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Esurient/C1 It All Comes Down To This
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C1 It All Comes Down To This

I DID NOT really want the decisions I made in my life that took me to where I am now. If I will be frank, those decisions were almost thoughtless. Whatever I thought was best for my situation was what I would choose. It made so many things in my life so much easier, which was the good side of it. The downside is I failed to foresee the things that may happen to me in return.

Maybe the reason why I am having these thoughts right now was because I did not expect things to turn out this way in my life. Who would have ever thought that this would happen? I now believe that karma really exist, it just often comes late. The only problem is, it will get back at you and make you pay your dues when everything in your life is already figured out. It will haunt you of your past, crush you to pieces until you are lying helplessly on the ground, alone and almost losing your mind. But for someone who had been to hell many times before, I know how to spare myself another trip back there. To the extent that I am more than willing to do anything and everything just to keep all the things that I have now.

Because of the many unpleasant things that happened in my life, I learned to be very practical. All the relationships I had after my first stupid mistake were all based on how much the guy has in his bank account. Money forced me to let men take me to bed, humiliate me, and strip me of my dignity. It didn’t matter to me. Sex is something I enjoy anyway. And if I’m getting that for a huge lump of money from the stupid guys I was going to bed with, who am I to not take the chance?

And then one day I met an extremely rich business man named Malcolm Valdenor that took our sexual play time a lot seriously and made me his personal sex partner in a short period of time. My body and services became exclusive to him. I only had sex with him, I could not say no when he wanted some serious ‘fucking’ business. And as always, it didn’t matter to me, he is one of those few men who could fuck me really well. It was a win-win situation.

Eventually, my relationship with him becomes serious. Unlike, other businessmen that had paid for my service before, he isn’t married. He said he had a son but he mostly stays out of the country so I should not pay him too much attention. It was fine with me. All I care about is his awesome shaft. With child or not, I didn’t care one bit. Besides, I really could not really hold on to whatever we have. I always think that he may change his mind in the future or lose interest in me. So, I just enjoyed every moment we shared in bed, and every orgasm he made me do.

But in a twisted turn of events, one night, in his executive pad, after good round of sex, he just kneeled down on one knee in front of me as I sat on the side of the bed, covering my naked body with a blanket, and he asked me to marry him. I saw in his eyes that he was serious. Yet, I did not know what to say in that moment. First of all, I didn’t plan for us to get married. I was just there with him because he needed someone to warm his bed, and I was very much happy to oblige because the money I was getting from him was not a joke. But, marriage is something so scary. I can even stand thinking about it. I will be committed to him, be under his rules and forever be stuck to his side. It’s not that I’m not enjoying what we share. God, Malcolm fucks the hell out me like nobody’s business, and I love having sex with him so much, but I am not ready for a lifetime commitment. I am not ready for such a huge change in my life.

But because I was practical, I also thought that accepting Malcolm’s proposal would mean permanently saying goodbye to all my hardships. If I will be his wife, I will be entitled to everything he has. I will still have the best sex every night and every time I want, and the best part of it is that I will have access to that powerful thing he owns—money.

With that thought, I gladly accepted his proposal. I had become a really good actress because of the many dramas that had already happened in all the twenty-eight years of my fucked up life. I hugged and kissed him, and told him, yes, I will marry him and that I’m so happy he asked. Malcolm was very happy, too. Suffice it to say, that night I had the best sex I ever had because of both our enthusiasm after the good news.

Things were almost normal. Except for all the expensive gifts he started to shower me with. I was starting to feel proud of myself for saying yes to his proposal. I was enjoying our set up. I am getting anything I want in a blink of an eye.

But that was until this morning when he told me about his only son who was coming back to Manila to take his successorship training in his corporate business that made my world turn upside down.

I was half listening to him as he tells me about his son over breakfast. When he noticed that I was not giving him my attention, he put his hand over mine on the counter.

“You don’t seem excited to meet Ian,” he said. Ian was the name of his son.

I sighed. “I’m sorry. I just don’t think it’s necessary. Besides, I don’t think he is interested to meet his new step mother who is even younger than him.”

Malcolm’s son just turned thirty two last month. And for some reason, his name reminds me of someone in my past...

Malcolm held my hand and pressed tenderly. “Of course, he would be, darling. My son may not like the idea of me marrying someone very much younger than me, but he always supports me. I know he will be happy for us. I just want him to meet the beautiful woman that snared my heart,” he said, smiling.

Despite the twenty year gap between me and Malcolm, I never felt the difference between our age in the entirety of our relationship. Aside from his incredible stamina in bed, he also know how to make me so thrilled. I just found myself biting my lips in excitement as he motioned me to go to his side on the table, pushing his breakfast far into the corner and making me sit in front of him. When I stood up, he quickly kissed my lips, his hands exploring every inch of my body. I teasingly bit his lower lip, asking him to push his penis inside me. As soon as he did, the entire dining room was filled with pleasurable moans.

“Malcolm...” I moaned. He took his hand between my legs and his fingers played on against my soft folds. I threw my head back when our lips parted, and his kisses went down on my neck, biting and sucking the soft flesh of my neck leaving small red marks on it.

“Oh, sweetheart, your pussy feels good,” he whispered. He was pounding harder inside my wet vagina, going faster and deeper while my nails slowly sank on the skin of his back.

“Damn, you’re so good!” I closed my eyes and wrapped a leg on his waist, giving his dick a better passage deeper into me. My hands went up behind his nape while my elbows were propped behind me. His entire manhood was forcing its length inside me in delicious rhythmic strokes.

“Malcolm, fuck! I’m coming!” I was clenching my jaw and hissing as he continued pounding into my private part. I moaned and cried for his name as the pleasure started to explode inside me. I claimed his mouth again, torridly kissing him as I felt hot liquid dripping down my trimmed pussy.

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