generally be a downward weakening." Li Zhe pointed at the blackboard. At this moment, a graph appeared on the display screen.

After talking, Li Zhe drank a mouthful of water and paused for a moment, then he continued, "This is basically the type of zombies, so our class will have to talk about the specific attacks of different types of zombies, everyone look at the blackboard …"

"Teacher, about the type of zombies, did you miss out on one?" A voice interrupted Li Zhe's words.

Li Zhe wrinkled his brows. He looked unhappy, but he knew the identity of this rude child in front of him and did not want to have any conflicts with him, "Then, what kind of zombie do you think I missed?"

Ji Xiaomang stared at Li Zhe and said word by word, "Change, change, loss, and corpse."

Li Zhe was surprised as he didn't expect this brat to know about this. "About the variant zombie …" It's like this. They are divided into many different types, and there are still many that have yet to be discovered. So … "We will explain it again after that …" Most of the information about the colossal zombies was kept secret even in the Ranger Association, so it wasn't that he didn't want to tell them, but that the public information was too little, to the point where he didn't have anything to tell them.

"Really? Teacher, I am very interested in this?" Can you tell me a little bit about it? " Ji Xiaoman was still unwilling to give up, as if he would not give up until he had answered the question.

Li Zhe began to hate this so-called "top student".

"Alright, since this student is interested, let me give everyone a little lecture." Li Zhe paused for a long time before continuing, "We know that black or gray zombies will evolve into red zombies after devouring flesh and blood. Red zombies, after devouring flesh and blood, will normally only be able to extend the blood-red color of the red zombies for a long period of time, but if it devours flesh and blood for a long period of time, a special situation will occur, and that is the mutation. However, even a variant zombie would still die after a period of time. It's just that they are relatively more dangerous. "

"Then, what kind of mutation will happen to the zombies?" Ji Xiaomang wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Li Zhe pondered for a while, "Generally speaking, it will produce some variation that will increase the attack power, such as growing claws or fangs. But even if it's just a mutation, it's no big deal for us Rangers. "

"Alright, thank you teacher." When Ji Xiaomao heard Li Zhe say "Variant Zombie is no big deal", his mouth revealed a hint of disdain, but he didn't pursue the matter. He seemed to know that Li Zhe's knowledge should be limited to this.

Although some of the students in the class were interested in the colossal zombie, most of them didn't care. After all, it didn't matter how many claws a colossal zombie had, as long as it used a grenade.

Li Zhe heaved a sigh of relief. Ji Xiaomang wanted to continue asking, but he didn't know what to say, "Alright, then everyone look at the blackboard. Let's learn the details of the different stages of zombie attack power."

The students of Class One quickly forgot about the small episode in class. As a rule, Norris' mind wandered a bit, and he couldn't help but think, "Are the colossal zombies really not that big of a deal?"

While Li Zhe's lecture was still going on, Noriko's thoughts drifted out of the classroom, past the Shaolin Temple, up the five peaks, and into the clouds.

Its skin was black and wrinkled, and tattered clothes hung from its body. What was shocking was that there was actually a pair of incomparably ugly black wings on its back, like that of a bat, which continuously flapped at this moment, a pair of soulless eyes swept across the ground, and a lofty ancient temple appeared in its line of sight. The nearby Ranger Academy also entered its field of vision.

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