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After choosing the weapons, he had already decided on his internal energy, and the cultural lessons were going on normally as well. Class 01's classes had already been going on in an orderly fashion for more than two months, and the hot and dry summer air had already passed. A heavy autumn rain was brewing in the sky above the residential area of Mount Song. Dark clouds were rolling and thunder was crackling in the dark sky. A strong wind was blowing. It seemed as if a storm was brewing. In a flash of lightning, this black shadow was precisely the monster with bat wings that had once appeared in the sky above Ranger Academy. But this time, it wasn't the only one, its two claws were even grabbing onto a humanoid monster smaller than itself, with long claws and fangs, and a rag wrapped around its back, bulging as if it still had something on its back. The bat monster's pitch-black eyes swept over Shaolin Temple and Ranger Academy. A hint of a cold smile even flashed at the corner of its mouth. With another burst of thunder and lightning, the bat monster seemed to disappear in an instant.

"The day's lesson has been completed. Class 1 is currently taking cultural lessons in the study room. Today's evening self-study is in Chinese. The students present will listen to the textbook 'Read and recite the full text'. The study room is filled with the students' messy recitation sounds." "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" The sound of thunder struck down, deafening everyone in the class. The reciting abruptly stopped as well, followed by a flash of lightning. The scenery outside the window instantly became extremely clear. "Haha …" It wasn't just the person who started laughing, the others also laughed in agreement, and the voice reciting once again rang out in a scattered manner.

"Ah, help!" A piercing scream came from outside the window. There was a moment of silence in the classroom, and then another shout rang out, but it was cut off abruptly, as if something had choked it. The heavy rain suddenly fell again, and the shouts outside could no longer be heard. The classroom door was suddenly knocked open, and a person covered in blood broke into the classroom, his clothes were torn and covered in blood, and his exposed skin was completely blood-red. What was even more surprising was that he did not have a head, as if something had cut him off.

"Blood-red zombie!" Someone shouted in surprise. The person who recognized the creature in front of them quickly left their seats and hid behind the classroom, trying to distance themselves from the headless zombie. The headless zombie didn't have any sense. At this moment, it crazily crashed into the study room's table, waving its arms around as if it wanted to grab onto something.

At this moment, Ji Xiaomang was also standing at the back of the classroom, coldly sizing up the headless zombie. The small path in the forest was in front of the crowd, and he was holding up a desk that she had originally fixed to the ground; Song Wen Wu, Yang Yi, and the others were also holding up their chairs, trembling all over in vigilance. As for Norris, he sat in the back row, seemingly very calm and didn't move at all. The main reason was that when he saw this monster covered in blood, he was shocked and forgot how to move.

Seeing that it was about to get close to some students, the small forest path quickly jumped over, raised the table and smashed it into pieces. The small forest path smashed the table into pieces, and the zombie got lost in the process, its arm was broken, and its body was covered in sawdust. Very quickly, the small forest path only had two table legs left. Even that won't do? " Seeing that the zombie was about to pounce at him, Lin Xiao hastily threw the table leg onto the zombie's body.

"Pa!" "Pah!" This gave Lin Mu some time. She quickly used her brute force to tear down another table, and without caring about the books that were sparsely dropped on the table, she swung it on the zombie's body. The zombie was knocked to the side, and its lumbar spine was completely twisted by the forest road, but it still didn't lose its ability to move, and it continued to frantically grab at its surroundings. The girls who were near the headless zombies were so scared that they almost didn't dare to move. The forest path was smashed too hard, and they were panting heavily from exhaustion. They raised their tables to smash, but were stopped by Ji Xiaoman's raised hand, "What are you doing!?" Lin Hu glared angrily at Ji Xiaomeng.

"I'll do it!" The headless zombie's body had a few cuts on it, and its target was immediately replaced by Ji Xiaomeng. Unfortunately, because it no longer had any other senses, even though it was a blood-red zombie, the damage it could cause was still very limited. Ji Xiaomo nimbly dodged the zombie's attack on one side, while using the soft sword to counter attack on the other.

"Get out of the way. Let me do it!" Lin Xiao Lang raised the table in front of Ji Xiaomo and said, "You're done for, right? Just look at me!" After saying that, she raised the table and started smashing it again. But this time, her smashing technique seemed to have a few tricks. She no longer randomly swung it around, but to smack the zombie with a purpose. After being scared silly for a long time, Nuolan Shan finally recovered from his shock. Seeing how brave and energetic Lin Xiao was, he didn't relax like the rest, because he could already see that Lin Mu was almost exhausted. His slapping speed and strength were far from what they were a moment ago.

"Er Niu, slap it into a corner!" "Get out of here!"

The small forest path revealed a trace of a smile after hearing the voice. It immediately changed its angle, forcing the zombie to go towards the corner.

"Put it in the corner with the table!" "Everyone, let's go to the table together!"

Many of Class 1's students understood what he was planning to do. Several boys followed him to help out the small forest path. Even Ji Xiaoman was no longer cold. He reached out his hands to help support the table.

The headless zombie was pushed against the corner of the wall and couldn't move. It desperately tried to push off the table, but was held down by the people from class one. However, it was a blood colored zombie and its strength was extraordinary. Seeing that the situation was urgent, the girls did not have any time to be afraid and immediately stepped forward to help.

"Don't all push forward, the three girls will be replaced by two boys. If the girls can't hold on any longer, we'll let the other girls take their places. The boys have enough rest, we'll immediately move the two tables over to prevent other zombies from coming in!" At this critical moment, no one from Class 1 objected and they all followed his instructions.

"Should I look for teacher?" Su Tong asked Nuo Lingfeng.

"No, this zombie came from outside. No one knows what the situation outside is, so it would be too dangerous to go out."

"But even if you keep holding on like this, it's not like you can do anything!" Su Tong said worriedly.

Nuo Lingfeng thought for a moment, "Everyone lift the table up a bit. Ji Xiaomo, how about you use your soft sword to cut off the leg muscles of the zombie?"

"There's no need to use such a skeptical tone. Of course I can do that!" Ji Xiaoman coldly rebuked Nuo Lingfeng. Nuo Lingfeng choked a bit and snapped, "Then don't be stupid!"

Ji Xiaomang bent down to check the location of the zombie's leg, swinging the flexible sword a few times and accurately cutting off the left leg muscles of the zombie. Since the zombie could no longer support itself, Ji Xiaoman took the opportunity to cut off the zombie's right leg muscles and fell onto the wall, causing the zombie to lose its ability to move. There was only one exception for girls, Lin Xiao happily lifted up the table and slammed down on the zombie without hesitation, again and again, until the zombie's bones completely shattered and she was completely unable to move.

Nuo Lingfeng also breathed heavily as he looked at the forest path, happily playing for time. He thought that she was probably the first person to use a table to take care of the blood-red zombie's life without being able to take care of herself. At the same time, he secretly made up his mind that in the future, he would treat this girl well. With her by his side, he would no longer have to worry about her safety.

After resting for a while, the class gradually calmed down. Su Tong looked at the zombies in front of her whose bones had been broken. She could not help but mutter to herself, "Why would there be zombies in the academy?" No one answered her, and the study room was silent.

"Bang!" Bang! "Bam!" A series of hurried door knocks broke the silence. The instructor Chi Yunfei's voice came from the other side of the door, "It's inside, quickly open the door and let us in!" Due to the impact of the blood colored zombie, the door was already damaged. When Chi Yunfei pushed the door open and rushed into the classroom, he hurriedly took a look and was relieved to see that the Class 1 team was safe. Then, he saw the blood colored zombie that was smacked into a meat patty not too far away in the corner of the room.

"It seems like I won't be needed here!" "A monk wearing a green robe and holding a cooked iron rod came in behind Chi Yun." The children in your class are really shocking, they actually managed to make a blood-red zombie … Beating up like this. "

"Master Yan Xin, sorry to trouble you. Please take a look elsewhere as soon as possible." Chi Yunfei turned around and faced the monk as he answered with clasped hands.

"Amitabha, this little monk will go and investigate somewhere else." Yan Xin slightly nodded and left the classroom, ignoring the heavy rain.

Chi Yunfei tidied up his clothes that had been drenched by the rain and closed the door to the classroom, gesturing for the Class 1 students to take a seat. At this moment, the class was not in the mood to tidy up the messy table. They could only hope that Chi Yunfei would be able to tell them what had happened.

"As you can see, our academy was attacked by zombies." Chi Yunfei's expression was grave as he said, "All the original rangers' teachers in the academy who were able to fight have already been mobilized. At the same time, they also brought over ten monks from the Shaolin Temple next door to help. I will also be here to protect everyone, so everyone doesn't need to worry for now."

How could he not be worried! "Class 1's members were already in an uproar as all of them were talking at once, asking like Chi Yunfei." "Isn't the residential area very safe? Why would there be zombies here? What are the soldiers doing outside?" "How many zombies are there in the academy?" "When will we be safe?"

Facing the questions of his classmates, Chi Yunfei remained silent. After a long while, he let out a long sigh and helplessly said, "I …" "I don't know."

Outside the window, the rain was still pouring down. The academy's streetlights were still unaffected as they worked. Under the light of the lamps, the rain fell in a line onto the ground. The sound of the rain covered up all the noise in the classroom.

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