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The "Ancient Internal Training" class was finally about to begin. Different from the other study rooms, the one in the middle of Gu Nai's class had a 360-degree holographic projector, which was surrounded by speakers. The windows were fully automated, and seemed to be very well sealed.

Just as Class 1's students were chattering excitedly, the classroom door was suddenly closed. Following that, the curtains were all automatically drawn down, and the lights were all extinguished. The entire classroom was instantly pitch-black, and quite a few people had already yelled out in surprise. Within a few seconds, the holographic projector was activated, projecting the operating diagram of the solar system in the darkness. Earth, the sun, the moon, all sorts of stars and satellites moved in fixed orbits, not interfering with each other, not colliding with each other, not being affected by anything else.

"Hello everyone, I am Shen Xu, the teacher of the ancient school. I know that everyone has a lot of questions, but please remain silent. Sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, he closes his eyes and follows my instructions." A deep, magnetic voice came from the darkness.

Although most of the people in Class 1 felt that the teacher was a little mysterious, they still did as he said.

"Now, imagine that there is a flower in front of you. You want to smell it and take a deep breath and hold it." "Then imagine an old book in front of you, covered with dust, and you'll blow it clean. Now exhale through your mouth." Another burst of wind rose.

"Alright, remember this feeling. Feel the air flow of your breathing. Continue to breathe like this." Shen Xi said calmly.

Naturally, no one dared to disobey. The entire classroom was silent except for the sound of breathing.

Ten minutes later, Shen Xi opened his mouth again. "Alright, everyone. Slowly open your eyes." The projector was turned off, the windows were opened, and the light in the classroom was restored.

Standing in front of the first class was their Gut teacher, Shen Xi. He wore a loose white martial arts suit, had simple short hair, a sunny smile, and a clean-shaven beard. This appearance could even be considered as idol level. A few girls even let out slight shrieks.

"Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Shen Xi, a C Class Ranger of the Ranger Academy. I am your Gut School's teacher." It's not like the blade or sword moves, which can be achieved in a few months' time. The practice of inner force is measured in years, and although it is slow, it will be greatly beneficial to you in the future. "

In the middle of the classroom appeared a holographic human figure with no skin, only meridians, muscles and bones. "Internal energy is trained through qi, qi training requires breathing and breathing, and the most commonly used method is the abdominal breathing technique that was just taught to you. Qi training requires the concentration of the mind, gradually, and finally, the goal of tempering the internal organs of the body is achieved." In martial arts, it can increase endurance, combat ability and also has an extremely strong self-protection effect. " As he spoke, he pointed at the meridians on the model person's body. The rays of light were moving along the meridians and finally converging at his dantian, forming a Qi Sea.

"Internal energy comes from Chinese martial arts, it does not rely on distance to produce a strong explosive force. The principle was like a high-frequency vibrator. Internal energy would turn high-frequency vibrations into muscle instinct, and in the instant of striking the object, under the premise of maintaining the attack power, it would strike the object with zero-distance high-frequency vibrations. The strong could even emit the so-called internal force, forming the force which could achieve the purpose of long-range attacks. Direct attacks on objects can occur, for example, across mountains, when they strike an object — when they resonate with the surface of the body, they strike the insides of the body with devastating force; when there is sword qi — when muscles and weapons resonate and affect the air vibrations; when there is even invulnerability — they increase the density of the body's tissues, causing temporary changes in parts or in all the tissues of the body, causing the skin to become extremely hard. " Following Shen Xi's explanation, the model person began to display the changes to his muscles as he used "Mountain Break", "Sword Qi" and "Indestructible".

"Cultivating inner force will give rise to inner force. Once you have inner force, you can practice Qing Gong. After mastering Qing Gong, you will be able to walk in circles." We mainly study the Body Metamorphose Scripture from the Shaolin Temple next door, the Subduing Dragon Subduing Art, the Bodhisattva Mantra, the Damoor Breath Suspending Technique, as well as the Golden Bell Cover that you all are familiar with. These were previously the secret of the Shaolin Temple. However, no matter what kind of inner force skill it is, it is difficult and obscure to learn. It is not something that can be learned in a day or a night. Shen Xu paused for a moment and looked at the group of students. The countless fervent gazes below were all fixated on Shen Xu, wishing that he could become an inner force expert immediately.

"The breathing technique I taught you just now is called 'Abdominal Breathing Technique'. People's breathing carries the energy of life, so the abdominal breathing technique is the foundation for practicing internal energy. From now on, you will practice this kind of breathing technique at least once in the morning and night, for at least half an hour at a time …" until we finally get used to the fact that we can keep our stomachs open and breathe at all times. " Shen Xi was about to continue speaking when he suddenly noticed someone raising their hands and asking, "This student, do you have any questions?"

The one asking this question was Zheng Zhi, who had boasted that his brother knew inner force skills. "Teacher, since you said that inner force skills are so powerful, can you demonstrate it to us?" Zheng Zhi's face was filled with anticipation. However, the expressions of the other students weren't too far off from his.

"Alright, no problem with the demonstration." As if expecting such a request, he went outside the classroom and picked up a twig about the size of a finger.

Zheng Zhi's face was filled with disappointment. Naturally, Shen Xi took note of this. He waved his hand and called for Zheng Zhi and Song Wenwu, who were next to him to grab the tree branches together. He slowly raised his hand and gathered his Qi into his palm.

Silence reigned in the classroom.

Suddenly, a round of applause rang out, one that lasted for a long time. This move of Shen Xi's had intimidated everyone in Class 1, including the proud Ji Xiaomao and the famous Lin Lang, who was known for his monstrous strength.

"This is actually nothing." Shen Xi modestly waved his hand, signalling everyone to stop, "My internal energy is only a small accomplishment. There are many stronger people than me and many more talented people. I believe that you guys definitely have them."

"Teacher, can I learn Golden Bell Cover?" Suddenly, Lin Dong shouted.

Shen Xi laughed heartily as he looked at the small road in the forest, "Of course you can, but Golden Bell Cover is a kind of hard Qi skill, its training intensity is beyond your imagination. Everyday you need to hammer the body, first with a cloth hammer, then with a wooden hammer after getting used to it, and finally with an iron hammer to beat yourself. You need to practice like this for at least two or three years. Are you sure you can stand it?

"Being hit by a hammer every day is not very comfortable." Lin Xiaochang hesitated for a moment, "What kind of effect will there be after I finish training it?"

"After the Golden Bell Cover is completed, the chest and back will be as firm as iron and stone. The fists and feet couldn't be injured, and the swords were hard to injure. Most of the zombies were even harder to get close to, after all the Golden Bell Cover was one of the four sacred arts of Shaolin Temple in China. It was created by the founder of Shaolin Temple, Zen Master Damocles. It was divided into twelve stages, and each stage was gradually progressing. It was even said that after the twelve stages were mastered, one could resist bullets. However, since no one has practiced it to that extent, it's hard to tell if it's true or not. " Shen Xi patiently explained to the forest path.

"I want to learn!" The momentum of the small forest road was so strong that it seemed like it was covered by a golden bell.

"Not bad, you are very imposing. I believe that you can definitely learn it well." Shen Xi gave a thumbs-up to the forest path.

This fellow's skin was already rough and thick. If he were to be beaten by a hammer for two or three years, then what kind of rough skin would he have in the future? Would he still be able to marry her? Of course, he didn't dare to say these words out loud, or else he would have to experience the feeling of being hammered.

Just as I said before, there are many types of inner force skills. The training methods are different, and the effects are naturally different as well. Next, I will hand out a few types of inner force skills to you. Shen Xi picked up his phone and sent a document introducing all kinds of internal energy to the class group chat of Class 1.

"Teacher, what kind of inner force do you practice?" Squad Leader Su Tong asked curiously.

"Body Metamorphose Scripture!" Shen Xi calmly replied.

"Then can teacher teach us other inner force skills?" Su Tong asked puzzledly.

"Although there are many types of inner force skills, each of them is essentially the use of Qi. Although I don't practice any other inner force skills, I am more than enough to guide you in your studies." Shen Xi replied with a smile.

"Oh right, let me leak out a piece of news. After you have practiced your inner force for a period of time, I will begin to teach you Qing Gong and movement techniques!" Shen Xi calmly said.

His words caused everyone to instantly explode with excitement. Inner Qi and Qing Gong, these were things they thought to be fictitious martial arts. They never thought that they would actually exist in reality. For these young people, their excitement was indescribable.

In the end, when it came to the selection of inner force skills, most of the people in Class 1 chose the famous Body Metamorphose Scripture. After all, with Shen Xu's guidance, many people felt that it would be easier to train in this technique. There was also a group of people who chose the "Spiritual Qi Fusion Technique" because it was relatively easy to learn it.

However, there were a few people who chose the Golden Bell Cover as an example; Ji Xiaomang chose the "Arhat Godly Art", which was not recorded in detail, nor written in a book. Ji Xiaomao was very confident in his ability to choose this challenging inner force skill; Squad Leader Su Tong and the other girls chose the "Bodhi Heart Technique", which after practicing it would have the effect of detoxifying poisons; Yang Yi and Song Wenwu chose the "Subduing Dragon Technique", which allowed them to practice the "Lion's Roar" to a high level; as for Ling Nuo, he chose the "Breath Technique".

The class was extremely serious as they listened to the bell chime for the end of the class. The class left the class reluctantly, and as everyone left, Shen Xi slowly closed the door behind him. He knew that, regardless of whether the children realized it or not, a door to the true meaning of ancient martial arts was slowly opening up in front of them.

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